My New Favorite Gun!? | World of Tanks 114 SP2 Ranked Reward

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of Tanks 114 SP2 Gameplay, Tier 10 Chinese Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks Ranked Battles 2021-2022 Season, New Ranked Reward Tanks 114 SP2 and Charlemagne.

Today I am going to play my first battles in the new tier 10 Ranked Battles reward tank – Chinese tier X 114 SP2. Having no armor, no mobility, but one amazing gun… It’s quite a MEME!

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. first lmao noone cares but still

  2. Haters say thumbnail is fake…………… And they would be right. 😉
    But I really do like the gun, absolutely amazing, but the rest.. Ooh.

  3. Hello world <3

  4. China finally manufactured laser gun

  5. ooof early again, and as much as i love to have this tank, im not getting it cause i dont play ranked.

  6. Have You heard the future new Swedish tier VIII Prem. Heavy comes with the ABBA crew?!

  7. Though I like this tank, I hate this country too much.

  8. why are you such a content thief? Raging Raptor uploads a Video about something and a few hours later you upload a video with the same content and almost the same titles

  9. pretty much a better FV4005

  10. 13th comment 🙂

    yes i know i dont have life :.(

  11. Yeah sure another very good tank for the best players of the game. I was looking for a long time to play this tank….. I’m disappointed that it was announced as a reward tank. Pretty lame WG. The Chinese tds are crappy and shamefully nerfed after the HE rework.

  12. What are the chances that the gun will troll hard AF, just as Grille does? 😀

  13. [ WOT ] BOLD Sherlock

    Grille with that gun would be golden. <3

  14. Your lucky to play with this gun. Enjoy because after most of us get it they will adjusted it down to make room for the next new must have now tank. Good review.

  15. i like it, to bad i never get it

  16. Not for me, but great showcase., as always.

  17. Welcome to my games by WOT rounds bounce off grass to save them, that’s right Iam in German tanks

  18. Turbo, grousers, off road driving and field modifications

  19. 6000 per shot dont miss then holy cow

  20. Nic review dez…..this tank is Soo big

  21. Takes too much time for me to play ranked.

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