MY WORST TANK…For Some Reason (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay

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MY …For Some Reason (


  1. Play the T-25 Baby Pershing and the F8F-1B

  2. How are you this lucky on war thunder and I im so unlucky?

  3. Im convinced that all of phly’s gameplay are rigged. Nobody has good games like this. This aggressive gameplay gets people killed. I dont think i can watch this staged gameplay anymore. Sorry phly #NotLegit

  4. can people actually win a game in type61 mbt?

  5. faithismyskyfall


  6. I hate the fucking tigers. Dunno about you guys but an uptier to 6.7 is shit. Fucking t-29’s and is-2’s fucking cancer in the tiger. And a downtier atleast for me is never down to 4.7, its allways me facing t-34 85’s and m18’s or is-2’s and t-29’s. Sometimes the occasional jumbo. i hate it. If the tigers matchmaking was fixed id love it

  7. Hey phly. Do the sim challenge.

    Heres the rules:

    1: must be in realistic mode
    2: hud must be off at all times
    3: camera must be in the zoomed in position at all times

    Good luck! Use any tank you want

  8. Try the T92 this tank is to me like the comet to you

  9. comet is good, is a tricky tank to shoot on front armor

  10. the british archer

  11. Still low graphics ???

  12. ‘we are coming in from behind, just the way i like it

  13. Hey Phly! MURICA NEEDS YOU! Get the F4U-1a in RB against russians to let ’em see what Gaijin did to them with the 50s. (set to Uni belts) Buff. If you get used to it , ohh man, it’s crazy. I got 7 kills in this beast in a avg match! #Attempt 5

  14. Robert Ściśliński

    For me most challenging tank is t-34-85 d5t I don’t know why but its hard for me.

  15. felix gaming vlog

    chi ini tank lmao 12 mm mg browning or rusian aa 1 machine gun gun can pen them

  16. please next the kv-85

  17. the t-28

  18. IS 1 was most difficult to play,,,,

  19. But who the f k cares

  20. Every fucking tank

  21. worst tank is tetrarch

  22. This is one of the best games I’ve seen Phly play thus far, well done.

  23. “your worst tank” my ass, u r a beast in it ! lol 🙂 Fun vid to watch a “Tiger Killer” at play 😉

  24. hmm…comet and iron duke are one of the best in brits techtree

  25. Damien Valenzuela

    The Firefly VC, formerly my favorite tank, is awful for me to play. I’m way better with the Tortoise.

  26. archer is my

  27. brits are so strong from 5.7 to 8.3 they can pen everything and have too low br-s fom centuron 3 vikers mbt ,and centurion 10 they shod be pushed up or some tenks brought down to fight them

  28. phly awesome video can you plz take out the m4a3 ( 76 ) hvss sherman the Fury and the a 26 B invader ( a havoc on drugs ) plz

  29. oh you dont like the comet eh?
    play the avenger without a PRESS ACCOUNT with fully maxed crews, there is your definition of pain xD

  30. Hey Phly you should totally take out the Panzerwerfer 42 with an accompanying Fw 200 C-1, just to spice things up a bit, seeing you played with launchers for the latest crossout video!!
    Attempt #1

  31. Holy fucking shit, best phly ground warfare video ever lol Comet did some work

  32. That’s not the Tank’s Features that make that tank Best, it’s ‘U’ ?.

  33. Built Not Bought

    Phly please do a worst of the worst video where you take out all the very worst tanks and give tips on how to use them to the get the best out of them! 🙂

  34. it’s just me or he really says two times of “old man”?at 8:57 and 9:04

  35. Phly has been playing on Ultra low for a “quite” bit eh?

  36. I grinded out the iron duke IV, and this is probably my most played tank but man I hate it so much! This thing has a great gun (when you don’t overpen) but has litteraly no armor and reverse speed kills it. Boy, it felt great when I move to Centurion mkI.

  37. 3 kills, spawn kills do not count.

  38. JCraft27 _____________

    phly can you fly the PBJ-1H the one with the 75mm and get at least 3 with it ?

  39. New player, IMO T-26-4 is hard to play, gun isn’t living up to standards.

  40. Im so fucking bad with the pz iv f2 and it makes me so sad

  41. the tank that i cant play at all is the t70 because you cannot penetrate anything

  42. Phly take out the T-34-100 and the MiG-9 as your secondary, try to get 2 kills with the MiG-9 and 3-4 with the T-34-100 #AttemptNumber 3, -Binns

  43. Challeng to play? KV-85 has the KV chassis and a 85mm turret in 5.3 and slow as balls. And no mobility. It’s AWFUL. T-34-85 in a bad shape.

    And by the way I’m playing with ultra low quality since that one video ?

  44. The lucky tank.

  45. i cant play the T92 or the M47, i just dont understand those two tanks

  46. Phly I’ve been watching so many of your videos I have absaloutey no Idea how you spot and kill people so easily ??

  47. tier 1 crusader mk 2

  48. long range my sniping

  49. british tanks are the new meta

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