My First Premiums I Bought 10 Years Ago in World of Tanks

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First Ever Tanks I Bought. World Tanks T14 and T59 Premium Medium Tank.

Today I am going to play with my first ever premium tanks I purchased in World of Tanks – The Legendary T14 and Type 59.

What where your first premium tanks you either got from somewhere purchased?

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. So what was your first ever premium tanks in World of Tanks? Did you buy it, got it for free as a gift, marathon or something else? 🙂
    Have an absolutely fantastic day!

  2. My first premium was the tier III T-29, I received it with a premium account.
    name: Dave7791
    Server: EU

  3. The first premium tank I owned was the M4A2E4. It was awarded to beta testers who played at least 1000 battles in the test… I have played WoT for too long…

    oinked, EU

  4. My first premium was churchill 3. I had some gold from clan wars and i pay the difference amd bought it. Ome of the best Rof but, sadly, now my churchill is just a rust collector. Maybe someday it will shine again on the battlefield.
    Reize from EU server.

  5. my first ever premium tank was patriot and i think it was 4 years ago

  6. being a recruit, my first premium tank was an Eagle 7

  7. Lowe eu server howard9417

  8. My first premium was the ol reliable T34-85m wich I got for free for completing the referal program and it is my stress relief when I start losing too much.


  9. My first ever premium was jagtiger 8.8 back when it was good! user: Carlopop2 Server: NA

  10. Jullian J. Weskier

    T-14 isd the example of power creep 100% killing a tank

  11. My First Premium was the Churchill III i Had in an Discount man that Tank was a blast Back then.. everybody was noob and didnt know to Shot the turret
    .. ah the good old Times…


  12. First was T14 oder Church III with some kind of code from a magazine, not really sure. First with gold was the Valentine special (Val 2, Matilda, Matilda BP) and first with real money was Prog 64 because of time-money ratio for the last 2 marathon stages :p
    Da_Poerk on EU

  13. Type59 game: The one in 30 great game thats great to be part of, trouble is, you’ve got to spend 10 hours enduring shit teams/ rng/ rigging to get one.

  14. Fell in love with the T 34 Tier 8, over 1k games just to grind credits
    Username: destroier33

  15. Oh my first ever was Progetto 46, i got it for new years 2020 after 7 years of being 100% free2play. And boy was i happy to earn some silver when i got it hahahah
    IGN: TotoStorM
    Server: EU

  16. Jorge Edu Dez Rez

    Ny First premiun is Steyr wt tier7 and tier 8 it is is3a with real money,from bondstore it was shrysler jejej
    Server eu Name ( jorgerep) all small

  17. My first ever prem tank was E-25
    Username: zyhnz
    Server: EU

  18. I think my first prem. was t2 light. My ingame name is Iote9 EU server.

  19. tier 5-6 can be a nice change, i feel like the games can take a bit longer then most tier 8-10 games

    first premium was dicker max

  20. First premium it was M3 Light when i started. The first tier 8 after a marathon SuperPershing. alexht EU

  21. well played
    Pargavit , EU

  22. I cant remember my first ever premium, but the first 8 tear was Scorpion G
    Name: Dowdis
    Server: Eu

  23. I think first one was Dicker Max and beside glorious gun depression I didn’t enjoyed it and exchanged it for ELC EVEN 90 (best decision in wot ever) and tier VIII first one was Schwarzpanzer 58 not the best not the worst tank with trollish armor :p

  24. The first tank ever. Churchill 3 and is6
    Name: BierPens
    Server: EU

  25. like many, the first Premium I bought was the Churchill III. After 8 year I still enjoy taking her out for the daily double 🙂

  26. Super pershing was my first premium tank.
    Realy enjoying the lower tier battle episode. Keep up the great videos.

    Username: rappekef
    Server: EU

  27. Some time ago there was T14 sale with some premium days and other things for 5EUR. And I thought to myself buy this or some beer. I choosed to drink water and take it for a spin 🙂
    EU server

  28. My first ever premium tank was the Pz. 38h. When I started the game, a friend snacked 2 codes from the Gamescom and gave me one. Let me tell you, back then (I believe it was 2013), with that thing, even the biggest noobs like me carried entire battles, one by one.

    Also, happy late Birthday Dez!

    Panzerkiste – EU

  29. My first (Free to play) ever Premium tank was the TOG II from TOGtober marathon. Back then it was actually playable and made enough credits. Now it has its place of honor in my garage 😛
    User: Adranos, Server: EU

  30. My first premium tank my Father bought for me. He had started playing WoT years after I quit so I redownloaded it to play with him, for my birthday one year he bought me the Churchill III. This was a good 5 or 6 years ago.

    My first tier 8 premium tank was on WoT Console were I earned a tier 8 from an operation. I forget the name of it, the original version T1-LPC, the one that was the reward for the OG Refer-a-friend program on PC. On WoT Console you were able to win it in an operation, wasn’t too difficult unlike PC’s Marathons taking 10 days of playing to win the tank. Also on Console it has Pref MM

    Username: Crazox99
    Server: NA

  31. My first premium (outside those WoT birthday reward tanks) was either the T-34S or M10 Sirocco, whichever marathon came first
    The first T8 premium tho was the T36E5 Patriot from the bond store
    Funnily enough, I much prefer the T32 over it, idk why but I do much better in it

    Username: GregoryDudeBro
    Server: EU

  32. My first premium vehicle was T-34-85M. Got it from a so called “marathon” in the summer of 2017. I believe the event was about the anniversary of Kursk or something like that.

    name: nani_1995
    Server: EU

  33. My first premium tank I believe was the Type 97 Te-ke, Tier II Japanese light tank. I got it during some mission back about seven years ago when you could earn lots of lower tier premium tanks. Back then they had on tracks and monthly missions for these and you could get 3 or sometimes even 4 premium tanks a month.

    User name: Nightshield_
    Server: NA

  34. Username: Hurr1can3_IQlowRolled
    Server: EU
    My first ever premium has been type 64 which I had gotten as a gift and my first tier 8 prem was Progetto 46 with a 70% discount cause I am not willing to waste money on the game too much. Thinking about that I have spent at least 70 euros on this game anyway through the past 4 years and that is actually a lot for a game

  35. My one and only bought was the LT432, just because its broken.

    Name BlauerRay
    Server EU

  36. 1st premium tank i got was the T-34-85M fron the mission marathon, until now i still play it a lot since its pretty great for a tier 6 medium, too bad i was on a long trip i couldnt get the alpine tiger sadly…

    username: raprap272
    server: Asia / Hong Kong

  37. Leonardo Copparoni

    my first ever premium tank was T26E5 Patriot purchased thanks to the bods store thanks to this tank i actualy got a lot of credits for me that i am a free to play gamer it was a very big boost
    nik: Leonzio
    server: EU

  38. Can’t remember which premium tank was my first. got quite a decent amount of low tier premium tanks from the montly tank reward system they had back in the day. I believe the first one I actualy bought was the bourrasque.

    Username: dutchdestroyer5000
    Server: EU

  39. My first ever premium tanks was Type 54, as a reward for some missions, and my first tier VIII premium tank was ELC EVEN 90, i love it 🙂 (im kind of free to play, so buying that ELC was an efford, although totally worth it)

    Username: Lucasdask
    Server: EU

  40. Almighty Powermachine

    My first was a Premium tank in WoT console. It was a historical T-34/76 and i was like wow so much HP and Dmg compared to the few T3 Tanks I had.
    einmal_sahnig_reinloeten EU

  41. i bought T-54 first proto
    EU server

  42. My first premium tank was Ram II that I got 13 kills with (L0n3Gr3yW0lf EU)

  43. my first premium was the t34 from a marathon forever ago
    ic3dcoffee; NA

  44. Aleksa Milosavljević

    Marathon TS-5 my first premium tank. Username: aalleekkssaa Server: EU

  45. My first was tier 5 ram. It was trash so sold it. Got T14 after which was good but nowadays is powercreeped. Later I got type 59 and 62 and T34 then KV5. KV5 is still my favourite today. InfernoJack EU.

  46. My first premium tank was M4A2E4 but the first I actually paid for was SU-122-44
    Waff, EU

  47. First premium tank was the T7 combat car (free). My first purchased was the AMX 13 57.
    HalfTheWorld – NA server

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