My Highest Damage Yet in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m topping my previous damage of 9,961 in World of Tanks set in the Skoda 0 – just how high can we go?



  1. Just a little shy of your record. HA…..most done 7,786

  2. TehButterflyEffect

    My highest is in the 6k range. Was 4k for years (T-10/IS-8 first, then Standard B) then I beat my record in several consecutive games in the STRV 103-0. It currently holds my high damage record of 6,425 damage.

  3. what a shame🤣🤣

  4. 9 100 dmg in a T110E3 is my highest

  5. Man if that shot on the GSOR had not low-rolled so bad, you would’ve gotten 10k damage!

  6. I love my 60 TP. It’s an amazing heavy that can pump out damage with a rammer and food no vents needed. It’s a great all round tank that I enjoy after my VZ even more than the Kranvagn.

  7. M103 camping the back of the map… 0 damage, 0 kills…. guy needs to just uninstall the game

  8. Ah, the good old days when QB didn’t look like a goat
    (and I don’t mean Greatest Of All Time)

  9. I had that feeling it will be 99XX something 🤣

  10. Retropaintball clips

    Where can I see my record in the game?

  11. clearly they wanted you to fall back so they could get some damage, not to save you or anything

  12. 5:30 Love that moment the whole team rush to the front.

  13. I just managed to get over 10k recently with my strv103b and got 10003 dmg

  14. oh the ironic when game is already winning the bushwanker started to come out

  15. FreakingCasual999

    Mine is just over 8.3k in the amx m4 54

  16. Best part is that cowards are now immortalized as cowards.😆

  17. ahh you’ll get there QB, just got to believe

  18. nearly 12k combined… fortune, no; great play yes. Great play brings it’s own fortune.

  19. I had my highest damage game today. It was the grille 15, 9.2 k damage.

  20. This game called RNG away from 10k the amount of low rolls are unfortunate

  21. Bääämmm… 👍🏻😎

  22. Super game. Congratulations 🙂

  23. My highest damage in the game is 7,7k in all of the tanks, a Maus! 😂😂

  24. Muito bom, meu melhor foi 9,5k e foi muito dificil, hoje jogo muito de artilharia, e nao foi com artilharia que fiz esse dano.

  25. Nooo buddy, 😭

  26. I never get stressed with these figures.. only can do like 4/5k. 😂

  27. john stevenhaagen

    5000 in a jagdtiger. anz we don’t get much a chance to play higher tiers. HK ping is a nightmare. watching these games i learn a lot!

  28. Nothing more annoying than being spammed “Fall back!” by shitters camping at the back of the map with top tier heavies

  29. Yeah, and that’s the kind of game Best Replays of the Weak often consider “best”…

  30. Why use this set up of ammo in this mm

  31. around 7.5k dmg with Leo 1
    Not too good in comparison with others’ 10-12k 😀

  32. Play worst tank with worst crews next

  33. Marciano van vulpen

    Yesterday I’ve broken my record in the chieftain by doing 14.317 damage.

  34. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    I had the feeling ‘he’ s going to get a new record but not 10k, which is going to be frustrating for him somehow’

  35. 15HP difference

  36. Was this on the NA server? It looked like it with turd teammates hiding in the back.

  37. HAHAHAHA OFC lowroll in the end … feel sry Bro ;P

  38. fall back

  39. That was actually a really good battle to watch I enjoyed watching you play and looking at your tactics that you was using and they were some good tactics

  40. 75% of your team failed to cover their hit points! But you never once mentioned your biggest advantage- playing a tier ten super-heavy versus a lot of tier 8 tanks. They struggle to pen you, and you can easily pen their turret armor. None the less, well played, sir.

  41. No crew skill shown before game, so 12 crew skills full work out and full paid for equipment too thanks for a not free to game play stopped watching after 1 min

  42. not even 10k, get gud Noob!

  43. DMG Record in E50 M (weak): 11275 on El Halluf

  44. The 60TP looks so awesome. Glad I was able to unlock one.

  45. Oh man that sucks

  46. 👍👍 Great work 👍👍

  47. Your teammates didn’t care about winning that battle until they realized there was a new record on the table

  48. Gotta love it when campers sitting at the very edge of the map keep telling you to back out 👌

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