My NEW FAVOURITE TANK in World of Tanks!

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I love many tanks in but the has STOLEN my heart and here’s why!



  1. I would agree. The char is probably my favorite also

  2. Amazing game !

  3. Sweet game!

  4. That’s your game of the year, QB. We’ll played!

  5. lol typical engelando player always lier u are top tier tank play tier10 so bad char best tank stb1

  6. Oh QB…really…..

  7. Wg scam promoter is back with more scams, get your cards out

  8. 1:08 WTF was that shot?! D:
    F*** me where’s that RNG when I don’t ask for it?!

  9. just admit , you work for them …………….

  10. I know for a fact you do……….SURPISE. and we all know you work for them.

  11. and skill4u ……I got u too.
    you work for that Putin guy .

  12. I agree char has got to be one of my favorite tanks just got my first mark on it a couple days ago love the tank and all the ways you can play it so fun and I even make money in it!

  13. From a Super Bowl add, to reality ………..I am dealing with Russian Clowns!

  14. It really is a wonderful vehicle, even for a fairly average f2p player like me. Good pen on standard rounds is something I always appreciate, and this tank can really well adapt to any map and any matchmaking.

  15. Wargaming your DONE.

  16. Master class is one of my favorite series; I’d like to see it on this tank. Great video.

  17. why does you tube allow this con man?

  18. Hey quickybaby, I have a video/replay of an intense game I had a while ago (I was trying to mark the 279(e)) and I had a really crazy and lucky end game. I wanted to see if you wanted to review it?

  19. “… just to make sure I’m not speaking out of my ASS.”
    What?! QB, I have NEVER heard you speak a swear word…!!! It’s not such a bad one, but you try so hard to not swear!
    I think is cool to hear it, honestly.. LMAO

  20. Would love to see more recommendations on how to spend our previous bonds.

  21. Been playing 9 years on/off. Where do I get this for my F2P account?

  22. Disillusioned Idealist

    wow great game…till the last seconds

  23. Ariliquin Ariliquin

    Maybe worth mentioning Batchat was nurfed way back, without the nerf it would be back in the Meta.

  24. Master Class Please!!

  25. Comet > Char Futur 4

  26. I’ve had more luck with the char playing as a TD the first part of the game, then running around and cleaning up.

  27. Bravo! QB the assassinator!

  28. I´m an average player and i have good games 80% of the time in this vehicle. I really love it.

  29. Why play actively when you can camp in the base, do nothing and get 46% winrate? It is the reason why I quit playing, but the difference is when I don’t play, I don’t join battles, unlike some “people” in this replay…

  30. I’m so happy that you like the Char Future 4. It is literally my favorite tank

  31. any tips on how to make credits? i barely have any to afford consumables at this point

  32. How can you get that skin?

  33. i found that the Arnie tank is becoming a favorite of mine…

  34. “6 deg is limited” – while I play tanks like WZ 120 with 3 deg 😢

  35. Great tank, but sometimes you are able to bounce a lot of shots, any other time you are just penetrating and farming like a madman, its well balanced tank strong and also Very vulnerable espeacialy heash rounds can literaly melt you Down in seconds. Dpm us horrible however this is the reason why char 4 isnt completely broken

  36. I also love my Char Futur! Is the ulyimate support vehicle. But i personally use Vents, Bounty stabilizer, and optics. The huge gun dispersion, and relatively low 380m VR is what really brings the tank down in my opinion.

    Also personal opinion, i don’t like styles. I love to mix paints, camos, and stickers to create my own 😆

  37. Frankly speaking, I still prefer Bchat over Char. I am a bchat player – 5k battles on Bchat only, a few hundred in clan wars. Crew with 7 skills. Bchat with full bond equipment. And it still works.
    Char is clumsy. This 4s intraclip… my jagttiger 8.8 reloads in 4.1s. Also aiming time is TERRIBLE. I can shoot on the run with bchat and still hit 3 of 5, with char aiming circle is so big that shots barely fit in the screen. You have to stop, aim, aim, aim, aim, like 5s to make sure you hit. Char is a tank for “hit and run”. It would be better with a normal gun, not this crappy autoloader.

  38. Absolutely love the Char Futur but I just cannot get it to work for me at 44% win rate.

  39. Love your videos QB.
    I just started playing again after a break of several years. I used to love playing the B-C 25t with over 3000 battles played, but now I feel it’s a bit sluggish and there are several maps I don’t feel I can make an impact.
    This Char Futur 4 sounds like the tank of my dreams. What are my options for getting this tank? I don’t really want to spend over 200€ in Christmas boxes…

  40. 2:29 Turret is moving out of nothing? hmmmm sus

  41. Drama, baby!

  42. I dont usually comment but the sheer mastery of your play there Quackybabs was amazing, the vision play, the map play and of course the accuracy of your shots… was amazing.

    Probably one of the best games ive ever seen you play.

  43. Is it just me or did a random 6 flash on the screen next to the minimap

  44. World of Tanks is dead….no one plays anymore and gameplay is so stale and boring

  45. This is the best psychological therapy tank in this game…

  46. I got in in battle pass. I’ve not used it much. Yes, do a master class.

  47. ill wait for the master class for this tank

  48. i play recently a lot with Char Futur, typically i am alone in the team but last night were mostly 2-3 in both teams. Now i know why….

  49. French tanks are just on top (cf4,bc 25 t,ebr,amx 50 b,bc 155 58,amx m4 54 ,amx 13 105 )
    I mean what do you need more

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