My New Alpha Damage Record in World of Tanks | FV4005 Stage II Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of FV4005 Stage II Gameplay, Tier 10 British Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks The Highest/Biggest Alpha Damage Roll. World of Tanks Best Tank Destroyer, Most Dangerous Tank.

It is time to update my all time highest alpha damage roll in the game (without ammoracks or engine fires). of course, it happened in the legendary FV4005 Stage II.

What next?

Enjoy the show!


  1. While on a little out-of-town-mini-vacation since yesterday, I still found time to release some epic boomstick action… Records have been broken.
    Also, I am hearing LOTS of bad things about trading caravan, lol, what a time to be away… Stay strong my fam, will be back soon!

    • Hello dez! I have a 4005 set-up you might wanna try out. I call it the snipers dream: Bounty: gun laying drive, Aiming and vents.

  2. I recently got a 1032 roll with the isu-152k

  3. My best is 2087 with T92 HMC on WT E-100

  4. Michael Bonebreaker

    Just proves how stupid those british 183 mils are, penning heavyes in the front like it’s a joke, deleting them from the game… This game… Just full of nonsence.

  5. مهدي رياطي


  6. without a good spotter you wouldnt do shi

  7. I penetrated S.Conqueror with FV4005, did 2172 damage in to the lower plate. I even took a photo 😍

  8. Rainier Pomeranians

    Once in a lifetime game there, imo… gREATg

  9. Hey Dez, player like you, Turkey baby and many more get special MM and much better connection privileges than us common folks and we all know it so please stop with your fakeness about it.

  10. 2080 and 2060 my rekord whit FV

  11. Dez please tell use how we can get your detail screen babes. That would make my day. Hell that would make my year. Great vid and grats on new PR, Rock on man.

  12. Low skill/brain red line campers should se that replay.. not yours Dez….sorry;)

  13. GG Dez 🙂

  14. 2188 is the max, I’ve had it to a 60tp lower plate. Dude didn’t even die.

  15. These milestones tell us that we’ve made it to the moon and back in one piece.

  16. I once was playing arty and I see enemy FV shoot our Type 5 Heavy -2148

  17. Fun fact: This tank is king of my credits….

  18. I love watching this tank in action. One shot – one tank down. Though, mine FV is not working like that…

  19. Dez…truth be told, a 1shot is very satisfying’s, but to see your kill’s turret go flying from an ammo rack put’s a smile on one’s face everytime and maybe a fist pump tossed in.

  20. What a huge roll, but has anyone seen the legendary 2188 ? I did, in T110E5, i was set left with 12 hp X(

  21. 3:14 the money shot you came for
    11:45 again (replay, same shot)

  22. Is it so damn jumpy because his computer was crap or his internet connection?

  23. Back in the days tier 8 arties would one shot tier 10s like I one shoted is4 alot of times in my GWE100
    Heck I even did 2240 damage to a Maus once hahahaha I don’t know how that works
    I think when the FV183 first came I did 2150 damage many times to t11e5 and t57

  24. 2188 damage is the FV max roll.

  25. My record is 2078 hp dmg into a Maus with the death star. It was on the old serene coast map I managed to shoot the top of the Maus and penned somehow.

  26. These goldnoobs and their RNG.

  27. mine unfortunately is in gwe100 old day old he when it ap rounds first time, penned the rear of a full hp e-100 with gold he round for 2448. dont think ill ever touch that again

  28. Nerf nerf nerf! 0.6 accuracy, 8s aim time, 40s reload! This tank is not russian! Too stonk!

  29. i just want to know now how much spotting damage that manticore got xd

  30. 13k damage = 1230xp… nice wg

  31. Technically the max role you can get is 2187, so there is much higher to go!

  32. I hit a shot in the FV with 2055

  33. Takes the piss when you can fully aim in a shot and it fly wild and yet just do a snap shot and it hit and cause a kill or major damage.

  34. dez sadly you forgetting the old T92’s HE shell, that has got the max alpha, I once recieved 2550 damage by that.

  35. the 4005 is the first T10 I acquired and here, many month’s later I’ve yet to crew it. Your video inspired me to finally bite the bullet and crew it up. Thanks and wish me luck for I am a very mediocre old guy player but enjoy my occasional thrills like any of us do.

  36. hey he said my name

  37. i remember 2032 damage lol 🙂

  38. i got ammo racked in my KV5, 2500 damage someone made with one shot

  39. 15-0 in 3’50”, that’s indeed a record… just kidding

  40. Impressive, i remember ammoracking a full hp 60tp trying to complete alliance-15 for chimera

  41. Would be so funny if they implemented what would actually happen to an fv4005 when it doesn’t shoot straight ahead, tip it on its side.

  42. 2150 my highest roll, it was few years back, when i oneshooted is 7,while tank had 2150

  43. I did more dmg a shot in Arty at the Old Days with HE

  44. Is this really fair?. If it is why wt auf e 100 removed. I just wanna know this.

  45. My record is more than 2850 with an artillery shell before they removed Arty from the meta.

  46. In clan wars if you put heavy charges on this it get like 2k average damage

  47. I’ll never forget my best hit with the FV. It was an ammorack hit on a full HP Obj 277. 2200HP in one shot & he’d not even got to hit anyone. I’m sure he was most annoyed.

  48. now beat my lowroll record of 1398 damage, yes it was hesh and not ap i checked and yes it penned.

  49. amazing manipulated lol wg pixells game ….

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