My take on 9.21

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  1. My bathtub now has a ridiculously large gun! (S35 CA) and the STUG 3B a suspiciously large viewport(?) to the left of the gun mantlet I hope isn’t a weakpoint. Poor AT2 alas! Also Foch I got a T29, tier 3 USSR medium, to you probably a garage slot?

  2. You uploaded! Christmas miracles really are true 🙂 <3

  3. I’d love to see some gameplay footage of the AMX 65t.
    Also Foch, Your opinion on what gun would be better for the AMX M4 51? Is the 120mm flexible enough to give up the alpha trading power of the 130mm?

    • onebigfatguy Imo i would pick 130 just because its 130 and there is no downsides to it except 120 has better pen

      It is without question the worst fucking tier 8 barring the O-Ho. jesus h christ it goes slower than the T95 with not even half the effective frontal armor
      the gun depression goes to -8 but it doesnt mean shit because the gun is so high up on the vehicle

    • T-34-2 is worse. So much fucking worse.

  4. AMX 40 is the only tank without HD makeover now 🙁

  5. “Hello guys”?! :O

  6. Hidden bonud secret:
    You can finally filter and sell the emblems you have and not use for 10.000 silver each.
    I got 2 million creds last night for selling 200 lol

  7. I was expecting some rand but you kept it clean..

  8. Actually if you watch the 3d models on tank gg , the ATs 8, 7 and 15 have now less armor.
    Don’t know why they are throwing bullshit saying “increased hull armor” it’s not true.

    • Alexandru Rohozneanu

      Are you blind?AT15 big cupola (the left one) now has the 127 mm only on the center, the sides now go to 228.The small cupola(the right one) now is 240+ compared to 200+.The upper front plate now is 220+ compared to 200+, lower plate from 210+ to 250+
      AT 7 cupola from 105mm to 150+, the right gun port now is 206+ compared to 80+
      AT8 cupola from 110+ to 203, the left huge 80mm weak spot now is gone

    • lol did you at least went to the same site ? Wtf are you talking about ? Look at the live model for at7 for exemple you can see now it’s all green, before you were at least capable of bouncing few shots.
      It’s true the cupola are now a bit more difficult to pen, but you don’t even have to aim there, just fucken autoaim and it will go through the shit 204mm frontal armor.
      And don’t cal me blind ffs learn what respect means please.

    • You’re actually both kind of right. In point of fact, the AT 8 and Tortoise were buffed heavily and the AT 15 received mild buffs, while the AT 2 and AT 7 were drastically nerfed. Yeah, the cupolas on the AT 7 are better than they were, but the rest of the hull overall is much weaker, with fewer opportunities to bounce stuff due to shells striking the armour at awkward angles since the awkwardly angled parts are now thinner, rather than the tank being a consistent 200.

  9. ‘Hello guys’!!?
    Are you genderneutral now, Foch?

  10. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    Here’s my take on 9.21

    *_please pay $4.99 to upgrade your YouTube bronze package to view this comment_*

  11. AT-2 armor was NERFED, not buffed! Too bad…

  12. Karlo Mihalus Dianovski

    Game is revolving around gold ammo

  13. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    Infact Foch AT2 have the armour decreased every where, now is far more easy to pen all arround the sides and back is very easy even to tier 4 is possible. Frontaly is very hard to pen but the armour was decreased there too

  14. Please bring back the “hello ladies and mentalgen.”

  15. At2 was nerfed it is now completely dead

  16. A Badger in a coridor that i have to pass. No problem, doubble press the 2 key and say HALLOto my 420 HEAT pen on the JPZ E100. Really dont see where the problem with the Badger is 😛

    • Tier 8s do nothing to, tier 9s do nothing to it, tier tens with exception of gold rounds from other tds do nothing to it. There lies the problem.

    • well good luck, so many time a JPZ bounced…its heat round is a joke, hell it bounces ridiculous things like a light tank or some side armor, any memories of thoses glorious moment? sold mine 3 years ago never regret it!

  17. I suspect most did buy camo with silver vs gold before for WG to care to much about it at this point. So with the current change, I doubt WG will see much impact from it. Other then the flood of people buying paint on day one.

  18. 9.21… Everyone remember back at 9.9 when they were scared to name the next patch 10.0/ 1.0… The fact that this game is still “in beta”

    • The game has been out of beta for years now. The anniversaries we get takes the official release date.There are even Beta test tanks (the M4A2E4 for NA and EU servers and the KV-220 Beta Test for the RU server)

  19. The french tier 8 is garbage. The tier 9 is really powerful

  20. Net neutrality has already fucked us, Foch vid loaded poorly

    • You do realise that net neutrality is actually the good thing, that everyone wants, right?

    • Yes I do realise that, However now the good thing that everyone actually wants has been destroyed by the FCC agency.
      Today the Federal Consumer Commission (FCC) US voted to have Net Neutrality repealed. Youtube/Google is a US owned corporation.
      Leading me to wonder if Foch’s vids are loading slower than Jingles due to throttling.
      So really Ajit Pai (FCC Agency Chairman) has fucked us.

  21. *tortoise doesn’t have a frontal weakspot anymore…

  22. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    Wait, worse than the “premium tank”? As in worse than the steaming pile of shit Liberte? Holy fuck, WG outdid themselves.

  23. yay more tanks that you have to press 2 in order to pen, do I need a full fucking gold loadout or some shit now?!?!?

    • Алексей Сафронов

      Delimon007 what tanks? French heavies have weakspots and Badger might as well be goldproof, so no code 2 2 here, my dude.

  24. Some dude about to make his t26e5 into a makeshift patriot :/

  25. At15a no buffs 🙁

  26. I had a suspicion the new French Heavies would suck. So I didn’t bother rebuying and playing the Tier 7 for exp. grind. Until I saw more info. And looks like I did a good thing for once.

  27. No ladies and Mentalgen!

  28. foch i am going start chine heavy line.which tanks should i free xp after tier 6?

  29. I actually don’t mind the 65t, yes the hull is garbage and the turret inconsistent, but the 120 handles decently for a gun that big at that tier.

  30. Nice to hear a positive comment from you for a change.

  31. I think the suspension buff for the VK B was for the stock suspension, so that you no longer need to get it before the better turret and the best gun. Basically saving people 20k xp for the stock grind.

  32. bruh, as i heard you talking about the e-25, i bought an e-25 last year, got my ace, my highest XP and highest kill game, never really played it too much, this year my friend bought it, we played one game, got my first kolobanovs.
    don’t think i’ll play this tank ever again, it is just REALLY retarded -.-

  33. GG WG i free xp’ed to the t9 french because the 65t has no strengh at all. ( also used free xp for the turret because what s the point playing the mle 51 hull with a turret than t7 can pen with gold)

  34. am i drunk or is foch blabbering?

  35. General Gao's Chicken

    AT 2 was NERFED

  36. when he gets both of his arms amputated and get severe brain damage so he can blend in with the other arty players

  37. Please do a russian dub video as for the KV-13!

  38. Hope those changes hit the console version soon 🙂

  39. Still no chieftain.

    Kinda think they should have gone with the so called “Jagdchieftain”, basically a chieftain hull with a fixed casemate, they actually made a running mockup of it (converted chieftain hull fitted with a fake gun). I guess it falls under their “no smoothbore or composite armor” rules, though.

    Super Conqueror is a weird beast, its turret was considered a net downgrade due to giving up hunter killer capability. The add on hull armor wasn’t meant for combat, just a trial as a static target. The burster plates were also already in inventory for the ordinary conqueror.

    IMO the british heavy and medium lines should converge to a chieftain powered by a meteor, as it was explicitly meant to combine the mobility of the centurion with the gun of the conqueror.

    Action X should be moved to tier 9 in the export branch.

  40. They made the Churchill HC worse, IMO, reduced rof? It didn’t need a penetration buff, it penned things just fine. ?

  41. Meanwhile we people on the Asian server get it 1 week late, as well as the fact that we get even less time to do the holiday ops.

    Because fk you Asian people

  42. “hello guys”

  43. You nailed it Foch I am too lazy.

  44. Great stuff as always, ty

  45. *DECREASED hull armor on AT-2

  46. Hory shiet, 2 vids in a week? What magic is this?!

  47. The Type 61 “gun depresion nerf” over the back is not something intentional, but it happend because the whole gun/mantlet got lowered a bit when it came in HD model, you can check that on 🙂

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