NAME A MORE DYNAMIC DUO | Noob Training 101 (War Thunder)

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NAME A MORE DYNAMIC DUO | Noob Training 101 (War Thunder)

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  1. Please play the T-55am1

  2. SUB2PEWDIEPIE, we are losing the great war, badly, we need your help,

  3. I love down tier I was helping my friend who I just talked into playing and 10 to 1 all day long

  4. “I wouldn’t go down on that guy again” -Phly -2019

  5. Holy shit, phly taking niccaman out for a spin in war thunder…..

  6. Tiddy Fuck tha lasagna

    Some of my two favorite youtubers playing together, this is the best crossover ever

  7. Phly can i add u my friends on this game have shity planes

  8. Do a battle with only HO-ROs and Sturmpanzers II on kursk!

  9. I wouldn’t go down on that guy again either Phly… People might take you out of context =]

  10. Play the israeli vautour

  11. branimir CLASSIFIED

    Phly and Baron…

  12. Chill down Phly, hes just a Battlefield player he canr manouver like you

  13. I needed this ?


  15. Irascibblewar 302

    Phly Loving the unloved!! Russian T-60

  16. What are your specs on your computer?

  17. I love this so much i wanna see you do more training sessions with your fans!

  18. The first map you played in this video.
    That is ny favorite map with HO-RO.
    I would just stay waaay back
    at the end of the map and just artillery everyone I see.


  20. Good teaching ? It’s a lot funner to help a noob than always giving them a hard time…you the man! ?

  21. Attempt #15 Give the long range beast that is the Nashorn another go. This super sniper deserves its own full vid.

  22. can u paly JS 2 or as other people say is 2

  23. yaaa nicca man love that guy

  24. Samurai training 1941, colorized

  25. I literally did the same shit phly is doing with a buddy that’s never played War Thunder.. and we used Japanese tanks lmaoo

  26. Pls play the hampden at 9.0 attempt 16

  27. Love the collaboration on BFV and War Thunder! Will have 2 tank channels before to long! ?

  28. Yesterday I played with my YouTube friend Skrezilla and some of his and my friends. We were playing a 4 man Kv 2 squad and then fun thing is that there was 3 other Kv 2 on our team and they joined us. We were playing on Italy rushing A and the enemy team were laughing in chat xd my best day ever. Sub to Skrezilla

  29. After phlying for so long, you still don’t know how to land. PUT THAT REAR WHEEL DOWN, NOT IN THE AIR!

  30. when you didn’t aim for the driver thing and shoot his right or left nextbarrel thing turret

  31. why do you have so many backups for your horo

  32. phly goes sealclubbing : episode 1

  33. Phly your wrong about no armour best armour, it’s because the no armour bounces more than actual armour for example using APFSDS on the front of the Begleitpanzer and bouncing

  34. Phlydaily can you take out the amx 40 plzzz

  35. “If you die we lose but no pressure” and then the doule fail at the end. If Phly didnt miss at 100meters they would stll have won. Amazing stuff dude!

  36. Noob School!

  37. The_Irish _German

    Thanks for learning Nacceman how to use the game’s assets more effectively.

  38. Phly please help raise awareness against the super deadly mid-map AAA, it has been way too accurate for a while now.

  39. can you play more wolfpack pls it is so fun to watch

  40. So basicaly, if you are noob or bad, just play german planes.

  41. almost hitting my 1000 hour milestone. gonna get me a phly logo!

  42. Phly, I’d like to know if you can also Download your Logo for the Console because I play War Thunder on the XBox One. 😮 😀

  43. DA_KING-_-COBRA _

    Attempt #31
    Phly the p38 g/e

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