My MOST KILLS EVER 15+ – Capture The Flag Event (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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My MOST KILLS EVER 15+ – Capture The Flag Event (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)


  1. kv -2_king_derp !!!

    hey phly. i got a small questions if you dont mind answering. what was your very first video about. and is it still up and running?

  2. n00b combo: any reserve tank and plane, remove all upgrades , use stock shells and ammo belts, no bombs on planes

  3. Phly does Tigers have taken out all of our T34s, go show those pigs how Bias the IS2 and PE 8 are, quick before destroy the Mother Land.
    Good luck Comrade!!!!

  4. sorry about spelling

  5. Phly i challenge you to kill a panzer 4 with a 12.37 mm machine gun

  6. P40E-1,sits at BR 2.0 and have 6 12,7mm Browning machine guns as armaments.

  7. t-50 stronk

  8. R.A.P.S deploy ship inbound.

  9. wut? this is not how CTF works….

  10. Most kills I have ever gotten is 19 in planes and tanks. British planes at 3.7 AB and in tanks 3.7 USSR AB.

  11. Christopher Russell

    Flee Daley Japanese combo meal Type 60 & B7a2

  12. Hero of the Soviet Union Phly

  13. Si_Vis_Pacem Para_Bellum

    That flag steal? here, comrade, here is a ticket to Gulag

  14. heh… try going 15-0 with the panther D in SB against t-34-85’s

  15. hahahaha that flag steal, your a prick phly hahahaha

  16. take out the maple syrup combo ram ii and American spitfire do it for your canadian fan base

  17. must’ve been the type 5 No-see II, you must use your nose to smell that tank.

  18. That flag yoink was priceless..

  19. I like the editing on the start video clip

  20. can you play the zis-30

  21. phly maturity level is over 9000

  22. A13 and meteor mk 3 combo attempt 16 I think

  23. Oi phly! What about ye crossout mate?

  24. Pls take out the f2h2 I need tips

  25. I once got 17 kills with the t-50 and every shot that came for me, either missed or bounced. T-50 angling op

  26. I hate being low tier russian because always enemy team is full of panzer IIIs that i cant pen with t-34 and those japanese 75mm autoloaders. I havent won like a single rb game. Idk why

  27. I like Philly but I feel he went ultra try hard lol

  28. phly can you plz do this
    it called reinforcement Under Fire
    you in a T-34-85 and the rest are in anti-air Russian vehicles
    mission:Escort tank to other side of the map
    and the other side has to be in the
    P.108 and ME262C-1
    mission:Kill the tank 3 times before it can get to other side
    (you only get 3 lives)

  29. daily can we play some war thunder together sometime?

  30. Footballgamer Markus

    play whit a-10 in war thunder

  31. Kto z Polski?

  32. i played this tournament!!!

  33. My record is 29 kills, 4 planes destroyed, 0 deaths. I played on Ash River with Pz. IV C 🙂

  34. phly why don’t you play planes any more tanks arnt as fun to watch pls do plane

    like if u agree

  35. t126 op?

  36. DeadLoxGaming 79

    within 30 seconds he got 3 kills

  37. Vote here if you want the Evilmav’s german commander sound pack to be included in the game :

  38. This probably isn’t the right video but why did Gaijian skip out WW1 tanks and some early WW2 tanks such as the panzer1?

  39. Did he just use pepe…YOU FUCKING NAZI HURR DURR

  40. La verdad no te entiendo una mierda, pero tus videos me divierten mucho 😀 un saludo desde Argentina 🙂

  41. anyone remember the old tiger 1 facing small tanks with its low br and getting game like this all the time?

  42. that intro ????


  44. I remember getting 18 in the bt-5, because reasons…I didn’t count how many you got phly, but it’d be more than 20

  45. Do the Ground Pound combo: the Super Pershing and AD-2. Attempt #3

  46. What about beating your record with Tier 1 tanks/planes ?

  47. It’s always a good day when I get to see Phly prove there is a bias.

  48. t-50=god

  49. Meatballdaily – Thx for saying hi to me in that other game yesterday…. was a pleasure!

  50. Why do I have the feeling this CTF wouldn’t be nearly this fun with 7.0+ tanks.

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