My First T10 Light Tank in World of Tanks!

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Getting to T10 in World of Tanks Free-to-Play is a in itself let alone playing there! Here’s my deep dive into mastering the T-100 LT.


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. 7:45 they are too far back and dont have draw distance

  2. Now go grind arty ligne now

  3. QB’s hair reminds me of that movie ‘There’s something about Mary’

  4. As a frequent LT driver, I can suggest also F7 as a spotting point for the hill.

  5. Done that so many times, push forward, start spotting and they just ignore you and won’t fire on any target, normally they are in platoon so clan or just playing buddies.

  6. dude…calm down…wtf is wrong with you ?

  7. The sole reason i donot play light tanks which are purely for scouting is because no one shoots the tanks i spot, it gets sooo annoying that i drive out of the good spotting area and into the enemy fire to end all the pain

  8. 16:50, I am in Canada, I have that same connection issues as well. About 3 times every round, fml

  9. That 3 tds were really clumsy, hiw did they manage to reach that tier, god? Even pinged a light to fall back which was in a good passive spot position -.-” I got more and more battles like this, maybe at 9 mins my team starts to shoot/hit the spotted enemies. Please don’t 🙏 Or at least they should tell their light they don’t mean to shoot spots so it can play in assassin mode

  10. FV didnt saw the Leopard!!!

  11. I love daily videos and live f2p games, I could pick up so many tricks and tips… I would love to see some lover tier games as well

  12. How has he grinded so much gold on the free-to-play account? Also the amount of bonds is really strange

  13. Quickybaby you got the camo thing totally wrong I assume. My Amx 13 105 has 39,25% camo so if T-100 LT goes to 40% then its nothing special.

    I dont yet have it but it probably is pretty good tank. Also probably more credit friendly than the others. I am not sure, but I think I can average profit with my 13 105, with premium consumables and with out premium time. Of course I am above average player.

    That is also how I would sum up free-to-play. Its possible if your really good, if not, you probably need at least a premium vehicle. Even then you might need to play that premium tank more than you really would like. But you need the credits so you have to play with it.

  14. 07:45 they dont shot leo because they dont see him!

  15. Commander’s vision system… Making life suck for the casual player…

  16. vgj in both fights!
    You think it’s OK to use the same equipment in the LP432?

  17. I have an LT100 gameplay with 9600 dmg spot, where should i send?

  18. Well, that new equipment is a HUGE nerf for every vehicle that relies on camo. For example my favourite UDES 03 🙁 as well as all Swedish TDs, British LT line, in which tanks are supposed to be passive spotters; and of course, T92 Light tank (same situation).
    Swedish TDs are no more as powerful as they were before. That hurts me. And after getting destroyed because of nerfed camo, the best thing to do to vanish the sadness and disappotinment, is playing with artillery. So expect me playing with M53/55 more.
    nerf for Swedish TD camo => more arty in battles.

  19. ahhh why have you started just shouting all the time!!?!?!?!?! grats your a real (youtube) boy now!!

  20. Those TD didn’t have the view range since they were so far back.

  21. I keep seeing comments from people saying they only have 1 or 2 skills at tier10. Dont you PC players move your crews up as you grind? I dont do it low tier, but once I hit 5, my crew moves up the line. I get to tier 10 with multiple skills.

  22. Frustrated about spg in 60TP ? Put 75% HE damage reduction on man.

  23. I prefer ‘live’ YT videos over commentary.

  24. free to play acc with 15792 bonds,5330g,14,049,203 and 176.024 free to spent exp:)

  25. It’s obvious why…the LT100 is op Russian bias
    I’m surprised the last 3 players cooperated in the last game lolol

  26. 7:35 “I also have no idea why nobody’s shooting that Leopard.”

    That’s because the campers who, more often than not, moan about no spotting are sitting so far back they can’t render the Leopard (or any other frikin tank for that matter) to shoot him. That’s the hard reality of light tank gameplay.

    • Oh and you’d do better with trying to herd geese. The geese would most likely have a better mental capacity for understanding the situation.

  27. Welcome to my world. I play lights a lot and this happens so often. Endless spotting, zero damage. Then 3 minutes later it’s ‘SPOT!!! useless lights’.

  28. But what about the Ebr?

  29. PC have problems with no cap, kill all.
    Console have problems with always cap, fuck you wanting to have a good game I don’t care if there’s 15 of us and 5 enemies the game is clearly in peril and I must cap to end it.

  30. Hey QB how did you get gold while playing for free? Its not an attack or something, just interested;)

  31. those are the type of team mate who do nothing when you spotting but when you out 1 second they blame you like you never do spotting

  32. Taking a break after an absolute shocking morning. Some my fault some idiot teams.

    Seeing QB making it look so easy is great to see but so frustrating 😂😂

  33. Hey would anyone happen to know how to save replays and put them on the site through an Xbox? I had a 7k xp 7 kill 3000 damage is3 game I want to show

  34. “Just having three crew skill on a light tank is a little bit painful”. Hahaha, QuackyBaby, most of us have to deal with having no crew skill on our tanks. 1 is the best what non-unicorn or non regulars can manage.

  35. How does Quickybaby have 5k gold??

  36. Thx for showing this tank because now i can play whit it on the test server

  37. I’ve been having that lag on the NA server and it cost me a hole lot of credits

  38. Ξύρισε το μούσι ρε χλε χλε ……

  39. What u think about the manacore as a tie 10 light tank, I win 8 of 10 games for the camo and view range

  40. how did you get the 5330 gold ?

  41. Nice game play. Do more of this QB.

  42. Those FV405 needed to move up earlier – the scout needs to be supported

  43. So fcking stupids FV

  44. My Manticor has better viiew range and Cammo than your T100LT on my free to play account. I out spot T100Lts and ebrs and HE hits on EBRs fucks them up. Killed a lot of Lt 100’s and EBR’s with how underated these tanks are people always underestimate its abilities if used correctly.

  45. I can’t stand the T-100 because of the EBR

  46. stop shouting that much plsss

  47. dear Lord – you should have just stayed out of chat in that 2nd battle – that was horribly painful.

  48. Never eat shredded weed?

  49. do same on elc but it was like 8k spot over

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