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  1. what pronouns are you?

  2. 2:56 Me speaking politically

  3. Bonesaw Maroonski

    Phly i really hate that you are making fun of pronouns… they are so important

  4. Hey phly I was wondering what set up u had or would recommend getting

  5. “YEEESSS NOOOOOO” basically the WT experience in a nutshell

  6. Sheev Palpatine

    “Because chinese don’t spawn in airplanes” well, their tree has been handicapped from the start by their shit-ass consultant, hence almost zilch CAS options. Fortunately he has been fired after a people power uprising in the forums

  7. go woke go broke, phly.

  8. FIRE ZE MIZZLES!! but im le tiiiired

  9. Chinese tankers don’t bring out aircrafts hahahhaha! I guess it’s just a tradition of us. Light infantry against everything.

  10. SPAA ⛔
    IFV ✓

  11. Beer_Gut_Boomer

    Lend lease gifted IRL to 🇺🇦.

    How many fit on a C17?

  12. The M163 is supposed to be amphibious why Gijin took that away is beyond me but it is amphibious

  13. The Useless Gang

    Hey Phly can you please do a video on the t26e1e1 it really slaps if played right

  14. Ladies and gents, I don’t think Phly will ever run out of video ideas for as long as we live 😂 with how many ideas we see posted a day

  15. Day 308: Of asking phly to play the dicker max because it’s 105 is basically cheating at is br and it can survive and they also moved it down to 3.7

  16. Does phly still stream on twitch?

  17. Your cheeky phly. Teaching everyone that “no armor is best armor”

    and then you use a gatling gun with AP shells.
    So that you can roll around and BURRT everything.


    My pronouns are HESH/HEAT.

  19. phly please play the panther 2 with a night vision that will be cool

  20. 4:05 the Chinese tankers are assigned their role by the CCP and should they falter from their duty they may be punished severely

  21. Are you going to try the starfighter ASA? Combines the good points if both Italian starfighters and puts them into one plane, the only top tier vehicle. Keep up the good work phly!

  22. IRL the M163 was Fully amphibious. A overly loud few people on WT forums screamed about how air grille curtain must be attached, however that was always stored on board M163. This is unlike ww2 vehicles where the amphibious gear was carried by other vehicles and was thrown away after crossing the water. The M163 had to manually prepare a few things even with crew outside of vehicle before entering water, however that is no different then BMP-1 or PT-79 which logically means those vehicles must also soon loose their amphibious abilities.

  23. i hope coffe guy watched this

  24. Gepard or wirbelwind?


  25. “change of plans we are not going to help our team mates.” the most war thunder line there is

  26. It was amphibious until the winds of change update sorry Phly

  27. I think the m163 was originally on the list of amphibious vehicles but they decided to remove it. Gaijin stuff, don’t ask me it’s a m113 chassis so ?!

  28. Yea just tried to float with mine earlier its broke for some reason

  29. 3:05
    Phly to Teammate: What’s your plan here?
    Every WT player ever: “Plan”?!

  30. Pronoun jokes are so funny hahahahahahaaaaaa

  31. General Mark Milley is Benedict Arnold of our time

    Youve regained my love. American values. Genocide marxists.

  32. Bruh…the Fire ze Missiles throwback though?! Great video Phly! I need to spade the M163

  33. can’t wait for ww3 and MAD

  34. “I identify as an attack helicopter” mfs when I identify as an m16 spaa and blow them out of the sky using my preferred pronouns (they/BRRRRRRRRRRT)

  35. Thank you so much i wanted this video for so long

  36. Oh, WOWSER!
    TankDaily using a clip from “AlbinoBlackSheep – End of the World” (2003)? What a blast from the past!

    Growing old “together” with ya brings such a happy little tear to my eye.
    Thank you, Steve, for everything.

  37. I love how phloppy whoppy has been using the sound of the A-10s gun over his naughty words but now he should use the one ingame

  38. Hiow can you move like that across the battlefield and not get shot like 100 times???

  39. =PGSC= JerryKing0518 a level55 player in BR11 cheater with aimbots 100% proof in replay met him before and the same gay-jiin is a fvckn cheater supporting russian scm company they fckn dont care cheateing or not, so go and download any cheater software you can get to make the game even for everyone

  40. Ilham Fajar Maulana

    This probably gonna sound like hate comment. But, I am having a hard time going to sleep. Your videos weirdly help me going to sleep quicker. Your voice in some way relaxes my mind. Thanks Mr.phly

  41. Can you play the MI 4AV

  42. “it wants to float, look at it. Huhllengha”

  43. Fun video

  44. Damn, that reference at 0:27.
    Feeling ancient, eh?

  45. Thank you Phloppy Whoppy Channel for entertaining me

  46. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt

  47. I expected to see a lot more outrage about the mention of pronouns, it’s nice that it’s not

  48. 2:20
    This is the sound every war thunder player makes in their head every time they sneak past an enemy XD

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