My New FAVORITE Tank in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks with Object 780, New Tier Soviet Heavy Tank. to say goodbye to my old favorite FV215b and welcome new Object 780.

Object 780 has been in the quite some time now and I have had time to get used to it. At first we didn't have the best start, but now… I really do enjoy it and it is my new favorite tank in the game! I just like the full package


  1. Dez does that mean you dont usually use preventive maintenance ? Cuz personally try to roll over skills only once so do it after 2/3 depending on BIA included and always take those kinda of skills then.

  2. @randy tessman On MOST of the tanks I do not use it, only on very flammable tanks… Low % of the tanks tbh.

  3. Deiras Jankauskas

    If it’s not immune to t92 hmc ap rounds then it’s not good
    lol kidding then you can’t pen it with anything

  4. It’s funny because it is pronounced stooptegel, with the oo as in poop. I know this because that name name is an object in my and his language

  5. 34:53 Do you like Nickelback?
    They have a new song with little miss in the title 😀
    The new album is great.

  6. Tank that you cant get is your favorite. Thats pretty bad…

  7. Who does’nt love to be warm and cozy? and these 2 tanks will keep you plenty warm. xD

  8. Slavik Crusader96

    while watching this video, i manged to not only get ace tanker, but also top gun in the dreadful black prince…..

    and no, its not my fav tank, that goes to the IS-3-II

  9. Let me ask you honestly, how come your zoom is so small that you almost don’t miss even at a distance, I have the 140 and 430 u objects and they are quite well trained but they are nowhere near as precise as your 780, where am I going wrong, what should I do, what kind of equipment I should put it on the tank to be more precise.

  10. Good, I am not the only crazy person that loves this beast!!!!

  11. I am actually really depressed now.
    Fv 215b was just such a cool most favourite tank and now you replaced it :(.
    F for Fv 215b

  12. sergio alejandro rey puerta

    too expensive in its event, did not have enough to buy it but, it’s really good, I wish they could add it on store by gold, now i have resources to buy it

  13. My crew never dies in this vehicle. That should explain my consumable loadouts.

  14. 3 marked mine, super hard to with reward tank matchmaking

  15. .29 dispersion without improved aiming is mad

  16. Obj 780 is very lovely indeed

  17. @DezGamez why are you pronouncing B instead of P? “I want to blay”

  18. I bought one and i feel is a bit trash

    Armor it’s trollish as fuck

    You cant angle like soviet tank (sidescrap = ammo rack), so it’s like a frontal hull down heavy but!, have a stupid tumor at middle of the turret!

    Is like “Shoot me!, shoot me!”

    So, honestly it’s like a Soviet T-30 with a powerful sub stats at gun

    Hull down with -7 gun dep and covering your tumor using your gun; Have thick tracks to absorb few side shoots

    I will give another chance; For now i still in love with UDES 15 16

  19. it certainly is a very Sexy Tank

  20. The new tier 10 burning object xD

  21. t100lt’s godfather

  22. I have this piece of a shitty tank and i hate it.

  23. I like the looks of it, better with the 3d skin, but didn’t grab it at the time (even though I could afford it) simply because of the lack of CC reviews.

  24. well done winners i know the feeling winning 🙂

  25. The gun is definitely working since it is Russian so you can also go full w through the game but the armor is just not. 60TP and TDS can overmatch the turret and 310 gold goes straight through even in hull down and with 330 the whole tank is penetrable. For taller tanks, the cupola is an easy hit and you can’t even side scrape at all. One of the best for trolling t8-s but nothing more. For me it’s just frustrating to play with.
    -The only thing you can do is go in up front and hope they won’t load gold, or camp behind being mostly useless and snipe.
    -Getting yoloed every 5th game bc it is still rare followed by 2-casual 1v15 games to witch you do not have dpm.
    -With 2800 avg got 43% wr….. like fk off

  26. For some odd reason I do best in the crappy tanks also lol

  27. i forgot… what was the price for this tank?

  28. Yeah that’s awsome DEZ, that your new favorite tank is unavailable for all player who want to by it…tell me please how can I get it?

  29. Some of the cc said that it was trash like what they said Foch 155 was bad they turn out to be very good I enjoyed both of those tanks.

  30. Iam trying to pet obj 283 and get 3 moe

  31. For 100 million credits. It better be your favorite tank

  32. the crew can reduce 4% chance of fire only, i dont think it is sigificant.

  33. wtf Dezz…i mean all good…but you just creat tank envy

  34. Its not my fav i dont use it alot buuutt somehow when i do use it works really well always suprised of it and i love the look of the tank too

  35. 780 is a great support hv and the gun is pretty nice.

  36. TBH, I wish they buff the side armor weakspot and make it a good sidescrape tank.

  37. I managed to get this tank. I am not a very good player but I find myself choosing this tank if I want to play a tier t10 heavy. I choose this one over my 277 most of the time.

  38. Woooo hooo! I never win anything!
    Thank you so much Dez.
    Looking forward to your continued amazing content in 2023.

  39. 2 classic rigged games

  40. this game is all about money so for me this game is kind of sucks for me

  41. I was just in WOT and there is no Obj780 in my tech tree.

  42. Vz. 55 Is my new found love, been dominating with it last cpl days.

  43. legit this week i learned that it it also my new favorite tank, in 4 days ive gotten 200 battles averaging 3k in it and 600 assistance

  44. 780 is so underrated

  45. i really like the 780…

  46. Imagine 2013 Clanwar: best meta tank was fv215b because of his great gun and dpm …
    you can only join a top clan if you have a fv215b xD

  47. Dez, once I bought 780, and realized I almost put my 90% of resources, I thought it would be op, but after a month or so the tank was not so competitive in Tier 10s. After that, I just didn’t play with it. Now, this tank is one of my favourite as I started playing it again, as there are not so many 780s in a battle, one tank seems pretty op right now. It really has insane gun

  48. In my country we have saying for what you wanted to say Dez: It is like buying a rabbit in a bag. U never what is inside 🙂

  49. Thnx for these Nice matches Dez, love your content as always. Another OP paper mache/crayon Russian tank why am I not surprised haha. This game surely seems like Stalins wet dream most of the time… how many Russian fast heavies with bouncy as f armor does one game need? Arcade game for sure but “real” tanks are just not worth your our time an suffering..

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