My Highest EXP EVER in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

the first time since 2011 I have a new personal EXP record in World of Tanks! How high can go in the Lansen C???



  1. 3+3+3=9

  2. congrats 🙂

  3. 3344 in the seeky little cockroache (e-25)

  4. My highest is 2709 in O-Ni, in ghost town, almost year ago.

  5. Mr Qb saying the lansen does t have that much Pen meanwhile me playing everyday in a T54-Mod1 with only 194Pen standerd

  6. My top xp is 2776, got it in a M46 Patton. Such a comfy tank.

  7. I got 3335 in the Churchill III but apparently it has inflated xp numbers

  8. Exotische Materie

    this game fucked me up

  9. still waiting for the changes, QB.

  10. Dang after 100k battles that’s his highest? Before 500 battles my highest exp was 3,437.

  11. So wish this tank would come back

  12. Congrats QB for the great game

  13. Quicky and Circon both in 1 week. Is this a sign of what is required to win games these days?

  14. Congratulations

  15. awesome game quicky shows the knowledge u have about the game and the dmg per shot other tanks have and u took every advantage u had by your knowledge there awsome gg

  16. Congrats.
    We all pray to land in one of these rare “perfect storm” matches, you rose to the occasion, performing magnificently!

  17. I got 3323 EXP my first year to my surprise in a Churchill 3. All the cards fell my way. On ENSK I drove to the center of town and spotted 9 of 15 within seconds. Killed 6 and then ended up capping solo with 6 left on their team which gave me a cheeky Kalabanov’s Medal. All told there’s my EXP.

  18. I have my exp record in emil 1 in this very map in a tier 10 game. I use cvs over optics almost all the time to reduce moving camo of enemy tanks.

  19. His finest hour.

  20. If QB wasnt’ such a coward…. Turn on xvm so we can see player skill… or you were just beating up noobs…

  21. Another example of wargamings matchmaking humor. No scouts at the best scouting map, and the same moment the matchmaker puts 4 scouts on each team in the himmelsdorf map.

  22. 2877 in Amx 13 57

  23. Congrats QB

  24. Vincent Lenngren

    The gem in this video was the tip about spotting already spotted enemys for more XP.

  25. Stanisław Zięba

    2802 made on skoda t56

  26. Really nice game! Think Lansen C is quite underrated, it feels really good to play with

  27. this is how i play my kunze panzer, love it

  28. Almost as impressive as Circon smashing this record in a tier 5……

  29. 3339 in a Lansen…. Deep congrats, my very first WoT teacher!!!

  30. please show us t30 gameplay

  31. bert onderdeel tweser_g

    Hi gj my lancen tread me alway blea

  32. good god your requesting fire every half a second is so annoying. im sure your teammates get it. you want them to shoot what you spot. no need to tell them over and over and over.

  33. Damned impressive

  34. Lansen C is one of my favourite tank… actually, I really love the Swedish medium tank line.

  35. Having battles like this ; – is THE only thing , that prevents me from permanently uninstall this messed up company’s ruined game.

  36. Funny coincidence that only a few days ago, Circon also beat his very old exp record twice with the Churchill III, getting 2.6k and 2.8k base exp.

  37. I play better with no heat etc

  38. I still have my churchill 3 record with 3426 premium XP 😀 that was a crazy game, but the churhciss 3 must be broken in its EXP anyways

  39. my best is with cromwell, 2498 exp

  40. Most xp for me is 3734 in my pz v/iv yeet

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