My New EXP Record!?! World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

My previous highest EXP in World of Tanks was 3276 in a VK 28.01 back in 2012 – 10 years later I'm trying to 1up it in a… Lancen C?



  1. Ah yes farming an e100 who averages 600 damage at tier 10

  2. Its only the heavy tanks where i feel that the +2 tier matchmaking bothers me. Tankdestroyers have powerful guns so being -2 tiers is not too big of a problem. Medium tanks have mobility and decent guns to contest +2 tier mediums, not always but most of the time. For light tanks i dont think it really matters, its more about the map than the enemy tanks. Arta literaly wont even notice what the tiers are. Roll up the heavy tank to +2 heavy tank and try to play against tanks with guns able to pen you everywhere for more damage and more often, while being impervious to all the ammo you can sling at them. The only tanks the 2 tier matchmaking is really punishing are the heavys and to a lesser degree the mediums. You can roll your t69 out and it is going to be hard to play but italian and leo lone of german mediums is compleatly possible to deal with. Take a t32 up against a maus and watch him roll his face over the keyboard and realise he accidentaly killed you. Dont even let me get started with 279e. Imagine taking out a obj 703 and getting to a tier 10 match. With couple phase 1 and proto chieftain and kranvagn and vz55. All of them can pen your tank pretty much every where like your armor was not even there. What a fun and exiting game you will have when you roll up the vz55 and he deletes 2/3 of your hp in 2 seconds just before arta drops a bomb on your head and claims what ever was left.

  3. Its ACTUALLY, “Oh how the TABLES have TURNED”, good attempt though lol

  4. wow…from a 2011??? awsome

  5. Hi QB. Happy to tell you that my highest XP of 2640 (with Premium) is in the Tier 9 Patton. Was a good amount of luck cause I set two tanks on fire. And with only a few points less than my max. XP I had a very good round in the panzer V/IV

  6. My max was 2868 in T29. But it occurred in a loss!

  7. I got like 3000-4000 exp in Churchill 3… Fail platoon (elc amx) and I was in the bush shooting tir 9 and 10… Didn’t do crazy dmg but

  8. 2496 base xp in the udes 14 alt 5 is my record.
    It was one heck of a game.

  9. When i get 2 tiers higher tanks i always say chance for M medal

  10. According to wot my highest is 3,986xp. If it included xp boosters and an xp event it would be over 20k on the type 64.

  11. we need World of tanks Classic at this point

  12. That was a filthy game but very tasty.

  13. I still have better record

  14. Im a VERY average player. I play MY fav tanks well. But I dont care about my stats at all. But weirdly…. My max XP in a battle is not far off. 3213

  15. Hate this tank I think is worse tier 8 prem tank

  16. Thanks for the great video QB – although I currently can’t game at the moment, all your YouTube videos help me gain a better understanding of the play

  17. Pařan Pařanovic

    2863 in the Shovelpanzer

  18. 3.7k in russian med T-43, years ago, GG

  19. Mine was in last patch, Churchill III, 3319 base exp, 3990 dm. Currently 8th all time in uploaded randoms , Wotreplays.

  20. My greatest xp game was in a A-43. Also that game brought me my first Kolobanov. Such a long time ago. It’s seems I’m getting worse at this game.

  21. OliversAviationvideo

    My record still stands ad 3,339 in a KV-2

  22. doesn’t take skill firing gold 24/7

  23. “We drank. We fought. He made his ancestors proud.”

  24. I looked up ‘EBR highest exp’. Tangentially in a clan battle, there was a slanted game that the EBR earned 30k spotting damage (the enemy team lost their vision and curled up in the corner of the map to die).

    Its strange that you can still earn stupidly high records with the EBR, in 2022…. (that match it earned 2k experience for dealing 0 damage while using their blindness).

    Nice to see a different kind of high experience match!

  25. Must be nice QB to be getting good games while most of the community is suffering through 0/1/2-15 defeats but none of the contributors will call out WG for it.

  26. The original KV. Long ago, obviously. I was left as 1 on 5 or 6 and the KV was so OP. Plus they came at me one by one. Something like 2500+ XP

  27. quickybaby is jesse from breaking bad 00:54 “yo and hilllers?” “im rushing yo”

  28. clickybaity should be your 2022 nick..

  29. I actually have my biggest XP Game in the Super Pershing (a tank which is widely underrated in my opinion). Considering the latest buff and the field mods it’s a tank which basicly fits every role. Its quite mobile with a turbo, it has just enough pen and it definitely benefits of it’s kinda troll armor, even against higher tiers. I’d love to see a video on this tank as I looove ur content QB 🙂

  30. Hi QB. My record is in the T32 with 3009 XP. That was a while ago and rather surprising for me. I would have guess many different tanks before that one.

  31. Synthetic Danimal 90

    My highest is 2400 something in the tiger 2.

  32. When it comes to MINES, i usually count how many fast tanks that possibly would rush the hill. And then compared to our line up, if we also have that many fast tank to rush. There are some instances, that MT/LT doesn’t equal at both sides. Lastly, see how many of you would rush it. When most of the time, some will go elsewhere. Not many knows how important that hill was and how tormenting it is as a slow slaughter to your team, when taken by enemy team.

  33. I dont Even play this game and i watch you everyday

  34. Churchill III is a mad heavy tank crew trainer.
    My highest XP result was 2,667 XP in a Crusader if I remember correctly.

  35. The difference is when i am on the hill i get insta spotted no matter where i peek and some td or arty fucks my shit up

  36. what’s up with the aspect?

  37. My record for XP is in the M4-85, I got around 1.7k XP on a loss.

  38. Perhaps you could pay a x3 platoon to sign up with u and sit in bushes for you to free farm for new exp record 😉

  39. Tomáš Pospíchal

    2772 EXP (=1848 base EXP) in lucky FV4202!

  40. עפרי אבני

    Mine record is 2877xp with 53TP not long time ago!

  41. My highest experience in a match is in the IS-2-II with 2351 experience

  42. My xp record is 2930 base XP in my T67. Possibly in the game I had with that tank, that netted 3.290 dmg, which is a lot for tier 5. 2nd tank (of all with over 100 battles) would be the T28 Prot with 2.631 XP, followed by the Hellcat and a few other with around 2.500-2.600 XP. 🙂

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