MY GAME OF THE YEAR?!? World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm having my game of the year in World of Tanks in a… K?!?



  1. Always take the jump!

  2. “sit down shut up and get carried” – QB 2022, always has been a toxic trashcan despite his mediocre skill level

  3. I thought you were finally over the 10K dmg mark, but nope it’s “just” a good game you felt was very rewarding to play for you, “””whatever…”””

    (was fun to watch, and was fun to keep track of the team hp to know if they would have enough for you to farm the 10K lol)

  4. the worst marathon tank ever

  5. I am a huge fan of sabaton
    and im more focused on the tank then the actual gameplay :v

  6. Well done, QB.

  7. i see people clipping out STB-1″s and stuff with the cobra”s even from insane distances … Real missplay from the Cobra.

  8. poland stronk lol


    When do you restart to do weekly best game of other people ?

  10. I thought you got your 10k dmg game finally.

  11. I thought he got over 10k damage when I read the title. XD

  12. It was good performance and being top tier helped that.

  13. I am one of those insane people that actually mostly plays Strv K. I just love the tank.
    Sure, I wish it had a bit better gun handling or at least a bit more mobility, but I do not consider it a bad tank as it is.

  14. Hey QB or anyone who knows, what is going on with the Premium shop? I have been trying to purchase the Cromwell Berlin under QB’s Creator deal and it won’t go through. What gives???

  15. Quicky. Can we get vidoe of ST-2? In 2022?

  16. Congrats QB great game. I get to play a Hellcat vs Tier 8 tanks and did 240 in damage and lost the game. Bottom tier 9 out of 10 games unless I play tier 10 tanks.

  17. Awesome game quaky baby

  18. @5:28 – seemed like a particularly fine shot by you at a tank on the move, QB.

  19. In a TX assault game as the last TVIII defender, my only remaining ally kamikazed into an enemy with 2 seconds remaining and died. There were 5 of them left. We won the game and I got the most undeserved kolobanovs ever

  20. LOL, lucky shot on the Elc

  21. QB, Why can’t lights platoon together. No one has mentioned that.

  22. Ayyyyyyyy Polskaaaaa!

  23. What QB said in the beginning needs to be said again for a lot of players. To many times I see players going on a Kanye level rant when another player doesn’t go where they want or play their tank how they want them too.

  24. Polish submarine 13:10

  25. If I may rant a little, not against players who do what the game allows them to do, but against WoT for allowing players with little experience to play high tier tanks and in the process ruining the game for experienced players who should have some expectations of their teammates. I repeatedly advise T8 players who cannot consistently do 1k dmg in battles to drop down to T5 or T6 and learn to get better before rushing to buy higher tier tanks. But WoT makes it very easy today to buy or quickly grind to T9 or T10 with less than 1k battles experience, and the game has tremendously suffered because of it.

    • Nobody wants to play low tier, garbage tanks. It’s not fun having to play an M3 Lee for 1000 games to get to the next tier.

    • @Scoopulus plenty of great T6 tanks to learn the maps, understand their general directions and expectations, learn the game dynamics and pace, the tanks themselves, etc. T9 and T10 are quite a bit more expensive to run and newbies will die quickly…

  26. to summarise this episode: WOT is really a 1vs 29 game

  27. What makes the STRV K a tank people wanted was just due to Sabaton lets be honest.

  28. Soon YouTube won’t work for people who don’t want to run DRM on their computers, and higher quality options won’t work without premium. I suggest uploading all new videos to an alternative decentralized video-hosting technology, like LBRY or PeerTube, in addition to YouTube.

  29. Good for you QB epic game lol when I saw the title of the video I was hoping that you might have finally broke 10k dmg lool

  30. Yoo i love your commentary, been watching you before but decided to watch you more often due to the hate some people have over you, for me the quality commentary is all that matters and i will love to see you either improving or keeping up the level you have now, cheers <3 😀

  31. Fuckedillius Shittius

    i actually rly like the strv k

  32. On this same mao when he drove a Maus, and Kajzoo shot him with gold shells he was mad af saying like obj260 two marks of shame, gold noobs etc, but I guess now is ok to fire gold shells on tier eights lol

  33. Why does the quality of the video seem so low? It is 1080p but it isn’t as crisp as some other videos I’ve seen

  34. That m6 is so irritating, what kind of person insults people over a game

  35. I really like when I see you or any other player to protect (take shot and damage) for some other player ….

  36. my heart pumped the whole game

  37. gg ser

  38. Awesome camo look like Dracula in WoTBlitz

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