My New T95’s Damage Record in The Silliest Way in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of T95, The Doom Turtle Epic Action. World of Tanks T95 Gameplay, Tier 9 American Destroyer. The Best Armor in World of Tanks.

Today I am going to show you one quite a crazy battle with The Doom Turtle T95, tier 9 American destroyer. It turns out it is quite a tough nut to crack, specially in the battle you are going to see now. 🙂

Hold on to your hats, because it is going to be a WILD RIDE!


  1. This video is also part of the giveaway in October, so just leave a comment with your *server* and *username* and you have a chance to win 2,500 Gold!
    It was just premade before October about one of the silliest battles I had in T95… Btw, 2 days ago I was also able to finally 3-mark it! 🙂
    Have an absolutely fantastic weekend and stay tuned for A LOT more!

  2. Any chance on a motovlog, Dez? Been a while since Metin asked for one.
    NA Server

  3. If I have a bad time playing wot i just jump in t95 or other derp troll tank
    EU server
    Username: Pannoman

  4. Dez dont forget to thank the enemy team for their game plays. If I was that TVP i would have cocked it up too lol. GG

    Server: Eu
    User: Monty_fOx

  5. Gary #314159265358979323846

    I don’t think the T95 will ever become un-fun, because if it does there will be riots.
    Server: NA
    Username: Seargent_Joe

  6. T95 is still my highest XP game, and that was years ago when is was even slower. 2202xp on Ruinberg.

  7. Perfect team combo!

  8. Slowest and Fastest made the best team!

  9. T95 is great vehicle
    Eu server

  10. These are the sort of things that can make games great; just 2 random people keeping a cool head and coming together.
    How the turns have tabled.

    Server: Asia
    Username: The_creeper_killer25

  11. well worth watching – awesome team up !!

  12. I remember I had a similar situation (2v6) with my Grille 15 and the other in the WZ-120-1G-FT, and managed to pull off the win, they also developed the one-by-one syndrome so I could deal with one at a time.

  13. Noooiicceeee
    Eu server

  14. Surely the T95 is a monster but only with the big gun

    username: _olympus
    server: EU

  15. showing off the T95’s powercreep due to stupid additions to the game >_>

  16. the T95 is one of the best meme tanks in the game,i really like it’s appearance.I’m also planing to grinding and get this beast
    btw,well done dez for 3 marking this beast,also happy birthday!
    Username :5D07_

  17. Whatta crazy game…
    aLLaN8602/EU server

  18. Great. Ign: arthun. Server: asia

  19. If I win ur giveaway ,give my 500gold to that team player ebr…..
    Name: pdoggnz
    Server: ANZ

  20. good game dez!
    Banelings EU

  21. It is always nice to see a game where with a completely random player, you carry it with them. Doesn’t matter if its just you winning the game clutch at the end or on a flank thats heavily outnumbered. When I play with people like that it always brings a smile to my face.

    NA, Vermiswood

  22. EBR player has boss level patience.

  23. I remember T95 with 13km/h top speed and that was fun .. now its easy with 20km/h 😀 .. Anyway, it was always fun to play with it .

    username: athrey
    server EU

  24. Enemy team was making a lot of mistakes but still you have to make good plays even in those situations…bad players cant take advantage of the bad enemy team so still props to you for epic battle 😀


  25. I had T95 long time ago, now I have E3, but I am thinking of buying it back… shoyld I?

    Server: EU
    Name: Striker514

  26. Cg for 3-mark t95 and with these videos you post, i would like to play t95 too, so i will start new road to T110E3.
    Name: _Blacked

  27. Great battle, I almost every time play TD so, I want a battle like that.
    Eddie__75 (dubbel underscore)

  28. Nice play! Unfortunately I have my crew in E3 from T95 so I cannot take it for a round or two, however crew 2.0 will make it possible to use them in multiple tanks, I’m really looking forward to that!

    Server: EU
    Username: Zero_You

  29. I wish played that enemy team in my games 🙂
    Username: The_Invincible_Snorlax
    Server: Asia

  30. I’m surprised how long this battle took.. and watching T95 going up that hill with 5-8km/h makes a nerve on my left eye go wink-wink.


  31. I love the fear it instills. T95 is my love baby!

  32. This is one of The old Breed thats still golden.

  33. Several years ago I had somewhere around 18k bounce dmg. I did love this tank when battles haven’t been so fast.
    Nick Hubas_is_Funny
    Server EU

  34. LoLz … that’s one hell of a game

  35. Day 74 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  36. Cheers Dez…another great content cheers mate and keep up the good work.
    EU. Server

  37. 360 ooga booga

  38. Yo Dez, what spotting damage did that rockstar EBR get?
    Mickleblade EU

  39. 3x T30 with 46% winrates. I wonder why they can’t win battles? Maybe because they don’t even know the basics of the game. Humans learn, animals can learn, even plants react but after 16k battles, all they know is to sit infront of T95 one at a time.

  40. Drakoniukaz

  41. LUKE_3_1, EU server – such a lovely battle!

  42. T95 is my “The Go2” tank if all else fails 😁

  43. Jan-Luca Fürschbach

    Its a great tank, bad mobility and no turret makes it unattractive for me, but still a great tank.

    Server: EU
    Name: Kurt457

  44. Happy birthday Dez.
    IGN: AlexanderKarelin
    Server: EU

  45. Laslo Sentmartoni

    Just have fun

  46. That TVP kill shot was quite something.


  47. Saw this battle on Your stream and I remember Your reaction at the end of the battle…:)))

    EU, Kutsikas TDZK

  48. You are such a beast Dez!! GG and congrats to T95 3 mark and Happy early Birthday my man!!!

    Username: i0r15
    Server: EU

  49. Congratz on the 3rd mark ! I personnaly despise slow tanks, but I can see why people like T-95

    Name: adrixyz
    Server: EU

  50. Hey Dez, keep up the good videos!

    Username: 265kg_Magerquark
    Server: EU

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