My World of Tanks Settings!

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Source: SirCircon


  1. Got a ”regular” video comming up later today. A lot of people keep asking for this, so here you go! 🙂

  2. I am early

    So what?

  3. thankyou,dude

  4. This was really useful for a noob like me. Thank you! 🙂

  5. Kiwi Chris Harris ftw

    where did that Strv come from ?! 😀

    But more important…since when does the leo 1 bounce anything at all XD

  6. Colorblind settings helps me because when i play vs a full enemy push in cw or advances or war games now, its easy to overestimate the amount of enemies because the red is very intimmidating when you see 10-15 red bars and names comming at you at full speed so sometimes i panic a little. Purple is a softer color, and in e sports i ALWAYS replace any red or green color by purple and blue, because it helps you focus. After 1-2 hours, your brain will get used to green and red, because those are 2 prim colors but violot has all 3 of the prim colors so your uncouncioussness switches between the color you see. This means you can focus on it for however long you need to. Blue-green or blue-purple-ish helps aswell because its still 2 diff colors in 1, helping you focus on it easier, altho not as good as on violet purple, but you need a color difference to see where your enemies and teammates are in 1 quick view or flick. For the aim, i advise you use the 15 and 25x scope but when you use it, press shift as you fire and dont aim for more then 5 sec. You absolutely want to prevent yourself from tunnel visioning. Make sure you check the map, locations around you and positions that become available troughout the match in between reloads. This is very important.

  7. *FIST*

    for my boss

  8. Zoom out should be considered as a cheat

  9. That zoomout mod should either be implemented in game or forbiden.

  10. Thank you for your great guide, it is very useful even for 51K battles 2500+ WN biatch like me.
    FijneDag from Czech Rep. “__Taz_”

  11. Nice rundown, some interesting insights. The reasons for your low zoom settings made me lol. 😛

    Quick point for anyone interested in smoother display on regular tvs/monitors, but without the input lag of vsync—the game has enough opengl support for triple buffering to function without vsync enabled, meaning it acts like a software version of gsync or freesync, quick response but no tearing. So turn on triple buffering but leave vsync off, if you like the sound of that~

  12. For enemys I use of course the HP bar but for friendly tanks I use percentage. Because I think it’s good to see how long they are going to support/survive, without looking to much on them.

  13. Chandler Kristoff

    5:04 Many a times I had my reticle Right on the enemy tank but it’s sillouette Wasn’t showing, and when i took a shot it hit the invisible rocks…

  14. Actually, foliage transparency means a different thing… You should try to play with it disabled… With it off, the bush will be non transparent, and only when you reach that 15m (or whatever the distance) it will become opaque… There inst the smooth transition between transparency and opaque bush, just full transparent to full opaque.

  15. Am now super unicum

  16. I play WoT on extra low everything OFF potato PC and still blue unicum.If i had better PC i would be purple for sure

  17. Great video and information… Thank you for sharing this…off to tweak my settings. Woots

  18. so are you allowed to use the zoom out mod? i had a friend recieve a 7 day ban for illegal zoom mods so i’ve always been a bit worried about putting it on, would really like it though as it definitely helps for seeing which way guns are pointing etc

  19. If i install the mod i don’t get that purple/blueish cross you have.

  20. Thks for sharing with us, mortals, lol. A question: whats u pc config?

  21. all possible settings maxed out, 180Hz. God, life is good!

  22. I use 16x and 25x cause I have 5$ mouse LOL

  23. 5:00 thats not texture problem but terrain quality (at least was, IDK about now)

  24. 6:00 foliage transparency you want to turn OFF to have transparent foliage (I know, WG messed this one up)

  25. Mod Link doesnt work

  26. i must be doing something wrong it doesnt work for me :/

  27. thanks for the setup info.

  28. Where can I get your mod pack?

  29. Wow your settings are so similar to mine, but some stuff I have on I should turn them off

  30. That feeling when I have 17k battles on a cheap laptop, with minimum graphics and 25 fps. Get on my level 😀

  31. Yup, that’s what I wanted

  32. Thank you so much for running colour blind mode.

  33. try to update your mods regulary….last time you’ve updated them beside today….was 3-4 patches ago

  34. hey circon can you plz make a video about your mod pack and how to download it??

  35. Get video very helpful. Can you do one with garage settings and options

  36. My settings : never install this game again. :’D

  37. Herr Schicklgruber

    Circon – You’re supposed to uncheck foliage transparency for it to happen. It’s kinda backwards.

  38. God bless you for using colorblind mode!

  39. Paul Preisenberger

    showing player names over the tank can be very useful in CW and skirmishes for focus fire etc

  40. I Installed your modpack but no matter what i try the penetration indicator doesnt work anymore. How can i get the zoom out mod only?

  41. #tankbetter

  42. Color blind mode is best especially for someone that records or streams because purple doesn’t seem to bleed into other colors as much as red does making text easier to read.

  43. Gareth Fairclough

    Circon, I assume you have the “always put me on shitty team” mode enabled? You didn’t mention this in the vid! 😛

  44. ty for vid

  45. Step 1. Follow this guide to acquire best in game settings.
    Step 2. Download and install mods.
    Step 3. Play tier 6 to see how the changes worked, and have a(n) ace tanker game in the Ikv 65 II.

    Good stuff Circon, thanks for the video and helping me enjoy tanks just a little more.

  46. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    Thanks for taking the time to make this video i always wondered what your zoom out and blue reticle was

  47. click like if you also color blind , i clicked .

  48. Circon, can you make a mod with *JUST* the server reticle? I don’t need all the other crap to be honest 😀

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