Naughty Leopard Killer – War Thunder Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. Baron, Comrade Stalin has awoken from the dead so as Hitler! Stalin will
    give you access to the IS-2 and the IL-10. to defeat the nazis! Will you do
    it? P.S You get potato and vodka if you do it!

  2. hate this thing… in one of the games i was in a dude got 10 kills with
    this thing, and it wasn’t aa , just casual M103’s chieftains and such

  3. If anyone out there needs another member for their warthunder circle jerk,
    hit me up capitalist pigs. my user name is Molten_Smegma.

  4. Idk

  5. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    Lil Wayne reference then we get Temptations reference and Chainsmokers
    reference Saturdays should be musical reference day with Baron.

  6. Baron, bet you won’t watch my War Thunder montage

  7. Alrik Mikael Fredrik Björnberg Elgh

    Hearts of Iron Anybody?

  8. let the bias begin


    Assistindo o vídeo aqui no Brasil.

  10. well i absolutey despise this but it has to be done sometimes to shoe
    everyone how cancerous and OP it actually is..


  12. At 10.50 look at manhole the Lid does a flip

  13. @5:00 Almost unlocked my badger! Can’t wait!

  14. In Russia we wipe us ass with hand and wash hand with piss!

  15. anyone else see the type 60 sprr in the Japanese tank tree, looks


  17. the Stones did the song

  18. manusia coeg sedunia

    u kill me twice :(

  19. The “I need you, I need you, I need you right now” song is Don’t Let Me
    Down by The Chainsmokers

  20. lol, Slickbee, I saw that at the end… ;)

  21. attempt#2 B-25 PBJ

  22. Hello, any1 can help me out here? I’m listening to music on youtube and
    play wt, but it creates a huge drop of fps, please help ;p

  23. It’s pronounced “Norty”, It’s okay Baron you’ll get it one day ?

  24. amazing

  25. Play the Hetzer and hetz them all

  26. Play T-10M and La15!

  27. Play the butt tank the valentine archer

  28. slick, people are stupid XDDDD

  29. Plz do the Panzerjager, because of the cool name

  30. So why does the zsu pen that much?

  31. You such a scumbag playing the ZSU-57

  32. next the British chieftain with slick

  33. You daddy in Russian is papa or papochka. To say come to daddy is idyi k

  34. M-19 Shamyalan!!

  35. i like the russian accent its hilarious ? keep up the vids m8 ?

  36. play M36 GMC
    Atempt:15 i think… i lost count

  37. ARRRRRR! you broke My eyes.. too much bias!(+_+)

  38. How many times for Men of War mondays have I suggested a double barreled
    How about this, a Double Barreled, Super Pershing with a Auto Loader and

  39. attempt #1 tiger h with me 410 b2

  40. Sir Stefan Channel!

    One way to balance this OP POS is simply to up its points requirement to

  41. M551 Sheridan!! Aluminium on the Rage!!

  42. Play the is-1 and yak9k

  43. Not had a chance to play the ZSU-57-2 I am looking forward to it though :)

  44. US Navy Seal Sniper

    Baron plez play the Cheiftian MK 5 on armoured warfare

  45. Acepilot Gaming (AcePilotGaming)

    what would happen if war thunder 2 comes out next year and it has modern
    aircraft and tanks??? would you play it??

  46. Baron play with the t-62 and the IL-28 #2

  47. ZSU = Cancer

  48. No do plane do the hawk

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