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  1. a 100% aimbotcheater and radar cheater – ZTZ – Reverse _ plumage

  2. APS systems do work, the problem is that just like in game each module either has a very narrow field of effect OR you have an incoming threat detection system that takes longer to respond so is a lot less effective.

  3. Requesting since Sept 2018 please Phly. I-16 type 10. Fun, agile and deadly little fighter. Thank you

  4. Phly daddy in clutch with the upload

  5. Jonathan Sorensen

    Panzer 3 j1 please!!

  6. Phil fight us?!

  7. most armies arent gonna go for APS anymore, cause most tanks (all) use APFSDS instead of projectile, the only reason when APS would be used is if it was for Infantry (Maybe)

    • What are you talking about lmao. Ground and air launched missiles are a HUGE threat to modern tanks, any army worth mentioning is planning to deploy APS in the near future

  8. Long term project, make play lists for each year you have been streaming. I have a hard time finding content that I have not seen before.

  9. Im Broke AF: Day 2

  10. Does the T55AMD stop the fridge launcher round? British 183m?

  11. Maybe one day…
    If Putin doesn’t start WW3.

  12. Now that you have experienced the heli spam at 8.3 time to play the shturm S with he-vt atgm???

  13. This is basically m1a2 sep 3 confirmed

  14. They do work but they just defeat the purpose of the thanks… Infantry support

  15. of course the Russian company has to make Soviet tanks better

  16. Man, it feels amazing being able to destroy atgms before they kill you. Wish more tanks had this system, then I wouldn’t die by helicopters every game.

  17. Actually Israel uses trophy systems, they have over 1000 trophy systems in active use, they were proven very effective after 2014 Gaza war where no tanks were damaged by anti tank weaponry. USA also has these trophy systems. In 2021 Germany signed gov-to-gov agreement to supply trophy systems to the German military too. Also in 2021 UK announced they’ll be getting some too.

  18. I hear your pain man

  19. Day 413: Play the J7E or the Q5a

  20. This Tank is so Unrealistic, a Russian Tank with Depression? I mean come on Gaijin

  21. bruh was looking for the F-104 shirt that ever coming back…

  22. Phly knows the word dysphoria?

  23. I don’t know why but when you said “I am playing against 7.7’s.” I expected you to say “I am playing against 7 year olds”.

  24. 13:28 and spawncamping… great map design

  25. Depressions are my friend too Phly

  26. 8:35 Mostly yes.

    First it should be reminded that tanks do not face the most dangerous threat often. Tanks are an infantry’s worst nightmare and infantry is a tanks worst nightmare. That’s why weaker tanks can survive. They’re generally in the same environment as any infantry is in, just taller. Just like you don’t bring 3 Shermans to fight a StuG, you don’t find an AT gun to fight a tank. You have what you have. Armor is always better than nothing. Something I have to remind fellow players of in War Thunder is that armor is not invincibility, it is time. Time to aim, calm, time to hear more than just my heart, time to think about my next move, less blood twitching my mouse and trigger finger. More often than not in my KV-IE I die if I’m shot because 100mm is 100mm. It’s comparable to the front of a Sherman, just able to angle better than a Sherman. Most matches I survive not because I bounced or ate shots, not because I wasn’t penetrated, but because I wasn’t hit. I wasn’t hit because I was calm, because I was mobile, because I felt safe, because someone took too long picking where to shoot instead of blasting me center-mass.

    As The Chieftain went over in his recent video on the tank not being obsolete: To our knowledge Trophy has never failed to stop a projectile. He goes on to mention how limited the APS system ammunition is. 4-12 shots in specific arcs on a small vulnerable system. Some countries might not deem them worth the cost. He also gives some examples of a Challenger being hit 14 times by RPGs and 1 ATGM. It was back in action (in I think he said 6 hour). Another tank (unspecified) was hit 70 times by RPG. It continued fighting. It seemingly only took superficial damage. No APS can stop 70 shots. Not even close. The weapons tanks are being hit y are still not 100% up to date. Only in Ukraine do we see launcher designs younger than the tanks they’re shooting at.

  27. David Brandenburg

    russian make some of the most fucked up games in the world!. they make games that consistently cheat you. really getting tired of being hit with a fucking ricochet and have a single shot dead line my tank every fucking time, but the enemy don’t stop no matter how many times you hit them. and the damn m4 are so op its not even funny! and dude the marder can kill kv2’s no problem! they have a 75mm and a 76mm gun on them!

  28. why not fire the APHECBC lol, could have secured more kills with that shot.

  29. Because APS is expensive.

  30. anybody else noticec how clean his thumbnails are now

  31. Aps systems can be expensive and high maintanance
    Especially moving ones like on black Knight and Merkava mk4

  32. Why don’t they use this irl in Ukraine? More proof that Gaijin overestimates and models in broken mechanics on Russian vehicles.

  33. old m1 abrams had soft kill aps emmiters but the new m1a2c abrams is equipped with hard kill APS in addition to the soft kill aps, it is the israeli trophy that is mounted on merkava.

  34. Crazy that APS, I had no idea what you was talking about at the start ha

  35. 8:45 They do, those that can afford it.

    APS is quite expensive and difficult to produce if you cannot import utt

  36. Phly, try taking out a chopper with a smoke round 😛

  37. That AH-1G wingmate came in for a revenge 😀

  38. To answer your question, APS isn’t used in every nation or as heavily is because the systems are incredibly expensive, and power hungry on their tanks.

    The T-55AMD-1 with Arena APS costs more then the actual tank does. Which goes to show you most nations only using T-55s probably can’t afford it anyway.

  39. how do you actually adjust the range on sniper mode?

  40. You should really start doing combos again.

  41. did you seriously help thaat nazi “Z” bmp? 🙁 im so disappointed.

  42. Now if this type of stuff actually worked maybe the Russians could’ve gotten somewhere in Ukraine.

  43. From what ive read APS system have an 80-95% success rate depending on the projectile and which countries system is being used. Im pretty sure the isralies trophy system is the best. Althrough russias system is supposed to be even better i havent seen any videos or read anything to prove that.

  44. Monke see red marker, monke shoot

  45. Me listening to my favourite songs then seeing a new vid: good bye music hello phly

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