My strategy to winning WoT random battles

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Source: Zeven

My “brief” answer to an important question. How do you win?
Basically, be the to win any flank and learn how to pressure your opponent.


  1. Nice and helpfull clip! Nothing new in theory but nice to see it in
    battles…Cheers! :)

  2. Sean Vickery (Arrek)

    +Zeven Thanks for a very interesting video. Hopefully I will learn to think
    strategically eventually. I really like the large maps that come up for you
    (left-Ctrl). What mod are you using for those?

  3. Great video!

    Wasn’t that Ensk part repeated?

  4. tl:Dr look at mini map! ;)

  5. thank god for this video. hopefully someone will learn from this me

    but the amount of times I have seen 3 or 4 tier 10 heavies stacked on a
    corner scared to push around on a single tier 8 medium is ridiculous.
    just the other day I was the last tank alive in the Indien Panzer and the
    enemy had 2 e100 and and e5. and I won, not by me being good but because
    they were stupid. they didn’t just push, people are too afraid to take a
    single hit.

  6. Your videos are great. I’m thinking that if you retitle your replays a
    little to include some text on what’s in them, you’ll get more views.

  7. Xem Siege (garbusplz)

    I’ve had situations where I see a weakness on the map, but I feel like the
    tank I am in can’t properly react to the situation (e.g. I play British
    Heavies a lot and they are often too slow). Is the simple answer just to
    play a better tank or is it possible to rectify a situation by knowing very
    very well the strengths of the tank you’re playing?

  8. I just love your videos.

  9. Sebastian Potachka

    21:52 – Zeven is so OP, he can push IS-7s into walls with his T-54 mod. 1

  10. this is so much better than the “replay review’ shows…
    i am able to sit thru this.. and learn much more!

  11. Thanks for this excellent master class again.

  12. The title hahahahahah awesome.

  13. Great help mate 🙂 Subbed (thank reddit)

  14. Subbed, Thanks m880

  15. You sound similar to Julian Assange.

  16. Love this!!
    Can you share your opinions on both AW and WOT and which you prefer?

  17. Great video!

  18. yes…when MM put you in good team…but what to do with bots(comp
    players)??? Great video! Cheers!

  19. New drinking game…take a shot every time Zeven says “bully”!

  20. Hey, thanks for making this video. Blue/purple player here. You mention a
    couple times (eg @22:00) that you try to put yourself in situations where
    the enemy has to yolo you and take lots of damage from your team. My
    problem with that is that you are potentially sacrificing yourself at an
    early stage in the game, and this makes sense if everyone playing is of
    equal skill and your tank is less important than the tank that yolos you,
    however, I think you will agree you (as in purple player) are far more
    likely to win the game for your team late game if you are alive. No doubt
    you are keeping this in mind while you play but maybe it’s worth mentioning
    in another video? Thanks again for your informative videos!

  21. Mr. Zeven, you explain the game as if your teammates know what they’re
    doing, but most or some of them don’t sometimes lol.

  22. You don’t want to out kick your coverage…

    BTW, awesome video’s and thanks!!!

  23. Just want to let you know that I appreciate you sharing your knowledge of
    WOT! Applying the techniques that you share both here and on your stream
    help me improve my play, which makes WOT fun.

  24. This is it! If one wants to improve, he should watch this.

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