My IMPOSSIBLE Comeback in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks. Sometimes in World of Tanks I lose almost all my HP early in battle making it impossible comeback – well nearly!


of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I was so surprised!!! 25 seconds and boom!!

  2. Obj 703 II and E 75 TS Showcase, iBUYPOWER Case Giveaway with KrzyBooP and Jambijon————- this was on NA tonite why ??????? do they get it…..World of Tanks North America

  3. Qb, please consider making an updated gameplay for the 113. Would love one of those 🙂

  4. 3:55
    One of the wonders of RNG. Majority of the T-44 was even covered by rubble before you took the shot, yet the shell fired managed to find it’s place just on the left-front side of the turret (If I’m not mistaken)

    Meanwhile, I take fully aimed shots at enemy vehicles *at their weakpoints* and I still bounce/ricochet/no penetration. It’s just ridiculous.

  5. Say QB, I noticed that you rarely review a new tank in a up tier situation. Isn’t that essential to show us how a tank will respond when facing hard to beat foes?

  6. 13:48 I bet that stupid Strv thought he could joke a little but then…. serves him right

  7. one ammorack after another… lol its just another panther.

  8. why does premium 105 guns have 350+ dmg. while tiger II had only 320.

  9. Only insanity. But thankfully you play this and show me why I don’t have to play this ??

  10. Good job QB what an end!! Really nice game!

  11. RIP my credit card

  12. QB 2019: No spoilers!!!
    Me: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  13. Minute 3:55 wtf was that shot?

  14. Now is not the time to feature the new premium tank that WG is trying to sell for Christmas loot box. Feature the promised buff for IS-4 and E100.

    • Now is exactly the time to feature the new premium tank as it’s going to hit the server today.
      Featuring IS-4 and E-100 buffs is totally useless since we don’t know when those are going to happen. Probably after the ammo rebalance.

  15. Quicky you should check the turret armor profile again because i just found out that the two eye right on the side of the turret is a weakspot and only 60mm of effective armor so some HE can actually go through that.

  16. can we please get quickybaby to a million!!

  17. 1:30 unicum btw

  18. Why didnt You use more HE shells ? everything was way low HP

  19. what happend to play and small talk? i mean why do you explain in every detail in every game how you press the left mouse button. we know wg version of randomness. just talk about new shit or how you like the new rob steward album. ???

  20. Keep Calm and Carry On. Why get so over excited. It’s a GAME!

  21. Will the game shows other players that are using the anonymizer?

  22. More pats on the back

  23. That tank is already in wot blitz, but the turret is more E 75 shaped that Lowe shaped

  24. Why wg would call this e75 ts

  25. Hey quickybaby, I don’t know if you’ll read this, and its not really relevant for the vid, but in your last stream you talked about XVM and how its “blackmailing” its users who use anonymize, and I really think thats such a bad attitude to have about it. It should always go both ways, because it’s a literal advantage knowing who is the best player on the enemy team and from that predicting their play, that it should always go both ways. If you want to hide your stats its unfair that you can see other peoples stats, I know its not relevant but you talked about not using xvm in your modpacks. I just wanted to voice my opinion even if it wont be heard, because I really think your in the wrong by wanting a one way advantage. I really hope that before you decide to do such a thing you voice your side and give the people who use your modpack a voice in this matter, i get that you think the anonymize is great but your 1 sided argument was really ignorant. I just hope you understand how unfair it’d be to be able to hide your stats but see other people’s stats.

    like i said i really hope you voice your opinion before making a drastic change, and let your community decide on it because this is one thing thats would frustrate a lot of people if you removed it from your modpack, and a lot of people just can’t agree that being able to hide your stats yet being able to see other people’s stats is fair. knowing your enemy’s stats is a huge advantage which im sure you’ll agree and I hope you explain a bit more or else it seems one sided, and i hope your not trying to downplay how useful knowing stats are because its whats causing the drama in the first place.

  26. OMG, it’s the most holistic player in World of Tanks history.

  27. QB also wasted tons of time killing the 1% black prince. Had 5 HE rounds, easy shoot anywhere on the turret other than the barrel kill.

    Great game though!

  28. QB you are aware that the side skirts and screens like the one on this tank is to keep HEAT rounds from tank guns, RPG’s and missles from penetrating the armor. In Vietnam we carried 6-8 foot high rolls of chain link fence on our M113a1 APC’s that we would unroll and fasten to engineer stakes around the front of the track. This would cause the HEAT round to explode and what was left of the copper cone would bounce off the armor. It works well once anyway. Well done as usual. Keep up the good work.

  29. That’s a good example to never throw your tank, keep calm and keep going, sometimes it works out

  30. LOW HP? no worries just relax and shoot the enemy ???

  31. majority of my shot are going to the Narnia, dang RNG

  32. You lucky s o b)

  33. GGWP BRO ???

  34. The _worlds _worst _tanker noob

    If only I got that lucky at the end ?

  35. Thats what she said “quicky baby comeback story”

  36. Two Nine Alpha Romeo
  37. I have to say, between the e75 TS and the 703 II, i think i prefer the e75. I think it’s closer to my preferred play style

  38. Holy bananas

  39. Qb, your zoom is way too big. I really enjoy your youtube content, but don’t like your twitch content, i even said crybaby, and got banned, you always blaim your team for your bad actions. Try to correct that.

  40. done that first minute & a half dozens of times, it’s not hard to fail like that… we all want to drive forward, it’s only natural.

  41. Ильяс Абетиев

    бой с 10 есть?

  42. Hey Mr quicky, next time load HE when someone have a HP like blackprince, cuz you wasted a lot of time tic toc tic toc

  43. This spaced armor can’t even coook a meatball

  44. Well great vid. again QB.. And a good showoff about mfRNG… Thats why i hate this sh..t..

  45. the play against the emil was beautiful, gg quacky baby

  46. Hey QB!
    Will you be doing a X-Mas donation strem this year, too?

  47. Why so many adverts all of a sudden QB? Getting 3 or 4 a video now when you used to only have 1 at the start.

  48. I just bought 11 Boxes and got both the Obj 703 and the E75 TS

  49. Interesting to see that you’re using the anonymiser, your thought’s and comments about it?

  50. 15:35 great shot, QB poitioned himself next to the tank, look awesome. Also there was somethint in this commentary, that was a lot better then usual vids, idk what has changed, but I like it. Keep up good work QB

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