My FIRST T10 Tank in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

I got my first T10 in World of Tanks, the E 100, back in 2011 and it’s been one of my favourites ever since. However does it hold up in 2018?


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  1. My first was the Object 277! I love the T–10 but the object is better with huis better turret and hull armor

  2. My first tier 10 was the T30 when it was a heavy. I went to the Maus, IS-7 (which gave me the IS-4 as tier 10 later). I remember those CW games where everyone wanted the Maus or T95. When you could have any tier in battle. The Lowe became a favorite even though it was up against tier 10s. E-100 is pretty hard to play nowdays. It was worse when you almost had to fire gold rounds to do any damage. But now everyone fires premium at it so the armor is useless.

  3. Master Jared Gaming and blogs

    I’m aiming for British R10

  4. Now play like a free to play player

  5. first tier 10 I got was the STB-1, Love it quite a bit (gun handling can be frustrating sometimes)

  6. My first was TVP 50/51

  7. My first tier 10 was the obj 268.
    I sold it not long after the alpha nerf, bought it back a few months ago and sold it again.
    World of powercreep.

  8. Im starting to regret unlocking my leopard 1 as my first because after i unlocked the centurion Ax i had better games in it

  9. Wtf QB has a Ph.D?? PogChamp

  10. My first was a t110e3, just because of the slugger/Jackson. Even if it wasn’t the best tier 6, it was my favorite for a long time.

  11. Obviously, my first tier X tank was also the E-100, and I hated it.

  12. nice shirt…..

  13. My first tier 10 tank was the FV215b, I totally loved it

  14. Stephen Tartenpion

    THE 113. Very bad surprise for me ! I did games that did not last more than 5 minutes…Very sad…

  15. My first will be IS7 I’m 18k away

  16. Anyone know what’s his PHD?

  17. my first was the 113, and remain my favourite one, speed, dpm and good armor 🙂

  18. Ofc the IS-7 was my first one, and yes my winrate with is horrible because of that.

  19. Rip the WZ at the start who was blocked to death.

  20. Like many others I went for the hEat100 on console. (Yes I’m one of those console “peasants” please don’t judge) It does hold a nice place in my heart which is swiftly remedied to the cold reality of t10 players spamming gold rounds at everything because reasons.

  21. My first tier x is obj268, now its worst tier x td.

  22. My first tier 10 will be e100 but im still at e75

  23. First tier X was the Leopard 1. Good tank but its a tough gig, support/back line support mainly I run it as. Looks amazing! And I gotta love its average gun honestly. With a range aspect, I find is shreads people rather quickly.

  24. My first tier ten was the Centurion Action Ten and i love it granted i dont play often.. Im going down the Russian heavy line when i play

  25. First Max Tier Tank back in that days was my E50 at T9 when there where only T10 Heavys. First T10 was the IS 7.

  26. My first tier 10 to, I was in haven when I finally get it after one year 🙂

  27. Anyone spot that he let the 705 die without trying to protect it? Even when it was down to a one-shot QB still hid behind it.
    Yeah, that’s right, stat padder vs teamplay.. a stat padder still at heart.
    I bet the 705 wishes he had a team-mate like Royal Screw Up.

  28. My first (and only so far as I enjoy playing the historical vehicles more) is your first T10s cousin. The JgPz E100. I find it an interesting one to play, I balance out good vs soso games pretty evenly, all depending how often I get left unsupported and surounded. 🙂

  29. Maybe E-100 and JagdPz E-100 share same nostalgic characteristic. Not OP, just slightly above average, and lag behind everything new tanks.

  30. IS-7 for me…

  31. My first tier 10 was the S Conq. I was thrilled and looking forward to my first match in it.
    I had pretty good results in the tier 9, but get wasted alot in the tier 10.
    Probably I get overconfident with the extra space armor on the turret.
    Working on the vk100 now. Let’s see how that works out ?

  32. A little buff to turret armour woudn’t harm anyone

  33. My fist was the T 62A. Seems like a stinker now. Not special and pretty bad

  34. I don’t have a tier X ;c… Tho it will probably be the American heavy (not the auto loading one) becauce I have M103… I started playing when I was 7 and I was a complete bot, I still am but I can call myself better player than the past kid me… And why I started playing for that line was because I thought that heavy looks like a good tank I picked heavy type but and than picked American line because I thought Amrica is a really advanced country in world so they must have good tanks… I know, my brain as a 7 year old was small as an ant…

  35. Bergur Pétur Tryggvason

    My first tier X is a sad story….got the Obj. 268 and I did horrible in it, hated it, mostly cause I can not sit still, SOLD IT, years later I got it back, but then I had On.263 and just wanted to see the change…..ended up selling it AGAIN just to buy Obj.268 ver.4 and managed to roll out 1.000 battles on that baby before it was nerfed ? I am sure I will buy Obj.268 back as it is a love-hate relationship hahahaha stupid game ?

  36. last week i made 100 base exp and i still cant get masterbadge… this is some scam :p

  37. My first tier “10” is the Obj 704 when tier 9 TDs were the final research vehicles in the line. Nothing says a big fuck you to the enemy with 750 alpha and 286 mm penetration(i think that’s the highest pening and alpha in standard ammunition gun back then). Legit tier 10 wise is the IS-4. I got it when WG moved it to tier 10(because it was “OP” at tier 9) and replace it with the ST-1. As of today I still don’t know why WG never remove the stock 122 mm gun with 175 penetration from the tank since you get the upgraded 122 from the ST.

  38. Iv just unlocked the E100 after absolutely loving the e75. Very disappointed tbh.

  39. Battleground Gamer

    So if you are in a 1V1 and your life depended on it, what T10 would you choose, Mr. Quickybaby??

  40. I only recently got the E-100 and I love it. Sure the armour is garbage and it isn’t suited to the way most games play out these days but I have fun in most games I play in it. My first TX tank was the IS-4 and I still love it even though it’s been left far, far behind the rest of the TX heavy tanks. If I am having a bad run of games and need a tank I’m confident I can do well in and get a win then I go to my old friend the IS-4.

  41. My first tier 10 was the T57 Heavy. Still love it

  42. Kranvagn was my fist and i still love it

  43. First T10 : WZ1115A

  44. T110E5, never got to love it cause i bought it just after it was nerfed to the ground

  45. After 7 years it was Time to deinstall this pay-to-win crap game.

  46. It is a huge lumbering pathetic piece of shit that has no place in apcr/heat fests of nowadays. Instead of having some weak points in your armor profile, you are made out of weak points and you have two strong points (upper plate and side skirts). You can get an E-100 trying to angle it’s turret perfectly to have a 50/50 chance of not getting penned right in the cheeks or you can grind a 60TP with a monsterous turret go fuck yourself heat-resistant.

  47. IS-7 and from start it was soooo bad but i learn how to play with it and now ist good. IS-7 is amazing or very bad ( depends on situation ) nothing between. :/

  48. WT auf E100 and I am still missing it

  49. I dont have a tier 10 or a tier9 or a tier 8 tank in wot so rip me LOL

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