NASHORN & DICKER MAX TANK GAMEPLAY (War Thunder 1.57 Tanks Gameplay)

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& TANK GAMEPLAY ( Tanks Gameplay)

War Thunder Update 1.57 Patch notes –


  1. Your awsome phly

  2. yo phly have you seen the Nashorn I drew and posted on Twitter?

  3. First ha ha ha!!!!!

  4. are you streaming the division today?

  5. another vid phly u r awesome

  6. I love your videos I hope to get a pc and play with you one day !!

  7. so phly hes that guy built so fly with a silk bow tie oh my

  8. rancho cucamonga

    the dicker should definitely be higher than the nashorn. 105mm is just as
    good or better than an 88mm

  9. dude the dicker max is pretty depressed… needs anti depressants……
    I mean, -15°? very depressed…
    also phly, my collection of wierd picture of you/slick/baron grows
    exponentially xD

  10. the New effects on mg hitting you is so beautiful :)

  11. The official title of hull down king goes to…… DICKER MAX!

  12. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    O ye blast some russians with ur big gun…(referring to latest vid)

  13. 15th.!

  14. I’m glad you upload another video. The do-335 was super slow and it sucked

  15. Phly pls took out the falcon or the Conway next

  16. Mark Jayson Miranda

    This video is better than broken DO-335 😀 ahahaha !! lol better to fly a
    biplane than that shitty DO-335

  17. I love the Nashorn guess why

  18. When is it comin to PS4???

  19. Gamer300 “Gamer3000”

    Me 410 B-6 gameplay pls

  20. Gamer300 “Gamer3000”

    Me 410 B-6 gameplay please

  21. No Here patrick

  22. 11:53 Check out Herman, my german Sherman. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  23. for all you people: it is spelled nas-horn(trust me im a german) ;D

  24. i rate this nein/nein

  25. So Slow the do-335 and ill need to get it for getting the horton;(

  26. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    Any news on the Sturer Emil?

  27. Daniel Carabott Damato

    Phly make a video on the new Ta152! :P

  28. how do u get on the Dev servers?

  29. hahaha TOW ForStupidos Inc. at 00:00 XD. and serious… 2:05.. TK… Those
    people makes me sick. its oke if its an accident. When I saw this… u know
    what.. lots of words.. but better spare my fingers 😛 but If i was a
    programmer… I should come up with the light effects.. XD realy nice

  30. It’s pronounced Nas-horn not Nash-horn

  31. Gotta love the tow cable placement this idiot game has. “Oh, you’re not
    upside down yet komrade? We can fix that, EHUEHUEHUE”

  32. Good video. But it’s not nah shorn, it’s naas horn

  33. Best part is, this thing still flies better than the Do-335.

  34. World of tanks map confirmed lol

  35. 00:00 – 14:03 this is why we are here

  36. “NAS – HORN” not “NAS-SHORN”

  37. gameplay the p-61

  38. where can you play the dev server??

  39. PhlyDaily is it possible to mod the sounds in DEV server?

    u said this map is romantic, well too romantic to battle on it xD

  40. That teammate is a asshole

  41. Sebastian Richter

    Wait, there’s a Panzerjäger I now?

  42. Dick-er max great name….

  43. I’ve heard a rumor that HE rounds got a buff in this update(well explosives
    in general). Maybe there is actually a reason to bring some now? The round
    that someone used as an example(M336 I think?) now has 62 mm of pen instead
    of 42.
    Keep up the good work phly!

  44. I really wanted to cover this update but fuck man. Dicker Max? Fuck trying
    to keep a straight face while talking about the history of the Dicker Max.

  45. They are adding the Ta-152C

  46. You should try the 189 flying greenhouse

  47. Phly please Ta 152 C…

  48. XD nice video. Keep the work up (I love it) and hi from germany

  49. more…… *FAP* *FAP* *FAP* *fap*

  50. Germania Unleashed

    NASHhorn 😀 hahahha

  51. +PhlyDaily I have a challenge for you, kill a tank by shooting a he shell
    under neath it

  52. Would like to see the Grizzly 1, Grizzly Firefly, Ram1 40mm, Ram2 57mm, and

  53. phly i love you!!!

  54. Oh we have a T-10M side and rear! Let’s shoot directly into the 90mm spaced
    highly sloped armor on the side! I know my tanks, trust me boys!

  55. Primož Čukajne

    why do i know this map? wasnt this map here even before groundforces?
    because i remember flying below that broken bridge with my planes……and
    there was a town right next to the bridge :/

  56. Upright productions

    Dicker max is better than the Nash horn IMO

  57. Sir Stefan Channel!

    Pretty cool that they updated the sound effects, or are you still using the
    mod pack?

  58. Sir Stefan Channel!

    wtf? The Nashorns reload is LONGER than the Tiger II’s it seems?
    That’s some bullshit right there.

  59. Cara idiota dando TK no Dicker max.

  60. Do a video on a Do-335 i cant wait to see that beast.

  61. Any else notice that the shell the t54 fired in the end was hit by another

  62. When the pussy too good

    13:19, don’t aim for spaced armor

  63. for fucks sake! it’s pronounced nas-horn

  64. Did he actually bought so much Gold with real money? :O

  65. the light effect when tank is getting hit by machine gun is a bit over done
    ? there should be some sparks, but not a flashlight turning on and off for
    a second

  66. Frozen Pass looks like a damn WoT map… Really will war thunder one day
    have decent GF maps? just like this that B0ris_the_blade did
    Is huge and with a lot of space to fight. Imagine a city map this big and
    doing EC in it… Would be amazing.

  67. SUPER PERSHING (even though it isn’t the Super Pershing…)

  68. This has me so hype to see the Super Pershing in action!!

  69. I’m guessing you didn’t stay on that first match when that guy decided to
    TK you. I hate those games when they come up.

  70. - MUINAISmurmeli -

    i hate teammates like that

  71. Dicker vacum

  72. David “madindie” Dew

    Nice!!! Beautiful visual effects!!

  73. Pay to Win 🙂 Look at the goldeneagles ! Last Video and now !

  74. Is it just me, or does Phly not realize that the upgraded ammo of the
    Dicker Max has 202mm of penetration instead of the stock’s 144mm?

  75. The periscope on that thing reminds me of some crustacian eyes.

  76. How can you not be super angry with teamkilling m8’s and shit?

  77. Does anyone know if war thunder is going to be added to Xbox one?

  78. I have a challenge. Get in an m22 locust have Baron attach a rope to you
    drive off the bridge and kill a tank while hanging.


  80. allahu akbar alalalalala!

    would love to see reload animations in later updates!

  81. How do you get in the server?

  82. do more of these new tank vids plz they r hilarious

  83. Anyone knows how to come on the dev or test server?

  84. Dimitriy “TommyvercettyGT” Yukhymenko

    A question,i don’t started war thunder for like 4 days,so i don’t know,but
    i think that two tanks will be avalible to be researched before the

  85. 13:17
    The T-10M is fucking OP.

  86. With that lighting, they should make night – type shit – map.

  87. Could you have a quick look at the panzerjager 1 too, cause i think i found
    my new seal clubbing vehicle.

  88. fhfhfhrtgrgfgfdrdhfhrdgfgfdh rhfdhdhrdhfhfdhdrhfdh

    I am sexually attracted to this game

  89. Ive been playing this game since 2 months after its release and I have’nt
    figured out what’s the damn key to use binoculars…

    *can soneone help me please?*


    -er Max

  91. Was the development server open????

  92. It’s pronounced Narzhorn, which is german for Rhino…I think.

  93. phly, try to see how many t-26s it takes to pull a maus

  94. Wow that was fast research on the dicker max and nashhorn

  95. did 1.57 came out already?

  96. I want the D! (The dicker max, of course, what were you thinking?)

  97. i dont think that computer games existed in the 50s but i know jeeps did ;)

  98. you killed Luke, that’s my name but it’s spelled Luc.

  99. Dicker max means Fat max in german :P

  100. new maps look nice. fire effects look cool as though…. really excited
    about this update

  101. Badlands Airsoft


  102. The Majestic Dolphin (Marbijo)


  103. Take out the t44-100 for Stalin phly

  104. What’s ur intro song called

  105. Sturer emil???

  106. whatta about gustof

  107. Joshua Dominguez

    damn pc war thunder is dead ps4 war thunder has 70.000 active players lol

  108. This makes my Bratwurst hard

  109. he killed someone with the D ;)

  110. HA! dick… Also I had another orgasm.

  111. Play whit the p-61 its looks like is the most op plane on the game 1 like=

  112. How you put the view that look like binoculars Please Tell me the name of

  113. that 2nd map is definitely just a tank modifcation of that frozen north map
    thingy; the one with the LSTs on the lake.

    also I don’t know what it is but that gun sounds really weedy. I mean thats
    a big gun you’d think it’d roar

  114. dev still open?

  115. Phly needs to do a overview of the russian cruisers in world of warships
    that are currently up for preview. They look as i will say “interesting”
    but the planes on them I would like to learn more about.

  116. IL-2 m type 3 and su-122

  117. do you guys know why the game sampling looks like crap even when is 100%

  118. Der Reptilien- Kommandant

    It is pronounced nos horn

  119. i love the fact you never get mad gj

  120. Listen bro I didn’t know what happen ok, I didn’t watch you or barons
    videos for months
    So stop going to conclusions

  121. uᴉʇɹɐW llɐɥsɹɐW

    Dicker Max…such a brilliant comedy name

  122. Guys i know this is a tank video and has nothing to do with the P-51D but i
    just need to rant right now. It doesnt perform like it does in real life.
    It can’t climb or dive faster than the bf109s which it could. It cant out
    turn the bf109s which it could. It cant out maneuver the bf109s which it
    could. Do you see a trend? God dman I wish Gaijin would just fix their
    flight model so the p-51 can actually be like it was in real life!

  123. How many chaffees and locusts does it take to pull a maus?

  124. This loads faster than the kv2

  125. PhlyDaily how to play? Pease tell me!

  126. Tamás Kerecsényi

    Fucking russian cocksuckers. Just like in WoT test server, they are killing
    and harrassing any non-russian teammate in Warthunder too.

  127. I wrote that I do not have activated your account , or you do not have to
    register with the original and my account ?

  128. on dev server, do we have to unlock them or we can play any tank/ aircraft
    we want?

  129. Nash horn xD its pronounced Nas horn

  130. please play realistic or sim stop playing arcade

  131. Once again gaijin does its research from the sikrit arkhivs ov sovyet rasha
    and uses the smallest numbers it found regarding german gun performance.

  132. that motherfuucking panzerjager at the beggining i would’ve destroyed him

  133. I thought of an amazing custom battle on Baron’s channel and commented it
    down. Here it is: 4 sunderlands with British biplane support vs 4 H8K2s
    with Japanese biplane support. Sunderlands and H8Ks have to fly over past
    each other, bomb the bombing targets (or the airfield) and RTB. on one team
    theres you, baron, slick (if possible) and one other in the bombers vs us
    subs and fans. It’ll be fun. Could you mabye post times of when you’ll play

  134. Phly will you do a video on the new Soviet cruisers in wows?

  135. Onyx Dragon (OnyxDragon22)

    Live by the one shot, die by the one shot

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