Named tanks / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

Sometimes a vehicle gets more than just a number to differentiate it from other vehicles… it gets its own name. There are many reasons why this can happen, but there is almost certainly a badass story behind it all.
In War Thunder, these “named” vehicles are usually found in the premium part of the tech tree — after all,it’s not their equipment or their loadout that makes them special… it’s the story behind their name. Today we’re going to talk about how an American M46 got the paint job of a tiger cat on the front… how the British Iron Duke missed the war… or why there is a Soviet heavy tank with an inscription that says “Revenge for the Hero brother”. Let’s dive right in!



  1. Do some British tanks like the Churchill 1 to 3 😊

  2. nerf germens dumbasses

  3. one that I would like to see added is the M4 “thunder” which is currently on campus at the Citadel in Charleston SC. Its (I believe) an M4A3E2 with the 75mm gun, but, it also has an Anti Tank M1919 in the hull. It’s a rather unique tank, that, was put there as a monument, showing that it was very similar to the one used by Gen. Abrams. It also (If what my cousin (a citadel grad) told me is correct) has a long history of things such as being repaired and joyridden around campus by students/cadets (Which made the university fill the engine with concrete) as well as citadel grads climbing inside and writing their name in it

  4. Aien’t we all gonna adress the fact that he said weasons instead of reasons

  5. you should add “fighting girlfriend used by the only women tank comander in the ussr army. and “in the mood” sherman led by a man from texas that loved being the spearhead.

  6. 4:55 mekhail kalashnikov didnt die untill december 23rd 2013. And i know we wouldnt have had the ak if he died in 1945. Im kinda sad to see how nobody commented on this. Or i just didnt scroll far enough throu the coments to see one.

  7. Just a reminder that u said it wrong by accident, It’s an IS-2!

  8. 4:14 not is-4 but is-2

  9. Martin Branikovic


  10. Can you add the PB2Y Coronado to war thunder.

  11. KING TIGER (i mean come on the names badass)

  12. My favorite tank is the Scorpion

  13. Cobra king is my favorite.

  14. My favorite is the Dicker Max

  15. And why there is no T-34-85 “Rudy” ?

  16. Just some potato Baked potatoe

    0:52 was wondering why he was silent after that sentaces……

    *me looks at name* : oh…… pffffffffttt

  17. 4:15 is4

  18. “Is-4 revenge for the hero brother” 4:14

  19. You should add all participating countries like Yugoslavia and when you get to modern vehicles change the flags on the tank icons because if you add Poland you can add the two panthers and the tiger they captured

  20. Cup o' tea gaming

    How can the machine gun shoot? Warthunder can you put a soldier holding the gun at least 2:34

  21. Would be great to add T34 85 “Rudy 102”

  22. What about Furry Tiger tank? Tiger camouflage on tiger tank.

  23. Now i want named planes

  24. Not enough name decals. Germany has one. Paula…need more

  25. You should had the French B1 bus “le boucher de stonne” which got us name after rolling over dozen of German soldiers during the battle of stonne (the name means “the butcher of stonne”)

  26. You forgot about Rudy 102 🙁

  27. hey, and the subtitles in Spanish? Or is it that the Spanish-speaking community does not count for War thunder ???. It even seems discriminatory that the video content is only in English and not in Spanish … more respect for the Latino community.

    • The Latino community is a minority of the player base of the fame and and even smaller minority of the viewerbase of this channel, YouTube removed the ability to have community made subtitles, so there nothing they can do.

  28. Bruce no! dont call an IS-2 an IS-4!

  29. Winston Churchill gasosa

    this narrator is perfect

  30. so the named tanks is here…how about the named planes

  31. Wow man you're so funny

    I hope to see the Pudel panther as a named tank for germany

  32. 闇dคякหεรร闇

    2:36 M4A3E2 5.3 vs Pz.IV G 3.7 very fair gaijin 👍

  33. Třinec lmao

  34. Where is the B1-Bis “Eure” or “Beaune” ? Gaijin ! What are you doing with the French History ? Everybody knows the “Cobra King” but the “Eure” is better as far in heroical action !

  35. He’s having too much fun dude leave em alone

  36. There also is 2 Polish panthers one is called the Pudell but I can’t remember the other one

  37. ”Trzciniec”

  38. My personal favorite is cobra king
    1 looks awesome
    2 I love this type of tank from ww2

  39. Cobra King. After about… 15 matches in it, I had to know the story behind it. So I looked up the battle for Bastogne on google, and found an interview from the original crew on the US Army’s history website. I loved both the story and the tank so much, that I actually started a war thunder petition to get a more accurate skin for it

  40. 1:25 wrong pronouncing lol, it’s more like Tshyniec

  41. unstoppable games and vlogs

    Gaijin can you add the fury tank please

  42. We need the T-34-85 (D-55) with the number “102” called “Rudy” from the series “four tankmen and a dog”.

  43. Favorite Tank: Cobra King
    Why?: Because of its armor and pen interestingly enough the cobra king was able to kill 30+ tiger tanks

  44. America: Ah yes we strong
    Also America: will be a furry help me with destroying enemy tanks?

  45. Why no axis named tanks?

  46. Stach Mikołajczak
  47. That are expensive names

  48. I would say, The B1 bis “Eure” …

  49. Where is M4 Sherman “Fury”?

  50. Make war thunder on mobile devices :/

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