My Highest Damage Game So Far in the Wz 132-1

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Source: LemmingRush



  1. Highest damage ever in WoT for you?

  2. Your content is great. Keep it up. 🙂

  3. Is the 13 105 worth buying after the buffs. The alpha dmg is gonna get increased to 390 and something else is gonna get buffed too. Keep in mind i have the bc25t.

  4. Im so damn early 😉

  5. #earlybirds

  6. Thank you very much! Great tutorials….keep it up!

  7. Oliver Bruno Pieter Nicolars Versteeg

    1 kill but 0 dmg? im so confused 1:00

  8. Great. Favorite line: “spotted 5 or 6 tanks” (spots 10). Also, pointing out your mistakes is very helpful.

  9. Congrats and do you see the Japanese heavys as viable for battles since they’re so slow?

  10. I unsubscribed a couple months ago after the QuickyBaby troll videos, but have subscribed again based on better behavior.  Plus, Taugrim and Fosh have stopped making videos on World of Tanks, so need more to watch.  You do have some good videos and a lot to offer in advise.  I just hope you build your audience on your own hard work.

  11. Hi lemming, imo awareness is the most valuable skill to learn in this game. If you are aware of what is going on you will be able to make observations about why things happened as they did and learn from them. What are your thoughts on this?

  12. Robert Mateescu-Andrei


  13. Can u answer the question i made to u on last vid? pls it would really help me ♥♡♥♡♥

  14. That JPE has potential

  15. Surgical performance LR! Map awareness and the ability to predict the enemy action/reaction is a skill you excel at. It’s always a pleasure to watch your replays and listen to your valuable commentary.

  16. When you dont have anything to say but you want people to feel you-re with them-

  17. WZ-132-1 / 8.4k Damage/Defeat,

  18. This was interesting because it was an encounter as opposed to a standard battle. It’s surprising more of the enemy didn’t go straight for the cap. That’s probably one difference between low and high tier play. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a team (in an encounter battle), be it mine or the enemy, over run the cap early just to die/lose trying to hold it. It worked out here. Your team went heavy up the cap-side flank, managed to win that flank, and then defend it until the end. You did you part by helping to defend the south side of that flank. One point: I found it curious that you actually complained in chat about someone running. You do it all the time. Running early is a cornerstone of your play style. From my limited perspective watching your replays, you run fast vehicles pretty much exclusively, go to an advanced position early to spot and take early shots, then, unless a lot of team mates come to support you, you relocate. It’s smacks of hypocrisy to play that way and complain when someone else makes the same play–especially when you demonstrate that play style in your videos. The guy you complained to probably came to the same conclusion you did (that flank was doomed, you were running already, and even if you hadn’t the two of you weren’t going to save it). Hopefully that little faux pas can be chalked up to counter-productive emotion in the heat-of-the-moment. Try playing with in-game chat off. I suspect that like me you’ll play better without it just like XVM. Thank you.

  19. When I saw this title, I kinda expected 8k damage 😀

  20. I don’t know why but 9/10 times in Murovanka this shit hapens to me if I spawn in the south. Its just frustrating and stupid for the first few minutes before it turns to a farm fest and usually you can’t farm enough to win, ofc it depends on the remaning team mates toi but alone its impossible.

  21. Excellent commentary on where and when to position, thanks. A small issue, but one of the WoT replay “features” is that it doesn’t zero kills (per player and team totals) when you restart the replay. Please close the replay file and reopen it before you start recording your vid. It takes only a couple of seconds.

  22. How do u get 2 digital camo? One on type 64 and another on the 132-1

  23. WZ 132-1 Is a sniping tank

  24. Do you still get 20K credits as a reward for a top gun? I haven’t taken note to it.

  25. I never get it why are ppl scared of pushing the 2 line. Especially when they see that they can do it without maybe even loosing hp

  26. Yo Lemming, why don’t you do reviews of other player’s replays, sort of like the other big Youtubers? There is almost endless content there and you can probably pump them out daily.

    I mean, you can differentiate yourself from the rest by picking certain types of replays and doing your awesome commentary over them.

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