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  1. Hey phellas, just filling ya’ll in that Dakota had to be put down a couple of days ago. Been taking some time off, these videos youre gonna watch this weekend are pre recorded. Thanks for all the love and kind words.

  2. looks more like a jagdpanzer IV with a 75mm/70 gun

  3. Just got some IV/70 time in myself, 4 aces tonight with some luck.

  4. “17 pounders are not your friends!” Me, a big brain british main – Well.. no they´re pretty much my best friend, phloppy.

  5. Love it! This is totally one of my favorites to play

  6. Day 238: Phly, I challenge you to the conphusing aerial smokescreen challenge. Destroy three enemy aircrapht with smoke shells in a single game. Good luck. o7

  7. I always get oneshitted by these, it makes me mad.

  8. Well I do not appreciate your choice of camo, PhlyDaily. Work on that.

  9. I had no idea you were affiliated with Matt from Demo ranch that’s awesome

  10. 18:00
    > I wonder when they’ll get rid of [transmissions eating shots]
    Phly, do you know just how thicc AF transmissions for ordinary civilian cars are? Now scale that up to a 30 ton war machine

    • Sherman transmission shot head on by a german 88 would blast through the tank and out the back. Many cases of this were recorded during ww2.

  11. I always get penned by 85mm D5T from the front, the upper plate. Gaijined.

  12. You make every veichle in the game look so easy to use

  13. This tank destroyer is beast you can pen jumbo in UFP.

  14. Just shot trap it at close range, works amazingly.

  15. Losing a pet is like losing a family member, take off as long as you need 😭

  16. Yee yee bunker branding

  17. Poor Dakota fly high 😢

  18. German Anti-Tank are my favorite vehicles in the game

  19. Damn. Now others know how good this tank is.

  20. The amount of times I’ve been penetrated by a t34 85 from the front only to see this makes me question German enbgernering 😂

  21. Phly you’re a OG at this game let the haters hate 💯💯💯

  22. Lyrra91 is my

  23. Phly, the Pz has two massive shot traps, one; if ypu bounce off downwards from the mantlet it’s almost a one shot kill with explosive filler

  24. And the other, is the horizontal olate between the uppper, lower plate and the upper plate

  25. Yaay he said the name of my country!

    <3 Austria

  26. The moment he said “I feared this”
    Me: Me too. If I see one right in front of me, either I’ll make a long way to flank or just die to other enemy tank…

  27. Day 1 of asking for katyusha

  28. This is by far my go to vehicle if I want to have an easy game.

  29. Why not do a small mashup from previous bad attempts at the end of the episode?

  30. awww come on that was my secret weapon now you exposed it ! =P

  31. tank will be easy to destroy if you have a strong gun like the is2

  32. pre 7.8 br in general therapeutic, from 2 to 4 is the best

  33. Day 13? Of asking Phly to play the British Crusader III and Hampden TB I for 5000lbs of destruction at 3.0 in ground RB

  34. That thing hold so many passages clear for my team … just a monster in his BR

  35. the only tanks that can be dangerous to you at that b.r. are the british tanks w their sabbot, pt76 w its heat fs etc, if you get a higher br, then the long 90mm can go through you but only in close range, so yeah its a good tank as long as it doesnt get uptiered

  36. Transmissions Lives Matter!

  37. Never heard of a feeart before.

  38. What a conclusion 😂😂😂

  39. Day 223 can you play the conqueror mk.2?

  40. Day 241: Play the BF109-K4, its been years

  41. All his lions 🤩🤩🤩🤩 me with 25000

  42. Militarum Tempestus Scion

    Chi-Nu plz?

  43. Im from Austria🥲

  44. Day 165 of asking phly phor any m47

  45. Man i wanna play 5.3 right after watching this. Wew

  46. Try to use HE when engage AA

  47. Great vid man. Comment for the algorithm.

  48. It’s actually a Jagdpanzer IV/70. 5.3 best BR not too much postwar scums although we see them more often today. With the stupid T55E1, Fiat, Concept 3, PT76 and EBR

  49. How can I play with you?

  50. Day 218: Of asking phly the play the dicker max because it’s 105 is basically cheating at is br and it can survive and they also recently moved it down to 3.7

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