My MOST HATED TANK in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. since I first played the M3 Lee I despised it! The lack of turret, huge forehead… Does it still suck in 2019?


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  1. I wonder what it would be like to be able to fire the 37 as well.

  2. running coca cola on tier 4 😀 Quicky!?

  3. Wargaming: It’s too hard to program the 37mm into the game.

    Also Wargaming: Soviet heavies with two guns!

  4. What kind of computer specs do you run for the videos, the scene where the at fires under you is pretty intense.

  5. I had the same relationship with the duck, but when I unlocked and got amazed with ELC, I felt bad and rebuy AMX 40, loaded full HEAT and make it the most happy duck

  6. Pretty sure the priest was the one shooting at you. Then again, I don’t know the caliber of that gun because I despise playing arty.

  7. Well that tank hates you. Ha!

  8. 9:15 One of my favorite all time WOT moments caught on camera! Good stuff!

  9. I somehow got a mastery badge in an M3. I hate that tank…

  10. If you play it like a TD it makes sense. Also the gun is descent

  11. Oh we wont make you play the Lee again……. we’ll vote for the Grant….. ?

  12. Oddly enough I quite enjoyed playing this tank. Maybe my expectations were so low it slightly exceeded them. Idk it wasnt very good but I didnt hate it.

  13. James Irwin-McConnell

    Nooo i missed the qb jingles reunion! Qb will you be uploading any clips or anything to YouTube? I miss tye good ole days of Jingles, Ike, and Quicky

  14. I may get crucified for this. But the M3 Lee is the 2nd best American tank I’ve laid my hands on after the Chaffee. and I have had all 3 standard tech tree Shermans,The tier 4-6 American turreted TDs,and even some American premiums like the Ram 2 and M46 KR. I cannot stand any of those vehicles but the M3 Lee and Chaffee I just enjoy.

  15. I don’t want to watch this even QB is playing it, too painful!

  16. I quite liked the m3 lee the 2 tanks I hated was t32 just because I hate using premium rounds and then m103 when you have to use the first gun, constant tier 10 games but could hardly penetrate anything that had a little bit of armour

  17. Correction:
    *Our* most hated tank.

  18. Its important to remember that the M3 Lee can also ram extremely well against most tier IVs, as it has good power to weight and enough frontal armor to make the ram not too troubling for you.

  19. It’s got a great gun…play it as a TD ?

  20. I get the feeling that ‘blind fire’ was actually the M7 Priest. Friendly fire’s gone and low-level howitzers don’t stun, right?

  21. Bro thats my favorite tank

  22. Lol the Arty in the game complaining about camping.

  23. Guerrilla Entrepreneur

    I play it as a TD……………

  24. It’s a well armoured well armed tank destroyer with an off axis Cannon and a lot of speed. What’s the problem?

  25. M3 Lee…..The next tank for WOT dual gun? Seems logical. 75mm and a turreted 37mm.

  26. you should play world of tanks blitz

  27. Oh look imagine that Rigged Number Generator strikes again. Guarantee that player had his reticle zeroed center of mass and RNG said nope gotta pad the purple.

  28. Still a turd of a tank. You have to play it like a TD, but the gun is horribily inaccurate and the shell velocity is so slow. Got 67% WR in it, but have no idea how come I was lucky with such a high WR.

  29. M3Lee is a proper seal clubber if you know what to do, that gun is most broken… Good alpha also good pen. I fuckin love it.

  30. TanasaGabriel Gabi

    Hi, where i can download qb’s modpack. Qb u are doing a very good job,keep it up.

  31. What about the Grant?

  32. lmao at the priest clickercunt calling for you to stop camping

  33. Funny thing is, the M3 Lee was the tank with my best win rate and the first tank I’ve ever barrel marked. I guess it’s the reason I find myself playing fixed turret tank destroyers.

  34. He is happy bacause is december and the challenge ended

  35. True heroes will know the real reason why QB is glad to see the end of November

  36. I got so lucky with this , 100 games ,61% wins

  37. nem vállalom a nevem

    The zype 58 is way worse than the lee

  38. ian_feel_keepin_it_real

    Anyone else find it funny an Arty is bitching at his team for camping?

  39. Krisztián Nagy-Kőszegi

    Thank you QuickyBaby for the 30 HOT TOG GAMES last day!! 😀 🙂

  40. I went through the M3Lee pretty quickly. Had some good games in it. Actually enjoyed it. That gun is pretty awesome at Tier 4.

  41. I have a 53% win rate in mine at 102 games. I do, however, have rather poor stats on it. I play it like a regular medium. Once I’m spotted, all the enemies shoot at me because they’ve hated it since they first reached tier 4, and that means all my allies can farm damage without getting shot at.

  42. I think WG really missed an opportunity, so far, with double barreled tanks. The main issue I see with the lee is that the top turret is useless and normally has to get exposed to use the main, functioning, gun. I remember getting a kill on a Lee one game in the Rudy for this very reason. They should have did what Gaijin did with the Lee and have both guns as an option to use with the double barrel thing.

  43. Hey QB did you that you can buy the obj. 907 on Xbox with free xp? 😉

  44. The M3 and the Grant… are simply under-rated. Historically, they proved a success even though they were just a stop-gap. The issue is, within the game, they are rarely matched fairly… In fairness, QB’s game was probably the best match-up they can expect) or played by beginners that end up over-emphasising their failings because of the programming in the game and trying to use them like standard mediums..(basically trying to hurry past them in the tech tree). Important point is that the commander sight ports should be in the top of the tank, they are not, which means Hull down on ridges, you get spotted first. If the option was there to shift views to the turrets view (and using the 37mm at lower tier tanks) then this would be a very different story. As is, they are best used as TD’s…at the extent of their view ranges. It should be a fairly easy mechanic to shift between turrets, but WG are lazy. 🙁

  45. I’ve done 2800 dmg with my M3 grant against t6 tanks XD
    The DPM is ridiculous

  46. You forgot to check on the stream sniper 😉

  47. Only time I can possibly enjoy the M3 Lee is in War Thunder where its kinda godly, lol! Here in WoT it just blows so hard. Poor thing…

  48. I think that the Blind Fire was not from the enemy team, instead the M7 Priest was shooting at him…

  49. Soviets nicknamed the tank with grim sense of humor… A coffin for the 7 brothers… (the crew)

  50. QB, I would have never thought about attempting to teach you tanks, but in this case, I think you are doing it massively wrong and spreading misinformation and failure among your followers. The fundamental wrong is the idea that Lee is a tank destroyer. For whatever’s sake, it has nothing that would qualify it as a TD, it has neither armour nor camouflage nor high pen; attempting to play it as a tank destroyer is bound to fail. Lee has great DPM and pretty good mobility, these are its strengths that the player can utilise. Second line support is its initial role, but whenever possible, it should take the role of a flanking medium, because with its DPM, it can literally shred a tier 5 tank into pieces before that can turn around to return a shot. In short, Lee is a medium tank, just like designated. Oh, and stay the hell away from hills and undulating landscape; when you have two meters of hull above your gun then of course your attempt to shoot over a ridge will get you killed before you can even point your gun at your enemy.

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