My thoughts on Sandbox second iteration

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Source: TheFochYou

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  1. best review of the sandbox till today:D

  2. I cant believe this shit ok then so that means 650m art 112 penn is reduced
    to 0….now that would be a great idea +nerf its alfa if ur nerfing the

  3. Thx Foch for hitting the Point. U can´t say it enough, how much Bullshit
    this is, what they try to test.
    Who the fuck asked for doing this changes/nerfs? It was clearly not a Guy
    who ever played this Game.
    Just no words

  4. Let’s say you are in your backyard. You want to dig a hole in the ground
    for a small rectangular pond (2×2 meters, 50 cm high) but you only have one
    teaspoon nearby. You can use the teaspoon to dig the ground but it’s
    basically a waste of time and energy.
    What do you think Wargaming solution is? They would possibly searching for
    another tea spoon or making a machine powered by water stream/solar
    panel/whatever with a tea spoon at the end of it in order to dig the ground
    automatically using the same exact tea spoon, instead of using a f**king
    shovel right inside their house and expect to finish it in just a couple

    Does WG’s testing department or the research department or whatever know
    what they’re doing? Can’t they get a feedback data from each WoT client
    like Google, Microsoft, Apple and basically the rest of tech companies do
    without our permission nowadays? You know, just to get a picture a graph or
    some other shit to see what was actually happening?

    There are lots of talented, creative people with great analytical skills to
    hire WG! Discard whoever in charge of the sandbox thingy, open a job
    vacation, then hire someone more competent. I thought the sandbox server
    was supposed to be a place to test experimental changes to *FIX* some
    problems and not a place to see the effect of T-54 with a 10 shells
    autoloader, 400mm base pen, 700 damage per shot, 1 second reload, 10
    seconds drum reload, 0.5 seconds aim and zero dispersion would do in the

  5. sounds like the heavy tank whiner sandbox.

  6. they are confusing being OP 1vs1 to being OP in carrying games.

  7. So feakin’ true!

  8. davai blyatzzzzzzzzzzz xD

  9. “Lets work towards making the game better, together” sure you stupid
    subhuman shit lords MingFuckingLee

  10. The penetration mechanics change would probably stop artillery from firing
    AP, but honestly, an AP nerf on artillery would have been simpler

  11. “To balance these underpowered heavies” – W.G on T57, 50b, T110E5,
    Kranv…. Yep, W.G has officially going fucking brain dead.

  12. Easy ammo changes in my opinion for gold rounds. -APCR: extra 10mm of pen
    and still maintains very fast shell velocity. -HEAT extra 15mm of pen and
    does not lose pen over distance. The one thing I do agree with though is
    nerfing alpha damage of tds. DPM is much more skill oriented vs. Sitting in
    the shrubs with your jaggyroo and shitting on people for 1k damage.

  13. Thanks for telling it like it is Foch, god damn somebody has to

  14. You are hilarious, I literally laughed out loud the whole game. Wargaming
    is a bunch of morons. Of course all of their “fixing” is focused on
    everything but arty, fucking morons.

  15. buff the e5 ahahahahaha

  16. Preach on, Sir Foch. You crazy bastard. Love you

  17. m8 that was perfect comment about this stupid changes…

  18. Sorry, but the title is already funny as hell. GG Foch

  19. Good luck in your Jagdpanzer E100 getting close to the enemy (because of
    pen drop-off) and then miss your shot (because of dispertion nerf), taking
    your last shot, hitting and then get lower alpha before dying.

  20. E5 = 100 times better than E-100

  21. The real problem is the premium ammo…. I already stopped playing this
    game because theres way too much RNG, more like FNG(fixed number gen). But
    if they nerf accuracy, then theres pretty much no fucking way in hell I’ll
    ever play wot again.

  22. t57, e5, Kranvagan underpowered. haha lamo. Best joke so far this year!

  23. “This then forces you to load gold” Got that right

  24. totally agree

  25. As a mainly HT driver (although I’ve been away for some while), I really
    don’t like the accuracy changes proposed. Accuracy is already questionable
    enough as things are, regardless of what the gun is mounted to. If they
    really wanted to better define the advantages of good accuracy, then they
    should just adjust the mechanics to make accuracy scale more noticeably!
    This just nerfs everything, whether they rely on accuracy or not! Not to
    mention that ranged fighting is in a terrible state, meaning that tanks
    that aren’t meant for brawling (or, in other words, aren’t IS-3s) are
    desperately struggling to keep their relevance. Combined that with the poor
    variety of terrain available in most maps and the fact that brawlers are
    immensely favored on most of them, and the problem very quickly becomes
    apparent. Moreover, this means there’s less room for support tanks and
    defensive tanks to participate in the action, meaning that they lose their
    relevance as well. It’s a shit show.

    Then the damage nerfs. Let me see… No. Just no. That’s my answer.
    Seriously, if I see another TD nerf, I’m actually going to vomit out my
    intestines. What’s wrong with this? Besides everything? First of all, the
    buff for 120mm guns is totally uncalled for; it just doesn’t make sense.
    122mm guns below tier 9 all do around 390 alpha. This jumps by 50 points at
    tier 9 to 440. 120mm guns, as they appear throughout the game, have
    exclusively 400, but are also of around the same performance level. Not
    only that, but the 120mm guns tend to be, across the board, better than
    their 122mm counterparts in every regard EXCEPT alpha. Changing this would
    remove the only advantage offered by an already struggling caliber and the
    struggling tanks they’re mounted on (ie. IS-4). And as to the closeness to
    the damage dealt by 105mm guns, I’ve always been able to buy that the
    improvements to gun and shell design were the source of the extra damage.
    Sure, it seems like they should be a bit lower, maybe 350 or 370, but that
    is no reason whatsoever to buff the damage of 120mm guns! And, as to the
    alpha nerfs to the Death Star and Jageru, well, I just don’t have words. I
    mean, yes, they do outperform other tier ten TDs, like the 268 and the Foch
    155, that’s just because those are heaping mounds of shit!

    The penetration changes are… Dubious. If premium ammo sees a penetration
    reduction, much like I believe the first Sandbox attempted, then I don’t
    really see a huge problem, but I don’t see a huge point, either. It could
    pretty heavily benefit tanks like the Tiger II and the AT series, tanks
    that rely on range to make their armor work, but I don’t see much else
    worth noting. However, as to the intended purpose, to promote closer
    engagement ranges, well… let’s just say I don’t approve. As I mentioned
    earlier, close-quarters fighting benefits only a select few kinds of tanks
    and deficits most of the rest.

    Brawlers and Assaults dominate, while Close-support tanks have trouble
    finding room to help them. Defensive tanks can try occupying appropriate
    positions, but they’ll generally either be totally unnecessary or get
    overrun by a massive rush if the enemy does break through, and, as a
    result, are generally forced to play pretend-brawler. Harassers and
    Flankers don’t have anywhere near enough room to operate, and even if they
    did, the enemy team wouldn’t be spread-out enough for them to function
    thanks to both the map design and meta. There’s nowhere near enough
    concealment for Scouts, forcing tanks that would normally fill that role to
    do something else, and Snipers are likewise damned. In fact, anything
    relying on ranged combat or ranged support is basically fucked outright.

    This is all a result of changes to mechanics and map design intended to
    promote close-ranged engagements. WG should be trying to promote medium and
    long range engagements, not close-ranged ones! I’m not saying the game
    should be a total campfest, but a brawling-centric environment isn’t any
    healthier! What’s needed is a balance of all ranges and all roles, both of
    which are mutually dependent. You can’t have any more of one than you do of
    the other. And, without either, the game just goes to shit. There’s my
    two-cents in.

  26. This doesn’t address the common ghost shells that magically disappear to
    the 10th dimension for no apparent reason.

  27. Angry Archaeologist

    WG are clearly drunk. The net effect of these changes will be to buff
    Soviet heavies with their ridiculous, magical armour, and to seriously nerf
    tanks that have only middling/half-decent penetration and rely on
    maintaining a safe distance from those same Soviet heavies — i.e. tanks
    like Leopards, AMX 30s and Centurions, especially ones with APCR standard.
    So WG have invented a fake problem to fix, and devised a cancerous,
    non-solution to that non-existent problem. Speaking of cancer, the geniuses
    running the Sandbox Server should be concentrating first and foremost on
    fixing artillery… you know, that problem that pretty much everyone agrees
    is the most broken thing about the game.

  28. love how they don’t have fv 215b as an underpowered heavy

  29. It’s only January and WG already cracks a joke
    “overpowered JPE100”
    “underpowered E5, T57 and all the autoloaders”

  30. ladies and mentalgen

  31. Another change that is essentially nerfing good players or players who
    bother learning weak spots. Just as the hits received directional
    indicators were a nerf to players who actually try to use camo and spotting

  32. JPE100 alpha nerf, e5 armor and alpha buff. WORKING AS INTENDED COMRADE

    this is based purely off the inability of shitlords to know anything about
    hot to effectiely use armor and cover, and their tendencies to gravitate
    towards big aplha tanks because their simple minds are pleased by big
    numbers. slowly killing off the good players with shit like this, its just
    autistic…. the most active players who spend the most money will rage
    from WOT.

  33. @TheFochYou Fucking Awesome 🙂 i love the way to tell it as it is compared
    too some of the Brown nose Bitches LOL

  34. I haven’t laughed this hard in a while.

  35. I love this guy

  36. hehe

  37. Lovely, just lovely.. relapsed back stupid game to the game after noren
    than an year to find this… lovely stuff

  38. Overall all this changes are bad the game have already enough RNG so WG we
    need less RNG and more accurate guns and mostly important balance arty to
    not 1 shot tanks.

  39. Everyone please share this video to as many people you know who play WoT.
    We need to spread the message to everyone so everyone realizes how retarded
    WG is…
    Foch deserves it for his honesty!

  40. ine the meantime on Qucikbaby’s channel: “Hello guys, today we have some
    nice changes on sandbox! Good changes from good people in Wargaming!”

  41. I’m so glad I quit this game in 2015. I mean it was already dying because
    of bad design decisions back then.

  42. I think they should just add kv 2 autoloader with .25 accuracy

  43. Hahahah… Good to hear that Foch don’t agree with WG about this one,
    hehe.. If this hit live server many ppl gonna quit this crappy game. Just
    glad I’m done with this game and at least I did not spend to many money and
    uninstall this game.

    Keep em up Foch! Good to hear someone telling the truth about this pay to
    win game.

  44. Lol. Fc standing ovation man

  45. They should sandbox reduced RNG….

  46. Gj, 50000 Subs!!!! or 49969, but 69 is better than 00.

  47. How out of touch is wargaming with this game? i never facepalmed so hard in
    my life

  48. I also almost miss the D when I make a sandbox video thumbnail LOL

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