My First Tier 9 Tank – World of Tanks

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Join me in a trip down memory lane in World of as I once again fall in love with my first the E 75!



  1. Still got your first tier 9 as stock?

  2. Such a trash tank today

  3. Still kinda new to WOT but I just got my first tear 9. The Conqueror

  4. First tank i drove that induced “Tank terror”, people would run away from you 🙂

  5. I was like, bah a bad Arnold joke by QuickyBaby here, possibly referencing some movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger in it.
    Then on the post battle screen I notice, HEY The commander in game is actually Arnold… WTF! 😀

    Yes, I do not play World of tanks, so that is why it was unexpected.

  6. 0:00 – that is text from “Commando” xD Omg 😀

  7. My first ever T9 during beta was IS4 😀 I had better time playing IS4 with IS7 cannon then IS7 itself then :p

    After beta my first T9 was Jagdtiger and I was disappointed. I bought it year ago and played only 3 times since… I’m staying with Ferdinand cause it gives more fun than Jagdtiger

  8. It was my first ever tier 9 as well.

  9. I recently got mine. I guess I need to fire more skill rounds out of it.

  10. I actually enjoy the Tiger II more than the E-75. The rate of fire and dmg buff it got, and it’s armor buff helped it a lot. And since it’s more of a rarity now a days, for the games where I’m top tier and the enemies aren’t too bright, MAN I just absolutely steamroll them. Plus it’s the Tiger II after all, iconic and historic tank just like it’s Predecessor. No wonder why I have a 60%+ WR on it and nearly 3 marks. It’s amazing and will always have a special place in my heart and garage.

  11. Now play the Sti stock!
    And suffer

  12. Even the stock gun isn’t that bad, I would always spend all the free xp on the bigger gun just because it’s so damn amazing.

  13. DPM is nice, but I started to enjoy the E75 when I got the big boy gun. That alpha just makes me feel more valid, especially in Tier 10 matchmaking

  14. I am enjoying the 30.01 H just got it to elite. By far my highest kill count tank.

  15. Congrats on making it to tier 9 QB, I knew you could get there one day

  16. Didn’t like this tank much when I first got it, but it’s gotten better for me since. Also, it was nice to see WG make a 3d skin for it, along with one for the Tiger II,

  17. Stock guns are good when you load gold.

  18. philip lamontagne

    this game has gone to shit, cant believe your still playing after all these years, but i guess ur paying ur house with it so that helps 🙂

  19. Back in the day E75 and IS4 were so great tier IX. When people didnt use gold on every shot those two had such a good armor and guns

  20. It’s sad that you can’t comment without giving + to algorithm and 1 view, but all i wanna ask is… WHO THE HELL CARES!?

  21. I remember this on stream today, such a great game and then a quick rage just minutes later

  22. Icecreamday Catlin

    bro why arnold in an e75. im cursing you with forever full pen arty hits.

  23. was also my 1st tier 9 which i nearly got 3 marked.

  24. I just recently go my first ever T10 tank in the game the E100, i am really underwhelmed with the games and the quality of games and players at T10
    Either a team of cowards that don’t do anything or endless gold spam, so disappointing.
    I did really like the E75 on my way up to the E100 though, i usually sell the previous tank after getting the next one but i kept everything from the Tiger 1 upwards

  25. QB feature the new damage record in wot

  26. Almost all german stock guns are no slack the main reason why i didnt give up griding in early days and a f2p gamer very bad to grind up. Almost all 75mm-15cm guns german tank has is actually good.

  27. This tank also my first tier9 in world of tank blitz it really good

  28. I just started researching my way up the E-100 line when they did that alpha damage buff. Kinda screwed me over coz I already unlocked the top gun on the Mauschen and VK4502 B and it didn’t carry over to the E-75 after that update. 🙁

    It is a true World of Tanks legend indeed.

  29. E75 was my first 9 as well. Still Mt favorite tank in the game after all these years

  30. I wish Schwarzenegger would Speak German (Austrian) xD

  31. InternetMachinist

    I always thought the Tiger2 gun was best on the E75. Sure, high alpha damage is great for trading, but that reload is oh-so sweet.

  32. Well, Arnie is an Austrian, besides IIRC during his service he drove American tank, like M48 or something, which were in service with Austria back then.

  33. My first tier IX was the ST-I

  34. This tank is a Tiger II on steroids

  35. The E-75 was also my first tier 9, and I still love it today =)

  36. E-75 is really good but i always preferred the VK-B after they buffed its lower plate

  37. My fav tank ever long live my E75 Lotti

  38. 5:35 You can ford the river there? I never knew that!

  39. I’m still in the Tiger II, and even with the top gun it’s really painful.

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