My New Favorite Premium Tank in World of Tanks: M6A2E1 – Best Premium Tanks

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As many of you may know, remember, that IS-6 was my favorite premium in this game for a very long time. At first it was dethroned by nothing, powercreep in WoT, but now throne has been replaced by an American preferential premium tank “The M6 Mutant” aka “M6A2E1”.

What do you think about it? What is your favorite premium in game?


  1. So what is your favorite at the moment?

    • My favorite is the EVEN 90 because it is unique in how it plays. Every game is unique and either you crater or ruin the other team’s day.

    • Somua SM
      Dez are you interested in playing world of warships occasionally?

    • T34 because of my M6 tier 6 heavy tank. And again when they sell this tank, like in september i miss to buy it, and that makes me angry because i really want to have mutant for my M6 7 skill crew

    • M103 works great for me

    • Progetto for sure. it’s a credit printer, decent mobilty, awesome reloading mechaninc (once you got used to it), overall good stats (altghough not OP) and it looks nice 🙂

  2. how the hell is these, when i play tier 10 full tier 10 match, when i play tier 8, still tier 10 match, when i play tier 6, even tier 8 match….

  3. The mutant is super fun… My record for damage blocked is over 9,000 in a single battle… Also, it was much funner before they re-released it. As no one knew how to beat it.

  4. Seal clubbing. Yawwnnnn.

  5. E25. Fast, deadly and very very sneaky. Ticks all the boxes

  6. Sold all my Premium tanks when WG messed with the MM. I will never buy another Premium regardless (well maybe if the T18 came back in all its glory) lol

  7. Talking about the matchmaking, I got my first Tier 10 tank at the weekend and haven’t met a single Tier 8 tank yet – all 9 s and 10s… Wasn’t like that when all I had was tier 8s… 🙂

  8. If u havent faces a Nameless before , its like a tier 10 tank in a Tier 8 fight , its a totally big seal clubber that is pay to win premium , sadly its only in Asia , i did buy it today since they just released it again.

  9. not sure from heavies i think it is 50TP prot. lights LT-432/Ebr 75 Meds Lancen C TD Skorpion/kanonjagdpanzer 105

  10. It’s like a Sherman but supersized!

  11. Me: Plays KV-2 in 3-5-7 MM
    Also me:
    Ruski ruski on the movee,
    Coming coming to rush you too!
    I’m not scared about who you are,
    Come here blin let’s have some fun!!
    KV-2 BLYAT

  12. Great game, enjoyed watching this.

  13. 11:47 What is your favourite Prem Tank>>
    Still the Type 59!
    I got it when it was OP, then it was nerfed hard, then it was buffed a bit. It Isn’t a great tank at the moment, in fact there are lots of better ones out there, but as one that I have had forever and love so dearly it is still the best!!

  14. Thegamingtrooper 73

    In Blitz there are 2 versions of this thing, at tier 7 with a 105mm gun with the hull of a better T1 Heavy meaning more front armor, and at tier 8 called the M6A2E1 EXP, it has very thing armor at the front, a 120mm gun like on the T34 with 10 degrees of gun depression and every time is see them i hate the match already

  15. I almost bought that crazy thing during the Tank Fest…but it’s just soooo ugly, lol. I know that shouldn’t matter, but I just couldn’t do it. I ended up with the Progetto, and it seems to be a fun, if not heavily armored tank. No, I couldn’t buy both, my wife would shoot me, LOL… “Critical hit!!”

  16. IS3A – without a doubt.

  17. is that the Estonian flag on IS-6? …

  18. Oh my god, an overpowered premium tank!

  19. I saw that Dez I saw that you don’t have Leopard 1 HOW DARE YOU Dez I expected more…..

  20. Great game Dez!

  21. Why are all the best tanks UGLY and visa versa! Tiger (Henschel & Porshe) beautiful garbage! … Oh come on 6000 exactly …!!!!????

  22. I don’t have many premium tanks. My fav is still FV4202. I’m very consistent with it. For lower tier would be the reward T-34-85M. Boy oh boy that tank makes credit like tier8 for me.

  23. ahmad hosseini asl

    mine proggeto

  24. The tank didnt’ get introduced 3 yrs ago. It was the original Beta preorder reward for the ~80? dollar/euro preorder cost. In the initial months after WOT released there were entire games of these things with 15 of them on a side.

  25. I got this tank for free for being inactive…. how nice was that!

  26. M6 Mutans is great becease its Very balanced:)
    230Hull armor?Why not..

    • when is-6 was his toy, it was op, when it got left behind, dez also left it, now, mutant is his toy and it is also op, when is was not op, it was not. kinda funny, in one video, op tanks are lame and wot is bs, in the next video, they are his toys… go figure:)

  27. T25 pilot no1 best tier 7 med

  28. I cant pick a favorite for wot but for wotb my favorite premium tank so far is the Dicker Max.
    non-premium it would be between the UE 57 because its cute, the Toaster, or Jpanther because i have enjoyed playing them so far.

  29. The mutant is also my favorite premium. Thanks for spotlighting this tank!

  30. Gotta be the WZ-120-1ft. pretty good all arounder tank

  31. this thing belongs to 1 of the starter packs back in 2011

  32. I know someone else who likes quirks and features

  33. Dez did you watch Doug demuro because you mentioned quirks and features

  34. well i did 5000 dmg in my ebr today Kappa

  35. STOP TELLING PEOPLE!!! I love my Mutant.

  36. This has been my favorite tank to play since I bought it when they resold it for the first time. Always wanted one.

  37. I was the 1000th like.

  38. Same here, it’s also my favorite premium heavy tank

  39. the core of this game is that the 112 is hot boiled garbage and needs to be bought back by WG. If you own a 112 you’re a sucker

  40. Centurion 5/1 je so good to
    If de know how to use it it can be more armored than a maus with a little nice and accurate gun

  41. My favourite premium tank is the MTLS-1G14 or the T-116

  42. The tank also has the rare ability to shoot over the tracks from the town on Prokhorovka, it so tall.

    The downside is in some cases, it’s taller than the bush it’s trying to hide behind 🙂

  43. Yep,mutant. I got my HT15 for 260 mission with honours done on mutant

  44. As soon as I saw that nugget turret I knew what tank it was. Even in thumbnail… A head that even a mother would struggle to love.

    My favorite is KV-2, always will be, but I flirt with other favourites, have little affairs. People trash it but I love the ELC Even 90, it’s a sneaky little motherfucker with a punchy sting. Also Progetto M35 Mod. 46, because reasons. And LT-432, best Tier IX scout in game.

  45. This game is slowly dying off. Might not in let’s say Russia or Europe, but in the NA it’s “the end” atleast imo.

  46. Stong tank!

  47. I don’t think applying your bonuses increases crew xp or free xp

  48. Preferential match making you say, ahh yes I remember when some of my premium tanks had that. That was until war gaming removed it, so not much of a selling point for me. What’s this all teir VIII games you speak of? Unless you are speaking of frontline doesn’t happen. Every time I pull out a teir VIII there is always IX & X however when I switch to teir X there are only other tier Xs, I never see the tier advantage & it’s starting to get very old.

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