My First 6,000 Wn8 Session on EU

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. Existancial Goberts

    Hey lemming, speaking of summer jobs, in Quebec you can plant trees. It’s only a few weeks by contract but it pays really well. You should check it out. You meet loads of cool people overthere plus you might get the working aspect you want. I believe you can find these contract via internet. Cheers!

  2. Per Fyrstenborg Stigsen

    More streams – Yes Pleaze 🙂 GG Lemming

  3. 37:00 blitz has no arty and you can get it for free on steam and most of controls are the same

    And then there is no arty

    100% arty free game

  4. Bojan Cimbaljević

    Welcome to EU, Lemming! 🙂

    The ‘EU-nique’ T-54 battle you had at 29:00 is actually representative of the battles we all have during weekends on the EU server. It’s actually a barrage of primarilly Polish and Czech and [German] children who play this game for no apparant reason 🙂 Also, communication on the EU servers is close to zero, which aids to the uncertainty.

    I’m glad you get to see it and comment on that and I commiserate the fact this will happen over and over again… 🙂

  5. at 8:05 ish…Do I ever feel guilty leaving someone to die?
    Do I feel guilty if someone Yolo’s into camping TD’s and gets mad when I don’t follow?

  6. as a eu player can i say this monday was the worst retard monday in wot since a long time…

  7. Early comment. Hit Rate is really kind of meaningless (unless it’s really low, I guess). Intentionally shooting down destructible cover, or blind firing likely positions can lower your hit rate, but it’s not poor shooting.

  8. this is your best clickbait yet xD

  9. ps. All of Orwell’s stuff is worth reading. 1984 is his best, but wrote a lot of good stuff.

    FYI, Animal Farm is a parody of the Russian Revolution and Stalinism. Not really a 1984 for kids, it’s political commentary.

    • AZWings I read a brilliant essay by him last night about killing an elephant.

    • I think he really is under-appreciated. Most people know him for 1984 or Animal Farm because they might have had to read them for school. At one point, I was trying to get my hands on as much of Orwell as I could. This was before the days of internet (yes, I’m a little older, lol), so finding it in bookstores wasn’t always easy. It’s been years since I’ve read it. You’re going to inspire me to dust off a couple of the books on the shelves behind me. 🙂

      If you’re interested, check out some of his writing related to the Spanish Civil War. Also, Christopher Hitchens was an admirer of Orwell. Check out some of his stuff on Orwell. Not sure if you’re familiar with Hitchens, but since you like Jordan Peterson, you may like Hitchens, too.


    • AZWings will do, thank you 🙂

  10. I hate Simon and Colby

  11. at 53:10 , the tally showed 48k earned, 17k repair, 40k ammo, and 40k consumables…that why -48k. was roflstomp, with bad start, but still managed 3k dam, last to

  12. Mark Twain is excellent reading.

  13. I think all the dumb teams might be related to the time of day your playing on eu. lol everyone on is most likely drunk or something

  14. Hey Lemming, Love the fact you’re reading Maps of Meaning. Jordan Peterson is an amazing thinker, teacher and lecturer.

    That said, the trope that that EU has the stronger playerbase is comical tribalism. The shapes of the distribution are the same but the population numbers are >5x higher so you’ll get many games with mostly complete potatoes on both teams. Nevermind not running into a toon of 2-3 unicums every 3rd battle.

  15. Cameron Rotten Lemon

    Wow you’re in High School? Holly shit. I am too of course

  16. You will love A Brave New World.

  17. hi lemming, i use to be a tomato before i watched ur videos. then i started watching ur videos and im still a tomato

  18. Significantly, I don’t know what the hell was that. You were playing on the EU server, right? And I’m absolutely sure, that the EU server’s players are statistically better than the NA’s, even so if we don’t communicate with each other as well (I’m playing on EU). But… What the hell were these yolo-camper-degenerated-mother.. khm… lovers in these matches? In my opinion you were really lucky. Of yourse it was also skilled play, but normally it’s not that easy to make the same statistics on this server, as on the NA. Gl&hf!

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