Nations in War Thunder EXPLAINED | War Thunder Nation Guide Part 1

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Source: skDoger

Ah yes… the nations in War Thunder. So many options! I talk about the tiers, pros and cons and a final conclusion of the 3 big nations in the game. This is part 1 of the 3-part nation guide, so stay tuned for the second and third episodes.
Part 2: coming January 2021

──── Timestamps ────
Intro: 0:00
USA: 0:44
Germany: 5:04
USSR: 9:44

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  1. Frequently asked questions:
    Q: “Why did you give German CAS such a low score?”
    A: Germany is limited when it comes to close air support. What do I mean by this? Well, you either have to pick between very slow and large planes with cannons, or nimble fighters with 250kg bombs. While yes, the Messerschmitt and the Dornier ground attackers are very good, you’ll get taken out very quickly if an anti-air or an enemy fighter spots you. And as for the fighters, you can only kill 1 or 2 tanks with the limited ordnance you get. And before you ask, yes, the G91 is a good CAS plane. It just comes way too late in the tech tree to have a big impact.

    Q: “When is part 2 coming out?”
    A: Hopefully sometime this month

    Q: “Will you do a plane nation guide?”
    A: I’m planning on making it, but it’s not a high priority right now.

    Q: “Why is the M8 in the light tank line?
    A: The picture of the American tank tree is a bit outdated, that’s basically it.

    Leave your questions as a reply to this comment and I’ll answer them in the future!

  2. Y not a swastika flag

  3. germany 6.7 br is the definition of pain,
    you’ll be fighting more modern tanks with stabilizers with your older tanks

    • Germany 6.0-6.7 is just complete fucking apeshit
      You play 6.0 you get uptiered to 6.7
      You try to do something in your tiger and you get fucking spawn camped 3 minutes in the game because you’re team is worse than cyberpunk AI

    • @Ege Can yeah, the enemy teams and their AMX are so annoying

  4. Weeewww, this video is going to feed a ton of more new players into the void that is mid tier Germany.

  5. I think soviet AA’s are much better than US. Like Gaz series or tunguska…

  6. As a hard core German Tech tree player, I have to say the German Tech tree is NOT beginner friendly! The American and Soviet tech tree lines are far, far more forgiving if you make a mistake. They are NOT good for brawling and you need to under stand some of the mechanics like angling armor, sniping, and you can’t have to much aggression. You require more of a Hunter’s instinct and patience to do well read about how true WWII Tiger commanders fought and thought if you want to do well. Remember the number of kills is great but being able to say you did not die once is even better. So a loss of a match, if you get 6 kills and no deaths means you did better than that person with 8 kills and 4 deaths.

  7. Everyone: Every other tree

  8. Steffen Mikkelsen

    looking forward to part 2

  9. My instinct always said german. Wot told me Russian.

  10. Not trying to be nit picky but you forgot about the g.91 r3/r4 cas

  11. T34 USA is a god tier Panther killer

  12. I’m newish to the game, finally got my chieftain mk3 couldn’t wait to play it but omg its bad, so slow, the gun is decent, armour seems weak, I’m confused why people don’t just play German tanks, they have darts, really fast, armour is bad but I get melted from Leo a1a1 every game its turned me off the game.

  13. is this legit?

  14. germany have ” not a lot of CAS” hahahaha , yea they do not like plane whit 20 MM canon how can OS almost evry one ? how need bomb 2-4 bomb and get 1 kill whhan you can have 1200 ammo of 20mm and rekt 5 tank easealy hahahha .

  15. Український Уpод

    13:21 You accidentally used Russian flag instead of Soviet one

  16. As a former warthunder player.

    Don’t play the game save dozens of hours of your life.

  17. 11:15 its a ASU-85, not 87

  18. USA and Russia are OP, German are the worth like the real panzers while the WW2….

  19. Got to disagree with Germany having bad cas, they have the second best cas in game due to the mk103 armed planes like the ta 152c, 50mm 262s and the g 91 with nords, german cas is above and beyond good

    • Carl, Wheezer of souls

      id have to say your opinion might be somewhat biased, *hans*

    • @Carl, Wheezer of souls don’t get me wrong, i fucking hate the german tech tree for how bullshit it can be, my opinion of german cas comes from constantly being on the receiving end

  20. Nikola Čaluković

    about time someone did this thanks

  21. The american tanks are pretty boring..

  22. wtf do germans tank are strong? are you in coma for 5 or 4 years??

  23. when i was get my tiger i was very happy,then i just get killed by is 3 and king tigers by few shots,so thats how i quit warthunder and startplaying roblox,i will start playing again on summer, fuck the gayjin anyway

  24. Please do a full setting guide me controls are reset for Some reason and i dont know what good settings are 🙂 pls

  25. From my experience there are 4 things I would correct or mention. 1 I believe he overestimates the power of the American SPAA veichles, whiles groups of good ones (mostly from BR 1.3-2.3 and +8.0) most of late early tiers and mid tiers have lackluster SPAA. 2 German CAS is some of the most dependable in the game, there are not too many of them in the game but there are a couple that will work fantastic even in putting them 1 or 2 BRs higher than intended. Examples of this are planes like the Ju 88 A-4, Fw 190Fs and Ds, Bf110s, Ju 188, and Me 410s. The secret to these planes’ success is due to the powerful bombs Germany has that can be carried by faster and more maneuverable aircraft. Although I will say the CAS options past tier 4 are not the best aside from 8.7 where they get some good CAS again. 3 One of the Soviet tree’s best lineup is in 4.3 with a variety of diverse tanks that can accommodate to any playstyle in any map. 4 Lastly the Soviet trees’ CAS while there are some good ones like the ones he mentioned (such as the attacker line and a couple bombers) these generally are slower for their BR and payload, leaving for a bit more to be desired from them. Other than this he pretty much nailed everything else he mentioned in this vid and yea thank you for attending my TED Talk

  26. Pe-8 is all the CAS you need

  27. RungCox Productions

    Ur forgetting the killer of the German players *an uptier*

  28. Wow, i’m a pure noob to this game, but i learned alot from this video.
    Also please teach us some basic stuff about this game, since tutorial from the game is not enough and not much ppl help nowaday:

    -How do i chat to my teammates or enemies ?
    -How to ping the map ?
    -How squadron work ?
    -What can i do to the previous tanks, and how many tank should i play at rhe same time ?
    -How many tanks i could grind at a time ? Also how crew work ? Or vehicles upgrade tutorial…etc

    Love ur vid, YT recommended me, i’ve subcribed already 🙂

  29. Tip for Germany 6.7 is Suffering play the good 6.3 load out

  30. Canadian WaffenWaffle

    the american T25 medium is also a good tank with its gyro stabilized 90mm cannon so i would play that

  31. when I finally got tiger and now the game is putting me in a match with a players with higher tier tanks

  32. no there’s no german suffer. i’ve experinced this with grinding this nation as new player and i didn’t find anything like what they said, jumbo op or bla bla bla. especially they also didn’t notice when there’s a tank around them. (welp that’s the wehraboos problem for just charging to the front like their tanks could withstand the sherman 76mm at close quarter)

  33. skDoger: “the Russians don’t have very good depression angels”
    Me (a Russian tank main): I took that one personally

  34. The biggest problem of Germany? The mid game is shit and you will get raped especially at 5.7 and 6.7

    • Oh boy i sure do love fighting hordes of jumbo’s and post war tanks that can kill me from the other side of the map without even looking in my direction

  35. sorry to dissapoint you but panthers will have no problem penning the hull of the jumbo

  36. Wtf says germany sucks but says not russia sucks im dissappionted.

  37. m16 and radar AAs aside, american AA is shit

  38. Just a note but the t26 is practically unplayable with its repair costs hovering in the 14-16k range which is absurd when considering comparable enemy tanks can pen your turret mantle and UFP

  39. When was the last time you used a low tier German tank
    Dude the front armour is somehow always get penitrated

    But the guns are really great

  40. Feels like this man hasnt played anything but murica

  41. Can someone teach me how to have fun at soviet 6.3?

  42. I was confuse when you said Germany weakness is speed i though they win by speed didn’t they win battle by speed?

  43. it is bs about usa tech tree. Their anti-air is a joke. nvm

  44. My summary of the tech trees
    US: all round vehicles. Lots of shot spam on planes (miniguns/.50s)
    Germany: get your wehraboo lederhosen cause youre gonna have fun in top tier
    USSR: enjoy the bounces, big booms, long reloads, and powerful planes
    Japan: welcome to pain town, population you
    China: want cheap chinese knock offs of every nations vehicles? Enjoy!
    Italy: only play the pizza box tanks and MBTs
    France: modeled incorrectly vehicles. Mirage IIIC is amazing though
    Sweden: permanent up tier games since the vehicles are over BR’ed. Few arent

  45. 02 Suradit Pengsaeng

    Someone : Fu*k you! Milk truck!
    USSR : 12:55 Just Beginning.

  46. Go America and Soviet, never play Germany, its a scam

  47. any china mains in the comments?

  48. Can’t wait for the guide on the masochistic, suffer-worthy pain that is tier 1 Japan & France.

    Nice vid!

  49. Everybody gangsta till you realize the Abram’s turret isn’t symmetrical

  50. 6:18 me vibing when a Sherman with a 75mm cannon tries to kill me

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