My top 5 Tier 8 premiums

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 90 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. I liked this video, very useful for me as I am soon going to buy my 1st
    tier 8 premium (probably the ravioli)

  2. Prius best tenk

  3. I disagree with the Patriot, cause: Evety 2nd battle is a Tier X, so you
    are a medium piece of shit. Frontal hull armor is weak, no problem for
    >175mm pen guns. Every 2nd frontal shot is ammorack, every 2nd to 3rd
    behind will set you on fire. Arty is gonna take at least half your health
    and set you on fire. I have 4 Tier 8 premiums but this one is -300wn8 of my
    average, the other 3 are 100-300 above my avg. But I am just a 1600/1800
    wn8 noob, maybe thats why patriot sucks for me.

  4. You sbhould make useles top 5 vids like, top 5 biggest trees in wot.

  5. personally, I love my fv4202 (p). although it’s hull armor is weak, the
    turret is godlike for Ridgelines. good gun depression and turret armor.
    I’ve had games were I’ve bounced over 3k damage just from my turret.
    Another awesome thing about this tanks is has killer pen and damage.
    although it’s difficult to get used to, it’s definitely a fun tank.

  6. That intro is awesome :D

  7. FOCHHH plz plz plz do a Q&A video, I’ve been subbed for 3 years and u STILL

  8. Great topic, and would love to see more of the same. Also always enjoy your
    ‘is it worth it’ videos. Great work. Thank you

  9. Not sure why i was expecting to see the Panther 88 in this list, but i was.
    In game, the gun handling feels better than the STA-2, it has great dpm,
    and the sideskirts can be troll against tanks firing HEAT. But the mobility
    and awkward gun depression kind of hold it back i guess. Definitely agree
    with what you said about the Ravioli though. But you forgot to mention that
    it makes crazy money, being that it does as much damage as an IS-3 but the
    shells are only about 580 credits each.

  10. The Patriot doesn’t shit all over people when it’s top-tier and I’m playing
    it. :(

  11. we want a picture of you for 50k subs

  12. i love the new intro 😀
    die arty die

  13. I was thinking today about buying that Ravioli…might get it now…

  14. ‘Best of’ is cool, but we really need to get dat E5 review. :)

  15. this style of video fits in well with your usual line up. Love to see
    more……. and I NEVER get tired of your ‘tell it like it is’ style of
    presentation. All the best to you.

  16. Overall ok list, but Ravioli over Chinese Op tonks?

  17. More top 5’s!

  18. now that’s an into

  19. and what about Lowe? after last buff I really enjoy playing it.

  20. Love the intro <3

  21. much better intro :D

  22. The top 5 are all relatively new… need to keep buying to keep up.

  23. Love the vids bro , your hillarious , keep up the good work!

  24. Nice job getting that arty team kill in there LUL (2:57)

  25. I personally would have the skopion g and lib swap places. The skorpion g
    can still score well in a tier 10 where some of the others struggle.

  26. Vittamar “Fasuth” Akbin

    you get to the point as always, thank you for not wasting my time with
    unnecessary creation of tension

  27. So many videos SirFoch, WOW!!!
    Loving all of them

  28. That intro is downright pornographic.

  29. Like the video and the top 5 format. I have grown to like the T-34-3
    actually quite a bit too but I don’t have the Ravioli or the STA so I
    probably just don’t know any better.

  30. i like, short and sweet.

  31. congrats on 50k subs you lazy latvian

  32. Foch , are you still using shadowplay? Because 1440p doesn’t look as good
    anymore as it used to. If you didn’t change to Shadowplay since a couple of
    videos ago, I must be imagining it.

  33. How do you rate the Korean Patton v. the STA-2? I like the new buffed
    mantlet on the Korean Patton that gives you that decent amount of
    forgiveness along with the decent mobility and outstanding gun handling.

  34. I really love the T-34-3 and the Pz 58 Mutz but they were in the process of
    getting power creeped by all of these vehicles.

  35. credit making(crew training too kinda) should be a rather large factor when
    making a premium rank 5-1 list

  36. Mike Pegg (Pegguins)

    I know you dislike lights, but I think that you have to include the
    blackdog in top 5 premiums or atleast give it an honorable mention. Its an
    incredible tank that can make absolute bank, farm WN8 and get easy mode
    wins assuming you’re not the typical suicide charging tomato light driver.

  37. Damn, I just bought 112 yesterday 😀
    It’s a fun tank, don’t get me wrong. I have yet to lose a game or die in
    it. It’s very sturdy, but it only makes around 30k on average without
    premium account. It’s ammo is quite expensive.

  38. the liberte puts my tiger 2 to shame and theres no buff to it even though
    all the other tanks get one.

  39. Good list but would also like to hear what you think about each with
    respect to credit earning potential and it would be really cool to get a
    top 5 crappiest tier 8 premiums….. though it might be too hard to
    actually pick them considering how many are bad.

  40. Haha, I own a patriot (without paint) as well as a Cromwell b as my two
    prem tanks. So basically, I don’t need any more

  41. Rank 3 no no no, i have it and i hate this tank.

    My list
    2. Clown Tank
    3. Scorpion G
    4. Korea patton
    5. 112 after the buff its amazing.

  42. Best intro NA , EU , RU , SEA .

  43. How about top 5 creditmakers? :)

  44. Surprised a bit mother Russia’s IS-2 did not make it on your list.
    Otherwise all good Foch :)

  45. as if foch cares about how i wld set up my list of top premium tanks in the
    game ….
    but i think it is cute that he is pretending xD

  46. Give us more top 5s!!!! Top 5 arty fails or something similar, as we see
    you have some arty footage… God strike me down for my sins!!!

  47. more of thisvfoch. its a jungle of premium tanks, always Nice to see them
    stacked against eack other. glad to see that i chode the right tank to buy
    ( patriot). how do u consider the cdc VS the sta2?. Is it the huge size and
    no armor that does it? gun handling? i like my cdc but it is soo shitty
    against lower tiers. u need to be very awake when playing it… yolo mofos
    and arty will ruin ur game..

  48. great video, ofc it was as I expected, none of the older premiums got on
    the list, power creep at it’s finest. So how about the worst 5 tier 8
    premiums at this time or a list of 5 premiums that need buffs the most with
    your suggestions @TheFochYou

    Keep up the good work!

  49. Löwe is quite nice to play now since the buffs. It’s no AMX M4 49, but the
    armor actually works now and it can actually keep up with a push! Night and
    day difference. Most improved tank 2016.

  50. thumbs up just for the intro of cancer dying!

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