My Highest Damage EVER in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Earlier this year I set a new personal damage record in World Tanks of 9976 using the 60TP will today finally be 10,000+!?!



  1. Good ol’ quackybaby hitting new highs! Congrats!

  2. Happy birthday QuickyBaby! And thanks ofr all the contents you’re making.

  3. the arty is hilarious in this one

  4. Really well done, QB!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, stay as you are and thanks for all the enjoy you bring to us every day. Sunny greetings from Germany!

  5. Congrats QB, and happy birthday!

  6. Concratz twice buddy!

  7. Happy birthday! And congrats!

  8. Happy for you, dude. Your holy grail…

  9. happy bday bro

  10. My 10k damage game was with a JP E 100 on himmelsdorf, enemies just kept sitting infront of me and my team was bad at doing damage but decent enough to stay alive for long lmao

  11. And well done quickybaby, well deserved

  12. 3 days ago i also got a New damage record with about 10600 damge in the Tier 10 Amx Heavy. The singleshooter

  13. Yeah I watched it live it was a good stream

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY QB! what a present!

  15. the total game for stupid people. all stats from the tank are worth nothing because wg has already determined the winning team before the start of the round. you can’t even break through a BC25 on the ass with a jp100 at 100m! let yourselves be buried wg!!!

  16. Congrats QB long overdue. Happy belated birthday!!

  17. Congrats! Best wishes to you!

  18. Nerfing HE was a bad idea, just not as bad an idea as keeping arty in the game.

  19. Congrats and Happy Birthday 🙂

  20. HISD DONE IT!!

  21. Happy Birthday QB, hoping for more content from you.

  22. Graham Nightingale

    Oh wow! happy Birthday!

  23. Happy birthday QB!

  24. vents instead of stabs on 60tp XDDDDDDDDDD

  25. Congrats QB on the 10K and happy birthday and a huge thank you for all the great content over the years!
    Cheers from Tokyo!

  26. well done. Happy birthday

  27. Grats to both!

  28. would have been great if we had a clip of the thing accually happening

  29. Happy birthday QB

  30. Congrats on your birthday and on your achievement. I am grinding for the 60TP atm and cannot wait to have it unlocked! Cheers

  31. Happy birthday to you QB!! You got a nice present.

  32. happy B QB

  33. Happy birthday

  34. Press F for memes about QB not hitting the 10K xD

  35. congrats on the 10k dmg game Will, and also on your birthday! and also, my observation now that you got over 10k dmg, its def opening the floodgates on over 10k dmg games, If your luck is anything like mine, which seems it is… when I did my first Raseiniai I had to literally killsteal to get it, but the 2nd and 3rd time it was ohhhh so much easier 😀 hope you will have the same luck as me in that 😀

  36. Congratulations for the 10K damage and happy birthday! 🙂

  37. happy birthday QB live long and prosper

  38. Gratulations! Finally got that magic number!! 🙂 🙂

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