Nailbiting – VK 45 03 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Having a nailbiter of a game, in a tank that is not often played!


  1. first comment

  2. Circon how much damage is needed to three mark the centurion 7/1

  3. I really enjoy this tank. Fun gun, and reasonably mobile for a heavy

  4. Streaming tonight?

  5. TzhaarProductions

    What mod were they discussing at the start of the video, anybody know?

    • Some mod that lets you see which way the enemy is looking. Supposedly legal, but seems pretty bogus to me.

      Previous game, Circon rounded a corner thinking one of the bad guys was going to be looking away from him, but was staring straight at him instead and it didn’t end well.

    • +AwwwShoot There are different kinds of those mods. Legal ones only show where enemy barrel is directed on minimap.Still very useful.

  6. soldier overwatch

    so this tank is just a Premium tiger 2 that is Stock and without sideskirts ey?. Nice meme xD

    • Its a tier lower so it’s armour actually works against some tier 5s unlike the Tiger 2 that gets gold penned by lot of tier 6s 😉

    • Nah, it’s not, weaker armor overall (lost 50 mm front and turet front) and as john said it’s one tier lower. So in reality it’s same, but completely different 🙂

    • +userful1 yep same problems but also different ones, it was horrible to 3 mark in the old MM.

  7. 11:51 hadn’t you killed the arty, you would win.
    wp though 🙂

  8. VK 43 03 new tank ? 😛

  9. 11:39 Awwww the P43 was right there and you could have shot him instead of the S1 but oh well gg

  10. You mean VK 45 03? I mean with how poorly armored it is, I suppose saying its lighter makes sense.

  11. AHHHH! If only you went for the P43 and ignored the Arty! Ahhh! great game.

  12. that was close! GG

  13. For those reading chat: No, the Patton KR does not have pref mm.

    • I didnt understand the reasoning either. I have the KR, but not the pilot, and while I obviously cant be sure, I think I’d prefer the pilot. The only reedeming feature about the KR IMO, is the not that shitty gun handling (progetto shits all over it tho). I think the pilot has alright gun handling aswell, but it just has better mobility, and a turret that can actually bounce… The KR would be fine, if its mantlet just wasn’t an autopen by anyone

  14. Well Circon, I wonder, why, after that IS was killed you did not go along that alley to the very SE-corner ? Nice flanking/putting Artie out position ?!?

  15. My 2 favorite WoT / WoW contributors. I really enjoy your game play and have become a much better and more competitive player since I started watching years ago.

  16. Viper_db Viper_db

    Well played you two! 🙂

  17. I just wanna know what mod they were saying should be illegal was 🙁

    • They were talking about a mod which shows where your enemies’ guns are pointing at, on the minimap with a green cone. It is called like Enemy Gun Direction or something like that. I hope it helps 😉

  18. Bloody good try old chap what ! …

  19. Arty shoots and misses, he shoots at artillery….damn it, Circon…

  20. CIRCON, YOU MUST WATCH THIS REVIEW BY Q.B and give YOUR review on it. Its the Major changes to WOT (Premium Account Changes in World of Tanks) NOT GOOD 🙁

  21. feelsSadMan

  22. Well today is my lucky day, i got the timing just right haha 😀 Nice game, was a pleasure to watch, felt like a western movie at the end! Keep up the good work, wish u all good!

  23. Press 2 for blessed ammo.

  24. ey 3 marked this pos yesterday

  25. That vk is one of my favorite tier 7’s.

  26. PHJ playing wot, WHAT?!?! ??

  27. We all make mistakes so I’m not hating and circ is MUCH better than me, but why focus arty after it shoots?

  28. Playing peekaboo oo. How manly..

  29. I love this tank, so nice to see it being played so well.

  30. Jaja remembered of this match epic but the end was sadness other way it was legendary tbh

  31. VK4503 is an awesome tank if you know how to play it and it gets T8 premium credit modifier as well.

    That gun handling is just amazing.

  32. Well played to you!

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