My New Tank is The Best Tech Tree Tank | World of Tanks: The Object 430U

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks Object 430U (Объект 430У), Tier 10 Soviet Russian Medium Best Replays / Best Battles. The Best Medium Tank in World of Tanks.

Today I am going to do something what I haven’t done for a very time – I am going to buy myself a new tier 10 tank.
You might be surprised, but I do not have Object U in my garage, which is one of the best if not the best tech tree tanks there.

Let’s have some fun!


  1. First of all, thank you so much for all the birthday wishes, really appreciate the support, Beasts! <3
    About the episode... Finally got that Legendary Rusky tanku... Yep, it is not bad. 😛

  2. i usually report drowners if i got the tickets left

  3. Gvozden Čekićević

    Show me your hax Dez

  4. wink wink noodge noodge 😀

  5. Its a really good tank but seeing how you can still run around the map in 268 vs 4s solo sometimes let alone in platoon at least its not that broken lol. I wanna get the tank but I feel it will be nerfed by the time I get it anyway. Just going to try and get the 268 vs 4 instead since its great still and already had its “nerf”

  6. I bought 5A and it wasn’t as OP as when it first released. Guess I’m not used to Russian triangle hull gameplay. Maybe I should start to grind this tank.

  7. I have a similar mentality when it comes to tanks. 430U is just too easy and isn’t exciting enough. I know how good it is and I’ll probably have good games more often than not. I’d rather play more challenging tanks that test my skills

  8. gonna get one now….this will be my first Tier X!!

  9. Easy peasy

  10. Once more, no love for Chinese Tanks. *quietly suffers*

  11. Why play the most op broken choice in the game. Unsporting.

  12. Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

  13. Anyone know the name of the original song at the beginning of the vid? Please I’m dying to know

  14. Enemy Team: Oh Shit, DezGamez is in OBJ 430U. Drown yourselves we can’t win
    Dez: What is with them
    Enemy Team:’drowning noises’
    Dez: Well this kinda works for me
    Me: Content??????

  15. Dez How dare you play like a noob you must play super duper hyper turbo aggressively in Ruski Tenk I’m disappointed

  16. na chuj dla ciebie reklamy?

  17. Very balanced Russian tank,more dmg than heavy tanks:)

  18. What do you prefer dex? Obj 140 or obj 430 in all scenarios?

  19. Thrre is no Rashan bias in this game! LOOOOL

  20. I would love to use food on my 430U, but ruski tanks like fire. Haven’t caught fire as of yet but i have the auto just in case.

  21. My man playing with the AP
    You utter legend

  22. 13:22 Are we reallly going to ignore that ebr jumping over dez?

  23. tornike khojashvili

    I dislike this video not because of quality. I dislike becaous of with this tanck bamb fuzk like me can cat throgh half of enemies without sweating

  24. I bought this tank too, a week ago. It’s cool!

  25. Cant wait to get mine, this tank is made when you have a bad day at work, you come home pick it and just bully evryone who you meet, GG

  26. Shit game( Wot) shit tank

  27. Your whole video sums up how I felt when I got the obj 260 today, I finaly got it today and did 19 games in it, i avged 3952 dmg in 19 games with the thing and my very first game in my obj 260 was dmg record for my account: 9812 dmg, 6200 blocked, 2500 assistance and 8 kills,

  28. Thank you , Dez .

  29. Forbes Forbes Forbes

    G’day Dez. Yes for the overdoing it.  Are thos gentlemen Hungarians ?  (1st joke), and my second contribution is the term  ” PEDOFFSPRING “.

  30. This thing is more accurate than my M48 Patton… Hell it’s even more accurate than my stupid E50… It’s competing directly with a leopard accuracy wise but has the armor of a heavy…
    Simply stupid.

  31. This tank is like Defender, it felt OP in the beginning, but now nothing to fear… I see more T95/FV4201 on the field lol….

  32. Dez, you’re definitely the best player in WoT! Look at those results… 4 wins in a row… 15-4, 15-7, 15-3, 15-2… in less than 20 minutes! You’re the king!

  33. RASSHAAAA snapshot 180 degree turret turn for over 500 ah the obj 430U commonly used in CW aswell
    sadly they nerfed the obj 430 II to hell for me it was godlike before the changes but it didn’t had gun depression so it was balanced with that tier X turret at tier 9 medium tank with a weakspot of just 252 mm (on the cupola)

  34. It has been a long time we did ‘ot hear the “everybody get time for this” song haha

  35. 430u should be banned for expert player like u… 🙂

  36. I just sold it yesterday 🙁 obj 140 outclassess it in every aspect . Just my point of view

  37. Please explain to me why in this day’s score is 15-4,15-2

  38. I manage to research and buy tier 9 obj 430 because of the India twitch prime package that i receive from your stream the other day. As a free to play player, this helps A LOT! Thank you Dez and happy birthday once more.

  39. Dez, you should also buy Obj 277, as experienced player you will be also amazed with that one.

  40. I almost spit my coffee out when the “drowny counter” popped up.

  41. Love you’re new YouTube logo and you’re YouTube banner !

  42. *GW E100 actually crashed himself…no drowning…there IS a difference, u know… 😀 😀 😀

  43. One of the reasons that i quit playing

  44. Poor STALINIUM.. gets 1600dmg from AMX 50

  45. Daniel Zwierzynski

    You was lucky that frag on 14:35 don’t become unexpected friendly kill, 0.5 second window

  46. Dez makes ’em wet… news at 11.

  47. WG: Lower plate weakspot = B A L A N C E D

  48. this crap is overrated

  49. Russian tank hitting another russian tank~ nothing happened

  50. Mh i Dont understand this tank, i play better with obj 140, better with udes 15/16 better with Centurion AX, and also better with e50 M. I dont know i am no bad player but this gun trolls me a lot and armor feels like when I play it there is no Armor! I dont know, maybe a monday 430u what i got!

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