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Today I’m going to get the most kills yet in on my Free-to-Play account in, surprisingly, the A-43?!?


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  1. Mine is 10 in a Strv S1. It was also my kolobanov’s medal

  2. 9 in the OLD T18

  3. Most kills I think it’s B.U.G.I.

  4. Tier V Battle, T1 Heavy, 9 kills. This was a few years back.

    Tier IV Battle, M7 Priest (T III), 8 kills. Also more than a few years back.

  5. I got 11 kills in the SU-26 on Mines. This was ironically right after they removed AP shells, and I wasn’t that good of a player. Did a total of like 300-400 dmg.

  6. I’ve got 9 kills I’m my Pz Ic or M2 light without any gold ammo

  7. 13 kills with the T18 on Mines and the derp gun. In the end I was alone against 6 and one shot them one by one by one. Such a fun tank. I did 1000 games in it and then moved to tier 3.

  8. I got 7 kills on my IS-3-II

  9. 9 kills in the SU26 back when that little arti was the game’s most fun to play and probably built up hatred for all

  10. I have gotten 8 kills in a obj 777

  11. 11 in strv s1 and bisonte

  12. I got the most kills on my NA account with the Pudel; I got the most kills on my EU account with the t1 Swedish tank (the 1 game that I’ve played with it) 😂

  13. Domonkos Kacskovics

    I once had a game in my S35 CA with 8 kills, up to this day I have no idea how I pulled that off

  14. Amx 17 50? The premium french light with 7 or 8 shot autoloader. 7 kills 3k spotting. Biggest damage is 7k in the TORT

  15. I got 11 kills in my vk 30.01 p but that was before WG made it a heavy and completely ruined it 😞

  16. KV-1, 12 kills 🙂

  17. Obj 704 with 9 kills is the best I can remember

  18. Hi QB my personal record are 9 kills with kolovanov, with the french TD ARL V39 tier VI, ir was a mad game

  19. Pz38h 13 kills


    Kv 1, 8 kills 4k dmg carried 1v4

  21. Matilda Black Prince – 14 Kills
    It was my first game with that garbage tank but it ended up going well

  22. the most kils i got is 6 in t29

  23. a-43 is my fav tank tbh spam dpm t8 tank in the back or side is so much fun with it .

  24. I got 8 kills in an ikv 90 b

  25. I once got 9 kills in the Chieftain and yes I know my sins

  26. Im have most kills in FV 4202

  27. Most kills i think i got was 8/9 in a kv-220-2

  28. i got 11 kills with a ISU 152 K against tier 10 7k dmg

  29. The most kills that I had was 9 tanks in the Skoda T 40.

  30. Anyone appreciate this idea? In post game stats add a line of who spotted you for what damage? And or who blind shot you for what damage?

  31. Mine was 9 kills in a derp cromwell way back in the day

  32. Lehtokurppa Von Fön

    The Duck. 8 kills about 8 years ago.

  33. Panzer IV, tier 5 = 9 destroyed tanks.

  34. 8 kills with the KV-2

  35. It was 2-3 years ago but I got 13 in a Churchill 1

  36. Most kills O-I exp. 9 kills

  37. 9 in the is3a b4 it was a al

  38. I got 11 kills in the pz4S

  39. 8 kills in the hetzer

  40. 11 kills in my tier 7 jagdpanther

  41. M10 RPFM 9 kills

  42. Nathaniel Artosilla

    8 kills in my T-20. Wasn’t even holding shells. Just fire on reload.

  43. 10 with the old T3 HMC, and 10 with my Skorpion.

  44. i got 11 in the cromwell and 9 in my t29

  45. 12 kills in my Matilda on Lakeville. Standard battle.

  46. 11 in IS-6

  47. I can’t get past 9 kills, done it in the Jagdtiger, Ru251 and E25.

  48. Abdur-rahman Pandor

    T 34 sheled i got all the kill’s in a match

  49. Got 10 kills in the Hetzer many years ago. Classic tank for the job!

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