My Team Didn’t Show Up, But WUNDERBAR Did – War Thunder Gameplay

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Tanks Gameplay – Premium Wunderbar
Today in War Thunder we take out the it’s gooooooood

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  1. Nikolaj “Waskus” Nielsen

    Love this little tank. It rips stuff too shreds.

  2. It has really bad depression, sad little Sdkfz:(

  3. Play the il 28 and the zsu 23 4

  4. Yay! German SPAA spam

  5. what i feel mad at here, is the way that B is often understimed/overlooked
    peoples just kind of…never go for it?
    and that’s sad because when i goes for it, first it can give good suport
    fire to A, but most of the time, it can end in really epic actions
    like that time with my litle ha-go, i had just started te game since quite
    a long time and was a litle bit dusty even after a week, but yet i’ve
    holded 2 bt-7, and another tank comming down the hill after their cap of
    it, i literally ambushed them and they couldn’t do anything, one even tried
    to make a rush for me, but litle did he do when i shot his driver and
    transmission down and he literaly stoped right in front of me

    or there was that other time, with my litle chi-ha? i think it was(teh one
    with the ring rail ontop of it’s turret) i rushed up there, and for like 5
    minutes, i holded the fort against waves of ennemies, m2 medium, the other
    litle one, and even a damn m13 AA, the “japanese” killer, the poor guy made
    5 attempt at killing me, going for an hit and run tactics while i was in
    the cap defending it, the poor guy wasted all it’s ammo on me without doing
    anything critical shot, i loved that moment because it took those guy at
    least 6 tanks,2 artillery strike, and something like 30 shot? to take me
    down, and i even killed two guy with a well blindly placed pre-emptive arty
    strike XD

    i just wish i could upload those two replay XD

  6. you should say “mop up operation” it’s awesome to say

  7. Why the cut at 6:57? What happened?

  8. he was there ready and loaded to invade poland when anyone else did…..

  9. BARON, you play this game for living and you still don´t know that you can
    help repair only your squadmates (green name above tank) and not all
    teammates (blue name above tanks). I wouldn ´t correct you, but you are
    making same mistake like in every third video.

  10. xzekiel Rico Manikis

    Oh tits

  11. the ta-se is the samething

  12. It’s funny cause the whole game isn’t historically accurate, they changed
    alot of things like which tanks meet eachother in combat, for balancing
    purposes. War isn’t balanced in real life, you would be retarded not to
    want an advantage over your enemy.

  13. The Sd.Kfz 140/1 is f*cking hilarious. Never finished a game with less than
    6 kills in it.

  14. baron for fucks sake, you cant help repair anyone that isnt in your squad.
    how long have you been playing this game now? fucking hell man

  15. You should play with Boris Sound Mod, it’s supported by Gaijin :D

  16. Most definitely an MG-42. The MG-34 fires relatively slow and the MG barrel
    is more Rectangular than Round

  17. lemmington trains everywhere -_-

  18. I jst love how the last tankcrewman always just decides to keep sitting in
    the destroyed vehicle instead fighting very honourable for the emperor

  19. Baron, for the love of god, you can only help repair SQUAD mates. Not just
    any old teammate.

  20. Shame he wasnt in a Marder.

  21. Take the Sd.Kfz. 6/2 and Ju87 B-2 if you get more than 10 kills you finally
    get your Iron Cross pew-pew boom…… Gretings from Germany

  22. Baron kills me at 9:30, then I try to come back for revenge with Po-2 at
    11:20, and baron cuts out part of vid where I kill him with BT-7, at least
    I got revenge from the J7W1 vid where Baron killed me

  23. 2017: Baron still doesn’t know you can only repair a squad mate.

  24. At 5:23 you had an enemy on your left and you stayed in his view for quite
    a while and he didn’t shoot you. Damn, you’re lucky

  25. play the tiger p

  26. Oh Hey! I thought that was you in that one match! I’m JackValentine, the
    guy in the Ho-I at 8:50. Sorry for kill stealing there.

  27. That was my comment in the beginning of the video! I didn’t expect it to
    make it into a clip!

  28. the japanese crusader

  29. i was in this video!!!

  30. its an Mg42 for the Machine gun in that vehicle, you can tell by the fire
    rate the Mg34 has round about 800rpm where as the MG42 has 1200

  31. LV2?? You mean LVT

  32. love your videos keep it up Baron!

  33. WUTS DE AMOR M8?

  34. Cristian Bastidas (crixt)

    TA-SE tier 1 tank destroyer!!

  35. BAron plz tell about the shilka dose it has aim guide or not ?

  36. That tank is probably my fav tier 1 due to it being able to cut planes in

  37. communist set?

    T-10 and TU 4

  38. Baron, American Boat Combo! OS2U and the LVT, if you don’t get a kill in
    the OS2U (tank or plane), enjoy gulag komrade xaxaxa

  39. Bron play black prince

  40. Jack “Hetzer” O'Neill

    Ahh this brings back so many memories of the Pz. II DAK

  41. Native American Prince David

    Baron, for once in EVERYONE’S lives, make the team work! Help repair,
    provide cover fire for them when escaping! Defend the Top Tiers so that way
    your team can win!

  42. It’s 2017 still and Baron hasn’t figured out you can only help squad member
    repair. (Green Nametags If You Read This Baron)

  43. Play one of the SM 79 variants, preferably the romanian, nobody seems to
    ever play it

  44. When u kill a gunner of one tank facing two, shoot in the other and not the
    same!!! :o

  45. Hey, Baron! How about making some intense simulator/historical (whatever
    that mode called) battles footage? For variety sake or for change of pace?

  46. Is it just me or is one shoting bt-7’s and bt-5’s through the drivers hatch
    the most satisfying thing ever

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