MY INSANELY STRESSFUL 1 v 5 in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

This game nearly gave me a heart-attack in ! Sit back, relax watch me sweat in a unwinnable position in the STRV S1!



  1. i love swedish TDs because i can pen them with HE and they are so sneaky

  2. Saw this live and it was absolute insanity, gg!

  3. Loved seeing this clutch game on stream, loved seeing it again on Youtube. Also enjoyed QB’s stressed out commentary 😅

  5. I love that skin

  6. Good video!!!

  7. The best games are the most stressful games and winning

  8. The thumbnail made me jump from my chair.

  9. I can imagine all the bad polish words he used when he went down that cliff 😂😂

  10. “0.3 accuracy is good, but not amazing” – oh boy, how the times have changed. I still remember when 0,3 was basically the best you could ever hope for, and now it is “not amazing”… Good Lord, the powercreep.

    • i mean sure, but most tanks with dispersion less than 0.3 have to sacrifice many stats to have it. The bigger powercreep is alpha damage. Remeber when standard alpha for a t8 medium was 240? Now if you have less than 360 its just kinda meh.

  11. omg this is REAL manipulative RNG phahahahahha

  12. Scrubbybaby should have used those rockets duh.

  13. u need to fire the rockets

  14. thank you QB

  15. That almost surrounded moment was a sweaty.

  16. Wait, why so many dislikes?

  17. Saw this live on stream and thought for sure the elc or arty would finish him off. Amazing clutch at the end and loved seeing your reaction to this game live.

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