MY KIND OF TANK! World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The M-V-Y is exactly my kind in World of Tanks and here's why!



  1. Yea tank gun is good
    Meanwhile loads gold ammo on is 7 side

  2. For anyone that doesn’t know, you can penetrate t95 frontally with your standard shells right between tracks and end up tracking it as well. It’s not 100% pen but you can do it usually with most of tier 9 and some of the tier 8 tanks too.

  3. This is the most hideous armored vehicle (fake) of all time. What an abortion of a tank.

  4. The M-V-Y and M-VI-Y are switched in WoTBlitz. M-V-Y is tier 9 and M-VI-Y is tier 10.

  5. n word baby

  6. “pressure heavy tank” QB you just made it into a medium lol.

  7. QB: It is pretty fast heavy, so I put turbo on it 😀

  8. That thing looks like it belongs in the deku forest in legend of zelda.

  9. Synthetic Danimal 90

    Why the fook was the enemy e100 in the corner on a hill at the end? Lol

  10. What is your tactic? Even out the tank’s weaknesses or maximizing the tank’s strengths?

  11. how did the guy at 7:14 knew it was QB? is there an anti anonymizer? it is shown that he hid his name

  12. T92 says, i also wish for a french gun.

  13. If you had invested 5minutes into Googling you would have your answer but here you go complaining

  14. You call that a tank… What is next, flying ones?

  15. I thought it was the kv-2 not this darn annoying tank to deal with

  16. Tanks are like dogs.. they often look like their owner. This tank is just odd.

  17. Barry Wojciechowski

    Of course you like this tank QB… It’s OP!

  18. My kind of Tank is the OBJ.277
    Overall stat combo, way better armor than WZ-111 5A and you don’t give too much up compared to the IS-7 in Gunhandling and setup for mobility. VZ-55 is good, but because of the Autoloader too situational for me. Gotta try grind the Leopard 1 more, last test I had after ten battles 10 wins and two ace tankers.

    I love going medium line in a heavy or TD, thats my thing in WoT.

    From my short Testserver expirience, the M-V-Y is way too strong imo, simply because it’s Meta.
    On my main account (not test) I got 7000WTR monthly currently.

  19. QB: this tank is quite decent and good.
    skill: this is an utter pile of shit….
    well great so is it worth it or not. i got 2 polar opposite reviews.

  20. When I get mine I want Jose halapena camo his heads the turret lol

  21. mark angelo abelgas

    M-V-Y is stand’s for Medium five Yoh not Heavy tank it should be (H-V-Y) instead. HL YOH company never intended to build Heavy tanks because it’s to expensive and lots of research. as QB said it’s a medium heavy to perform like M48A5 Patton.

  22. QB likes jarjar binks(look closely on turret) 😀

  23. Another tank that mechanically is fake. The turret moves how? In the turret is 3 crewman, ammo, and gun breach, radio and other equipment. LOL……Basically the game is becoming Twisted Metal.

  24. I know at this point the new tanks are all made-up bs, but how are they getting two people in that turret, little people?

  25. How did the PzVII know it was QB??? He was anonymized.

  26. Fun to watch with that aggressive play style!

  27. M-V-Y is my new fun tank i love it in most of battles it performs very good, i always choose to hull down as it gets then run everywere and support!

  28. 5:58 Certified “dickybaby” moment.

  29. arent you complaining about the meta of hull down tanks and that its borring?

  30. The m v yoh in blitz is basically brean dead people who just camps behind a grille 15

  31. I wish map rotation was this good on console…..

  32. Kuntry Boi Bassin’

    I wish console people could actually get decent gameplay

  33. but it’s not a tank….

  34. QB: Play this tank if you like this, play this tank if you like that, play this tank if you want to do this.
    Aka: Play what tank you want to play.

  35. It’s a shame I can’t get the 105 to work on it. Played 15 games and barely averaged 2k. The gun just would not hit what I was aiming at, and for reference I average 3.2k on other tanks.

    120 works better for me, but the best part for me is those thick tracks that can bait shells and even if you lose them you can keep moving. I really feel the extra track isn’t for getting out of harm’s way when tracked in the open, it’s for baiting shots into your tracks and then pop out to take a shot while repairing it

  36. Be happy, 12700 chieftens will soon be added to randoms battles and clan wars : D

  37. Why is WG making such tanks?! Free2Play is difficult on higher tiers as is. WG is a greedy SoB!

  38. quicit stupid that it dose less and coast more

  39. me i just like the hole line because they are ugly lol

  40. it lame that it cost more to win then you get at the end of a match that need to be fixed

  41. next line will only have the gun with no turret mounted on the hull

  42. Game is trash

  43. i do not understand this tank, whats making the turret move up and down? are their motors in the hinges? the two very shoot-able hinges? how is the turret not getting knocked off each battle, and is the gunner in a seperate little pod to the rest of the crew? how do they communicate, when the gunner dies and we ‘cover for him’ how are you getting up there?

  44. I dont like qb anymore

  45. Steffen Agermann Christiansen

    My kind of tank that is overpowred boring hull down??? Im soo sick of wg corridor maps reward tanks that are broken and the hull down meta in general

  46. Sold mine, hated it
    My only 10 I have sold
    Not a tank. Is pos

  47. Qb loading gold against low tier xD

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