My thoughts on NA patch 0.9.18

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Source: Zeven


  1. I looked forward to the changes to light tanks, until they nerfed them a few weeks ago. Now, after it’s implemented, I’m not impressed. They nerfed the most easily penetrated tanks with weak guns. That was a GREAT idea.

  2. This patch feels like a baked potato that they forgot to bake. In terms of lights, for example, there are wild inconsistencies in balancing, with a few tanks such as the T71 and LTTB getting buffs to offset the nerfs while others have been destroyed with no discernible rhyme or reason…

  3. #RipLightTanks

  4. In my opinion, i am happy with all the changes except the Arty and its stunning effect which i think they were fine the way they are, never had issues with them.

  5. Hyperuberrandomness

    The T71 is hands down the best tier 7 light tank… It keeps it’s burst, speed, and reload from being a “tier 8” and 390 view range, all you lose is pen.

  6. What do you mean rushed? They had all of these changes on the sandbox for a very long time, several iterations of test, then release. I think the arty stun is bloody retarded though.

  7. Zeven, I see you do not stream live so I hope you don’t mind me trolling a little. Streaming daily 9-11PM GMT+2 (Berlin Time) on YouTube! 🙂

  8. I played on na yesterday and no nerf to the tier 10 lights???

  9. Map size and build is the problem. That what takes away the role of light tank. Small maps with corridors limit what they can do. These new larger maps will give light tanks a role again.

  10. I ran into unerfed premium lights out there clubbing seals all day yesterday. Everyone who owned one realized they were not nerfed and went to town.

  11. I have to take a closer look and compare the stats to give my final opinion but it seems to me like they sucked a lot of life out of mid tiers light tanks (tiers 6 and 7). Light tanks kept me in this game while I was having a rough time grinding heavies. If I want to deal tons of damage and potentially carry the game I chose mediums, if I want to have fun, zipping around, doing drive-bys etc. I play light tanks. ELC, vk28, lttb, bulldog, 1375/t71, SP1C, t49 – each of these tanks had its own specialty and playstyle, that diversity made the class so fun to play. Patch 9.18 changed most of these tanks into clones – the only thing that differs is gun depression.
    I will try to do more in-depth comparison and type a feedback post on EU forums (not sure if I can post it on NA forums with my EU account?).

  12. E100 + 3 arty on enemy team = Permanently stunned and tracked if you even think about leaving cover.

  13. So they promote camping every more considering almost every match has an arty now.

  14. what was the music in the back ground?

  15. It was heavily tested on sandbox, the lights were fine at the end of that. Also you just can’t test on common test, no one play properly, people only play tier 10, everyone spams premium and everyone plays arty or the new lights. Common test is pointless, better to tune it on live with proper feedback.

    Stun IMO is fine, really not an issue and I much prefer it over the previous arty.

  16. You are so right about arty! I tried my mod 1 out for a few games and in one game I got hit by the same arty over and over (this is on ruinberg, the city map) and before my consumables had even renewed my ammorack had gone twice my gunner died my tracks were off driver and loaded dead. The game only lasted 4 mins! I despise the new arty changes ( oh and by the way literally ZERO of the hits from the GW panther were direct. All splashes) this happened in multiple games. XVM is also another problem that needs fixing. MUST SHOOT PURPLE

  17. They fucked up with the LT changes, plain and simple.

  18. And they’ve devalued Epic medals. Killed two arty – Pascuccis. Kill 3 arty – Burdas medal. Oh you killed 4 arty back in the day. Sucks for you. That medal is now commonplace. Killed two tanks who were one tier higher than me in my light tank and got an epic medal. Really? They’ve devalued quite a few of these medals and I’m not sure exactly why. There’s no reason why they couldn’t have just no longer awarded medals like the Burdas due to the MM changes. No need to render past epic achievements moot.

  19. can you fix your mic?

  20. I have to agree. I was surprised to see the patch so soon, and it does feel rushed. Stay tuned for the next “quick” update. Thanks Zeven!

  21. Unfortunately, Zeven has forgotten that these changes went through three full iterations (over nearly two straight months) of testing on Sandbox. By the time it hit Common Test, they were just looking to see if they needed to make any final tweaks.

    The light tank nerf outcry is head scratching to me. The truth is that in actual games LT’s were outperforming mediums in nearly every category, both on Sandbox and once they moved them to Common Test. Play with spreadsheets and paper numbers all you want to, but real live game results showed something about their combination of mobility, stealth, vision, and firepower was a secret sauce of meta that needed to be put in check somehow.

    There will still need to be some individual vehicle balancing (especially for the premium light tanks, which are now straight up overpowered), but overall this is a big step towards not only correcting some flaws in the game but also introducing some fun new stuff as well.

  22. I like the arty change as I now do more damage per game than before even though my alpha has been reduced because of the accuracy buff.  Taking ap away is fair with the accuracy increase.  I can still take half the health of a teir ten if I pen with HE in my T92.

  23. Thanks for your calm, reasoned analysis. I agree they dumped too much too fast and without thorough vetting.

    The state of lights and arty indicates poor decision-making on the part of WG execs, poor communication between departments, or both.

  24. Could you influence WG to allow 1 player in a platoon to play arty? restricting 2 or 3 man arty toons is reasonable to counter the rampaging heavies. if this is a “rushed” patch then WG would listen to influenced members of the community.

  25. I don’t like the way they are doing this! Are we just Guinea Pigs? I guess we are.  That’s how they regard us.  I think they are using us!!  We are the smaller server, and they are rolling out “Too Many Changes Here”  The NA server now feels more like A TEST SERVER NOW at the moment.  Hell, we should get compensated for testing at this stage?  We are doing the work for Wargaming? We are getting short changed, and they are seeing how far they can push something on us is what they are doing, instead of listening to what we want.  Way to go Victor Kisyli, though you said you would start listening to us?

  26. Alexander Agustine

    MM is not working well. Yesterday, I played for 3 hours with my T8 premiums only and only once did I have a tier 8 game. My Scorp G was at the bottom tank the entire time, my WIN went down from 61% to 59%. Same with my defender, mostly tier 10 and a lot of 9s. Only my Jt88 was a top tier out of like 20 games !!!! I only made 250k credit in 3 hours !
    Also arty now targets tanks that they can do more dmg instead of hitting heavy tanks in the open. The army would wait for my T50 to hit as i poked instead of hitting the Type 5 next to me in the open.

  27. How does new MM works? Cause it’s quite clear what they advertise, but if distribution of players among the tiers is the same, it will remain more or less same. Likely by introducing more two tier or one tier battles. Which are strange cause maps may be sort of clogged
    Regarding to light tanks, my problem is that for example american meds have good view range and commander + radio man. On most light tanks you can’t train recon and situational awereness at the same time, so you very likely end with something that has inferior view range. And best joke – many if not the most of mediums have better camo when they are stationary than light tanks.
    And I sort of like arty nerf, but it will make top tier maus invincible. Even tier 9 mediums can’t pen it with golds from the side at distance, which is bullshit.

  28. MM – awesome!
    Map rotation ( you forgot to mention): AWESOME!
    Light Tanks: no thanks! After the nerf, no reason to get them yet.
    Arty: ppl saying it is more a support role, NO! First battle with M50/53: 3k Damage and 2.7k Stun damage – Ace Tanker – GG!!!
    Consumables: keep forgeting to reuse them in the match, lol
    Your videos: still the best!

  29. For the most part I’m mixed on the update (from a mid-tier light tank perspective). Some tanks like the T21 actually got a little better. Others like the Type 64 were unchanged but benefit from the new matchmaker by not having to face Tier IX tanks anymore. Some like the Chaffee have been nerfed a bit, are still playable, but definitely impaired from where they were before. The new MM might make those nerfs tolerable, we’ll see. Finally there are one or two, like the AMX ELC, that have been rendered essentially useless due to the nerfs.

  30. James Bigglesworth

    So not enough people tested it… and then they roll with it. Ok.
    How about they make it worth while for people to get on the test server and they will get enough data for good results?
    How do they do that?
    Every credit earned on the test server is “payed” to your live server account.
    Every xp earned on the test server is transfered to your live server account as free xp.
    Try it for one patch and see how ,many people play

  31. All interesting points that I tend to agree with though there is one aspect of the “Medium can do the job of a Scout” argument that I think is a blind spot for elite players; folks like you are going to conserve your hit points and are probably not going to go for the early spots which all thoughtful players think are imortannt. Only the committed scout drivers are going to do that. There has to be a recognition that a different attitude is in play.

  32. Another thing about the revamped scouts is that they serve MM not the other way around. The point of the new MM is not too cater to elite players, it’s not to cater to arty enthusiasts, it’s not to cater to those of us masochists who put up with the old scout MM; it’s an effort to keep players who give up in Tiers IV-VI in the game.

  33. What if I’m only at tier 5?

  34. Kolohousenka FTW! 😉

  35. I do not know whether light tank debuff does make sense or not, but I think the reason behind pushing them to a live server as they are now is because the new MM needs all the tank classes ranging to T10. And as you said, new MM needs regularly playing masses to be tested properly.

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