My new BOOMSTICK – Obj. 705 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

I finally bought a tier 9 to play! : )


  1. a true pro player needs crutch rounds to win and a cheat mod that shows his pen vs the armor thickness where he aims!

  2. What a match making! If were to be in all tiers, I would consider playing again…

  3. All it needed was one HE 😀

  4. Stock gun T-10 with no HE. Lucky.

  5. You maybe a good player, but you’re an immature man-child.
    Enjoy your type 2 diabetes.

  6. Type 5 Armor is better than the Maus, up until you get into mid to close range, at which point the cupola becomes a viable target as it cannot be angled. Of course most people are just going to press 2 immediately and pen through your turret because ‘why bother?’.

    At the same time, the AP gun on the Type 4 and Type 5 could only be described as ‘adequate’ and by that I mean barely up to par. If an enemy maus is angling the 14cm cant pen even if it loads prem AP, and the Maus isn’t even the most substantially armored tank at tier X, it has high raw values, but most of it is flat, replaced it with a side-scraping 705A or a hull-down Super Conqueror or Is-7, you arent penning that. But they will pen that Type 5 more than 50% of the time, because they will load gold rounds.

    Now obviously that derp gun needs to fucking go, the lower tier 150mm was ‘fun’ but thats all, the AP Gun following the O-Ni needs to be actually good, and the armor buffs they tossed at the Type 4 and Type 5 need to be walked back, they can compensate by improving the tanks gun handling.

  7. I didnt like the other gun beside the 130 on the 705 i three marked it only using the 130 and i didnt even notcie the other gun untill after

  8. 9.7 second reload holy shit

  9. Is this real WoT? Both teams had about half of the players doing over 1000 damage.

  10. So does this tank make the E75 obsolete or not so much? Or was it already idk

    • Calabi-Yau Manifold

      They are and play completely differently so no it doesnt

    • I love this “they play completely different” bs. Both are well armored heavies, both good at sidescraping, both have 490 guns (if you are foolish enough to put it on 705), both have weak lfp and impenetrable ufp. Both are meh mobility. only difference are profiles (e75 tall) and turret (e75 has gun dep, 705 has armor). Not completely different, in fact the only difference is that with 705 you will park IN the ditch to hide your hull and with E75 you will wedge yourself against the ditch to make your turret stronger and hide your hull. Now does it make the e75 obsolete? Nah, it’s still good.

    • Calabi-Yau Manifold

      +userful1 One has much less armor and is bigger than the other while the other has a rear turret. That alone changes a thing or two already with which you can do in one but can’t with the other. By the way, you’re a retard if you sidescrape in an E75 in 2018. Why? Because 100mm Heat and up just goes through your cheeks and even the roof so E75 plays more like an E100, peek, shoot, and retrieve. E75 can’t go hull down like a 705 at all like you said. Why do I know? Oh you know, cause Ive 3 marked both E100 and E75 so don’t come with me with your shitty condenscending ass, you clearly dont know what you’re talking about.
      Tldr; In general 705 can sidescrape and hull down while E75 can only peek a boo UNLESS you’re top tiered which is rare these days.

    • E 75 is vastly more mobile. Even after nerfs

  11. That was just awesome to watch, players like myself can only dream of ever playing a game that well

  12. Outstanding!!

  13. Great game Circ. Love seeing those S-Tanks die.

  14. it’s scary how many people dont use HE on low HP targets

  15. type 5 wasn’t using gold he

  16. probs to those two conqueror players… the did a superb job

  17. Old Mountain Hermit

    GG bro, and happy New Year everyone 🙂

  18. never doubt it 😉

  19. that superconq went down swinging

  20. What a carry. Incredible.

  21. Man, watching you count the reloads of the T-10 and the Type 5 at the end there to decide who to shoot and when to move. Wish I had nerves of steel in moments like that. Send this one to Jingles 😉

    • Yeah, its Circon for you. Jingles said it years ago for one of his replays, I think it was e50m on ruinberg. He ran into full hp t110e4 while being one-shot and killed him. Took no dmg. He just doesnt panic. I hate him for that 😀

    • +Nebojsa Kmezic well he is pretty much a professional player just doesn’t do ESL and other tournament stuff

  22. T10 made mistake with not caring apcr and it should not stay higher ground

  23. Love my t10 with gnomefathers gum sounds

  24. russlan anthem


  26. My go to tank 🙂 So in your opinion which is better 705 or 705a? I have both but I dont like the 705a it just doesn’t play as well for me. Also was thinking of getting the 60tp, but is their any point of getting over the e4?

  27. Once again Circonflexes show that he is in a class of his own when playing WOT’s!

  28. Not to be the cactus on your dick but the luck of the lowroll from the Type 5 and the stupidity of the T-10 saved ya neck there.
    Gee Gee. <3

  29. I like how the t10 just sat there and watched while his type 5 just died. Instead of like… driving closer or around the side or literally anything except shooting the thickest part of the armor.

  30. I played in the obj 430U

    My RNG Sucked so hard that game and the whole team was yelling at the T-10 in the end.

    but you carried it super nicely GG!

  31. Hacks. If it were me id get tracked, ammoracked and penned everywhere hull down.

  32. I finally got to the a while ago IS and was looking to see which line to go. I decided on the IS-M which leads to the Object 705. I am very happy with the IS-M. Looks like the Object 705 is going to be fun too.

  33. a nice fu#k you on the end

  34. Fucking awesome game!

  35. Alexandru-Horia Hodișan

    Is7 vs 277 vs 705A – if you could only have one, what would you choose and why? Personally I’d go for the 705A, because of the best sidescraping ability out of the three.

  36. T10: How does HE work? asking for a friend.

  37. 1:32 Perfect timing.

  38. Damn, well fuckin’ played.

  39. Beast mode lmao. Wait until you get the 705a. It’s great

  40. Op….nah.

  41. It’s always fun to watch the chat just explode at the end of an amazing game!

  42. Simply Awesome!!! 🙂

  43. Awesome! Bit lucky that T10 didn’t load an HE in the end or runout of it.

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