My Most EMBARRASSING Game in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m showcasing one my biggest fails in recent World of Tanks memory!



  1. Going el haluf bush, knocking tree. Exiting game with 700dmg in an ebr. That was the most embarrassing game yet. Need more skill.

  2. I remember when I saw this game on the stream. My brain stopped working LOL

  3. my games in the 430 looks like that QB one but only between 2:11 and 2:50

  4. QB, you should go through the WOT training session to sort out your basics man! 😀 😀 No, seriously: it’d be fun to watch you do the training course in a vid 😀

  5. “My most EMBARRASSING Game in World of Tanks” – over 6k combined and 5 kills

  6. Komutan_79 kardeşim tebrikler🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  7. When quickybaby play enemy tanks come in front of him so he can kill
    When i play i go in front of enemy’s so they can kill me(that how i die in first minute of battle)

  8. If you saw this live you were stressed

  9. His most embarrising game? does he know the meaning?

  10. Sorry to say it, but. U NOOB.

  11. I almost got a Kolobanov’s in my KV-3, killed everyone remaining except 1 artillery. Then flipped myself on a dead tank. Arty came and slowly chipped me down. Lost the game…

  12. My most embarassing moment was….
    when I downloaded the game

    (dark humour: it’s a joke)

  13. My was actually featured in ,,the good guy vid” on your channel 😀

  14. If he was expecting lansen to be there why did he literally drive into open. Its Paris, you can go any route to get to same place and he chose worst one

  15. My most embarrassing moment/fail were when there was friendly fire, my teammate was 1 vs 1 vs enemy and and rushed in to help with bc and I shot almost full clip in to the wrong guy – my teammate and than enemy killed me, that I call sudden rush of shit to the brain, needless to say I also turned blue

  16. Kenneth Fortugaleza

    Quickybaby sir what equipment do you use on the obj 430?

  17. My most embarrassing game: Playing a TD on Fjords (North base). I set up in the bushes just NW of the base and back up a little to reposition… and fall in the water to drown. Mission elapsed time ~20 seconds. :'(

  18. Well, please send this to jingle

  19. Remember the one in El Haluf when you blindteamkilled the hero of your team 500 metters++ away 😀

  20. EMBARRASSING 4 u is grate play 4 most !

  21. cant see 50% off consumables on EU wg server. it’s 31st aug though. link please?

  22. I was wondering why I kept getting confederate medals!
    Now I know it’s because I damaged more than 6 enemies.
    Too late now. I don’t play this RNG infested, rigged game anymore.
    The joke is on WG! My wallet has been closed to them for over a year now.

  23. This is your “Embarrassing” moment?
    GTFO dude!

  24. It is always messed up getting stuck in a fight against a light tank like that, if he decides to ride you, there is not much you can do, but wait for his mistake

  25. majstor brzine it means speed master on Croatian Serbian Bosnian

  26. Doesn‘t wonder why he the Lansen played smart, his clantag sais [TRUT-] and it‘s a clan where good players are in….

  27. This tank is boring to play

  28. I had to click straight away

  29. I am proud to say that I am the Lansen C on the enemy team called Majstor_brzine. It is good to hear that you are complimenting me in your video as I learned to play world of tanks from you.

  30. Another good one is where you brawl with 3 or 4 tanks with explosions and arty firing, filling up the screen with all kinds of indicators, every hull is smoking. It’s all over and you think that was fun, too bad I’m dead and my team really could use me. And then about 30-45 seconds later you realize your turret just moved as you nudge the mouse…

  31. Majstor Brzine mean in english Master of speed 🙂

  32. The most embarassing for a unicorn would be the best game for most of us 😉

  33. I remember watching this live, it was rather amusing

  34. M-K-D - Macedonia

    @QuickyBaby, Majstor_brzine=speed_master or Master of Speed in translation from serbo-croatian

  35. Birger Hemmingsen

    ooohh, now I just have to buy a Lansen, so I can confuse topplayers …like……say…QUICKYBABY?? Joke aside, I have seen allmost all ur video’s, WHY? …UR the best

  36. Miguel Montenegro

    Hiting while stunned and without a gunner… yes, very embarassing

  37. Rangiku Matsumoto

    this is not embarassing, this is just sth that happens, you know what is embarassing? blaming 2/3 of your deaths on streamsnipers and pigs, love that, show us that on youtube

  38. @2:55 Paris is my banned map lol, so no I don’t know what it’s like…not in awhile. LOLOLOL QB throwing 😛 but he did tell his td to do the right thing when he spammed CAP, the S1 did go to cap lol

    pay2win Lancen C shut down <3

  39. cs63 and strv is from turkey

  40. LOL potato in cap;)

  41. I thought they nerfed 430u not 430?

  42. I can honestly see how that could happen to me, intense match round and round.

  43. bruh still better then my avg games lmao

  44. My most embarassing moment was when I said that people sucked for losing a 6 v 1 with tier 8’s against the old tier 7 german light (SP 1 C I think it was?) With the 3 round magazine. But then I hit a pole with my T30, trying to hit the sp comming at me and blew myself up with the HE round…

    I quit the game for a few months after that happened.

    Glad I did because I’m not a salty a hole anymore (I hope) haha

  45. Click bait conformed….

  46. Sehr schön zu sehen, wie Wargaming bekannte Streamer manipuliert, alle bieten sich als Ziel an, kaum einer schiesst auf ihn. Wenn man dann selber dasselbe macht, fahren alle auf einen drauf und man ist nach 1 Minute Geschichte. Macht QB genau das, kümmert sich Niemand um ihn…Leute, schaut euch nicht sein Gameplay an, es hat nichts mit der Realität zu tun.

  47. And what happens if the t29 had the 76mm? Any problem? I had to grind the 90 with the 76mm, a pain in the ass, yes but i couldn’t avoid it, i grinded the t29 using the jumbo

  48. Pretty darn good for an embarrassing game

  49. I was left alone against 3 tier 8 enemies that are one shoot but I managed to flip my STRV 103b, and yes chat was going lit

  50. I aced this bad boy in my second game it’s the most fun tank in the whole game

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