My GRIND for the Maus

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Source: Malzi

Thanks for watching!
Song: Wii Shop
Baila Mi Cumbia – Jimmy Fontanez/Media Right Productions
DOOM Eternal (Gamerip) – Meathook (BATTLEMODE)
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Mozart


  1. this was easy as fuck prem account and op tank

  2. 5:38 skill issue

  3. These days people are very tryhard, I include myself 😁🤣🤣

  4. oh, Malzi, i knew u r reading comments, thank you for the doom music at frag moments sooo much!

  5. 5:53 bruh that was awful, couldn’t you just shoot your machine gun to warn your teammate about an ambush? bruh i feel so bad for him and you….

  6. quick question you can keep researching the Maus even after the anniversary is over?

  7. Михаил Балашов

    7:26 Are these sounds from “Shipwreckers” game, by the way? )

  8. This is oddly satisfying I don’t know why but it is to watch

  9. This video motivates me to follow all that I have not been able to fulfill

  10. I gotta take notes.

  11. Sometimes, the small circle for your aim towards an air target is not really for your aim, but it’s to position your bullets that shooting the target. That’s why there chances that you failed to nailed a hit.

  12. I sure do love it when i cant do the event cause im studying for exams

  13. Finally maus back

  14. I got killed by him in my AH-1-G at 2:36.

  15. Something very lovely about this game is that at some point, only premium users can play

  16. Erika s hitin

  17. this new longer videos is great thank u


    Me who has been struggling at rank 1 and 2 since 2016… I am just so bad at any game… There is no game that I can even play well… Not even Tetris… I am just the worst gamer in the world just because my DAMN BRAIN JUST DOESNT WANNA FUCKING WORK DAMN PROPERLY!!! I FUCKING HAVE SO MANY FUCKING NEURAL DISABILITIES THAT IT LITERALLY MAKES EVERY GAME AT EASY MODE TO NIGHTMAREMODE TO ME!!! JUST WHY!!!

  19. it would be nice if they added e-100 for research

  20. Love the “Did You Angle Today” decal from DOLLARplays.

  21. I found 6.7 to work the best

  22. As a viewer nice to see that we are not the only ones to suffer

  23. Wat is the auto machine gun, tank you use in the video?

  24. Saturn’s Wachter

    The higher you grind into any techtree the more it becomes arcade battles

  25. Jokes on you. I’ve had the maus unlocked for like 3 years, just never bought it.

  26. I said “hell nah” to the grind and used 3334 GE worth of free rp to get it lol

  27. Bruh why is the Maus 7.7 but for me its 8.0

  28. 00:19 what tank is that?

  29. dam i cant believe i did this grind in 2017

  30. God damn you’re immaculate with your meme placement, especially love the crying Grimes and the america anthem when their tanks come on xD

  31. Turm sales after this vid >>>>

  32. The double oof had me cracking up! 😅

  33. Gayjin know what you want and they will make you suffer for it 🙂

  34. nice to meet an dollarplays watcher i mean bro you have the decal i have it to it gives the players more power to stay alive xd

  35. ご苦労様やで〜。

  36. I watched you for 30 seconds and I already like you

  37. im proud of saing this. Hail to the Maus King!

  38. Yooo Dollar fan?

  39. This game looks like it has been made in 1880 wtf so ugly

  40. German tank engeneering

  41. Ho 229 v3? Tf is that

  42. haha, i have 600k and idk how, i rushed without knowing it i think and im only at old planes and old tanks

  43. Дмитро Жигалов


  44. had to be a long goofy ass day

  45. Turm 3 gaming, i like it

  46. So I saw nov 1- Nov 7 so I got 3 vehicles left to research after grinding for 9 days of the German tech tree, wake up Nov 7, they day I think is the last day and it’s gone..😢

  47. Bro wenn du Deutsch Bist Können wir ma gern zsm zocken

  48. Everytime I have a bad day I watch you vidoes and you make me happy again! Thank you for that and keep doing it bcs u are really good at it! <3

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