MY HARDEST TANK – The Butt TANK (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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MY HARDEST TANK – The Butt TANK (War Thunder Gameplay)

So I have this second channel where I upload that I play in my free time, ’s pretty dope (bias) Check it out!


  1. Phly, please, play Stalin’s midget, the ASU-57 in 8.0 realistic battles. It
    wrecks weak armored 8.0 tanks.

  2. For realistic, can you re-arm your plane by landing it in the airfield?

  3. I started with Germany but when I started playing the British I definitely
    improved as a player as I had to learn everything about each tank I was
    against like how to hit to make it fragment and ammo and center mass hits
    on specific tanks I really improved as a player and now the falcon is the
    only tank I don’t have, and when I play other countries with explosive
    filler I feel like I’m the better player and I’m calmer in situations cause
    I learned that I needed to take time and survive and calmly take shots at
    the weak spots I know of

  4. great vid today.

  5. Why this tank、when you move forward counts as backwards, its says -##km
    Is barrel is facing back?

  6. Use the kv-85,
    So annoying to use

  7. Play the tortoise! I hate playing it and want to see your tricks

  8. challenge do a 360 no scope in the tank of your choice, spin the turret or
    the tank 360 degrees when you see an enemy then fire without looking
    through the scope

  9. The british are such brave people that they made a tank which goes
    backwards, and take it into the battlefield! that’ll show the french!

  10. coloasal chimicanga

    Phly if you could get a good game in the m3 lee you would be an absolute
    beast. And yes that is a request.

  11. OwO What’s this?

  12. Hey Phly pls take the. Centurion mk10 and the Canberra but the the roundel
    must be a Southern African roundel isanige on pls make Afirca great again

  13. I don’t know why it’s just I have my days can you help me master the
    Crusader I have my days when I’m good with it and I have my days when I’m
    done with it I want you to help me master it teach me the ways

  14. The American Struggle

    Phly you have been chosen by high command for a very dangerous
    mission….The Wehrmacht have stolen a whole massive amount of russian
    T-34s and other tanks, and we need you to destroy them and their Panzer
    elite tiger and leopard teams. You of coarse will have American Air support
    in the form of the B-25….good luck, Commander.

    (Challenge instructions, Take the M4 or M4A2 sherman, as well as have an
    M18 hellcat in your bar. Then engage the enemy in tank RB battle!)

  15. Ethan Miller (CapturedDiamond)

    it doesn’t drive backwards, the gun is mounted backwards

  16. My hardest tank is in my pants.

  17. Tiger II H in arcade

  18. the M103 heavy and for support the F9F-8 cougar

  19. panzer IV f1 for hardest tank

  20. M10 and F4U-1d (bombs or rockets) OR M10 and F4U-1c

  21. OKAY so not all of you guys have good information. The Archer is one of the
    vehicles that worked in real life well but in a game it cant compete. It is
    built so that the gun faces rearward on purpose. It is made to back into a
    position, fire, then use the forward gearing to leave quickly after firing.
    in reality it worked well, in wt it doesnt work well.

  22. F9F8 Cougar Please for Murica

  23. so it legit drives backwards!?

  24. I SEE ?????

  25. would love to see a proper video on 3 inch gun motor carriage, the slow
    moving flat faced British beast.

  26. For me, the hardest tank to play is the Jagdpanzer 4-5. It comes with a
    horrible stock shell, no turret, lack of armour, and higher BR than
    SU-122-54. These combinations make the Jagdpanzer 4-5 a true nightmare to

  27. The British meteor jet fighter and the Churchill tank

  28. Phly, try the 75mm M3 and the B 18 and try to get 5 kills. Good luck

  29. It doesnt drive backwards, they mounted the gun backwards, at least I

  30. Killcode Monster (Killcodemonster)


  31. American 120 mm 7.7 M103 and the 6.0 AD 2 Boii……!

  32. The t95 armor monster

  33. M26E1 and AD-2 with face cam??

  34. this is same as german ones: nashorn/dicker/sturner/marders whatever

  35. Do you have the free GE app for the Apple Store?

  36. The m22 locust

  37. Hardest tank? What about t-60? I will tell you, i killed a m3 lee whit it!
    Pure skill!

  38. Erik Anker Kilberg Skallevold

    yak 15 plz very easy plane

  39. Like british tanks lives arent already hard enough…

  40. a french engineer probably designed this tank… so they can retreat

  41. No phly, the engine is in the BACK.
    The gun is pointed over the back.
    Like most tank destroyers it was meant to be in position before the enemy
    entered the AO.

  42. Take out the tiger e with the stuka FOR MOTHERRUSS…….. Deutschland

  43. The Tiger E in my opinion is the worst tank in my lineup. The Tiger H1 is a
    different story, but the small upgrades in the E version uptiers it to 6.0,
    where it meets like the IS-2 1944, which is hard to pen while it can
    oneshot you from almost any distance 9/10 times.

  44. ohh so ur that skrub I saw using that tank my exact words were why is he so
    slow well now I know

  45. hiding behind bushes is pointless,most people use ulq anyway.

  46. Sorry phly do you mind saying “accriacy”

  47. My grandad served with these in WWII, one of the only units to use them in
    North West Europe.

  48. stalin needs to get to gulag fast today
    play the t-50 with the ar-2 for air support for maximum speed

  49. PO-2 2 OP

    make stalin proud

  50. Alexander Vynogradov

    I like the Archer, despite it being slow. The transmission and the engine
    can tank many rounds and that helped me out many times!

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