My take on 9.20

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  1. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    wellcome men!!!

  2. Love these videos. SirFoch keeps it clean, no bullshit, just all the information I want to know.

  3. They buff IS 7 and T110E5 got nerfed to shit….because…reasons….fucking rusian ugly hunks of iron…

  4. Redshire not being there is probably because of too much objects. Probably. Do remember they also HDify the maps, so despite the boost at redshire being common, I think (i only think) that they got too lazy and went on to fix other maps first. Indeed, its a weird oversight, but nothing surprising considering what WG has done in the past.

  5. Lol best acting ever 😀

  6. Sveiks Foch. Missed your honest reviews and comments. Next time you need to feel better about things, you can always catch a few episodes of Walking Dead.

  7. this is not the patch yet. next one will be. buffed Challenger I’m coming!
    Also: chinese TDs if you dont grind them – stay on tier IV (bloody amazing, grinding WN8 like a scout tank WTF) if you do, dont waste free XP getting best gun on tier V. this tank is shit no matter the upgrades

  8. Plz make a is it worth on wz 111 5A

  9. Guys to be honest i really like the 30vs 30 !

  10. Lol 😀 Loved the movie star intro. Good to have you back Sir.

  11. They need to remove the current MM implemented in 9.18. It is horrible. It killed the variety of matches and fun in the game.

  12. WG is chasing it’s own tail now… Games are way shorter than they were and more often one sided … Well they released unbalanced tanks, most of them premium ones, can’t nerf them so solution is to buff rest … and then other people complain this is worse than that, etc… normal thing… Balancing is not being nice to ALL and they sime to follow this path … then MM makes 2 teams with 3 defenders and 2 patriots in one and 3 tiger II and 110+IS3 on other .. in town map … and games tend to be even shorter … Meanwhile u can take WZ-111 you won in missions and go fck yourself trying to penn Defender with standard ammo and also fck yourself using premium (unless facing huge potato) .. damn … at the time I finish writing I’m wondering why I keep playing this game … damn…

  13. bc 25t still has the 105 right?

  14. Buff american turrets, buff russian turrets, buff american turrets. * sits in his e50 and leoPTA getting shot in his turret continuously*

  15. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    AMX 30B has the worst penetration out of all T10 mediums and almost all heavies and mehh accuracy, so I guess I’m a heat spamming shitter for no good reason according to this man.

  16. i´d rather watch a foch rant for one hour than play a single match of WoT.

  17. is7 cant contest Maus he says
    just watch i was full hp alone vs maus full hp alone (NOT hulldown pure 1v1 battle in the open)

  18. wg idiot

  19. you wanna know what i see in the removal of the ISU’s BL-10? i see it as a disgusting and despicable way for WG to get rid of one of the select elite few standard tier 8 guns that was a threat to VK100.01P’s and Obj-252U’s….so we can see MORE curb stomping by VK’s and 252U’s against equal or lower tier’s now that the big,bad grim reaper BL-10 is now gone…oh but wait! the ISU-152 with the BL-10 will return! now as a premium tier 8 TD! of course in 3 exciting new paint jobs! the putin edition, the Stalin edition, and of course, the black edition! all for the low,low price of 70 US dollars each!

  20. Ronin! Nice one!

  21. …but at least we got the m12 in hd which again everyone asked for….im dead

  22. Welcome back foch iv missed ur wargaming plan room impressions

  23. Pre update, my IS-7 (with a significant amount of APCR) was pretty fun. Post update, it became 6k dmg/game

  24. Poor heat spamers ???

  25. By far the best WoT youtuber

  26. Wow you cant be happy about anything.
    Sad really

  27. OMG Is it me or I missed him :DDDD

  28. Rip isu152
    Rhey removed the only reason people carred about this td

  29. Salt Samourai gets the prize!

  30. What I hate so much about WG’s balancing right now is that when they make something OP aka Maus, they refuse to go back on it for the most part and instead try to bring everything up to its level. However, with this patch all they did was buff the Soviet tanks and completely ignored the Chinese tanks, which are just copies of the Soviet tanks for the most part so you’d think they’d receive similar buffs. Nope… WZ-120 still has -3 gun depression and now the T-34-2 is definitely the worst tier 8 medium in the game no doubt. Completely ignored by JewGaming.


  32. First Order Stormtrooper

    what happened to the minor buffs to the Type 59 and T-34-3?

  33. Our lord and savior of WoT salt has returned!

  34. I simply don’t understand why they are making hd arty

  35. Foch should still get clicked badly for this intro.

  36. Foch saltier than the Dead Sea, and we love him for it <3

  37. I love the honesty and frankness! welcome back Foch! Keep ’em coming mate.

  38. Have you ever known WG to get it right after patching, they want to keep their jobs so they break something else.
    [Edit] I noticed a big decrease of income in Tier 6, 7 and 8 but there is no mention in the file at all. [Edit]

  39. How I missed him! His optimism and joyfull mood. Dont ever change, man! And f*uck WG, oc 🙂

  40. Apathetic Bystanders

    when the fuck will wg finally limit the ammount of tds in random battles

  41. I am also done with heat spamming players. There is no skill needed anymore. Only the 2 key

  42. Salt brothers! :’)

  43. Correct Grand battles are shitty. I unchecked them as well 🙂

  44. Welcome back foch! You are right. 30vs30 battle is horrible. Good only for td anf light tank if you camp bush.

  45. Ironically the 250mm underbelly of the Maus was historical.

  46. Fucking is7 man… I had 3k average dmg on it before the patch, i log in, i play, and my avg for those 10ish games is fucking 4-5 k …go fuck urself wg…

  47. What about PUBG?

  48. Glad to have you back, sir Foch! You have been missed.

  49. I seriously hope somebody has that shoop collage in wallpaper form

  50. Just quit this piece of shit game already!

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