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  1. Use this link get 3% off War Thunder Equipment and to show love to the Otomatic

  2. the OTOMATIC really isnt that bad, you just have to learn to play it properly, and… USE THE BLOODY IRST FOR HELIS!!!!!!!! I find it a pretty fun vehicle, provided you actually focus on using it as an SPAA primarily and as an anti-tank vehicle as a last resort.

    For shooting helis, switch to IRST mode, chances are they will be hovering, fire off 3 or 4 shells, they will have no idea and probably die to the first salvo. For moving helis, same applies, if the range is too far, wait until its within 5km. For aircraft, stay hidden until they are within 2km, then fire off a few shells. Once again, the IRST should be used to not trigger RADAR warning systems. The OTOMATIC plays totally differently if you track stuff without giving the target a warning. I’ve had battles with multiple F-14 kills and heli kills in the OTOMATIC because i was positioned correctly and simply just playing its advantages.

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  3. OTOMATIC need 9.7 not 11.0 ****gaijin😠

  4. I grinded the Italy only to get the OTOMATIC, was my first fully unlocked ground tech tree. The OTOMATIC was and still is a majestic vehicle, but ridiculously outmatched nowaday. I still enjoy playing it from time to time, surprisingly a lot of people praise you whenever you manage to save the day against CAS. Little tip btw, it’s one of the few vehicle where you can use the IRST mode of the radar and still have the lead indicator. Also the OTOMATIC is actually decent against helicopter doing pop-up attack behind cover, if you manage to get a decent ranging you can easily get them behind cover, nothing to fancy either but it still satisfying to feel the slap from the autocannon.

    Now for the BR changes, Italy got shafted with the BR decompression, I don’t get why they uptiered the OTOMATIC either, nor do I understand why the Ariete got uptiered, and I find that even funny to see the new Ariete AMV coming soon, being considered on par with a BVM, M1A2 SEV2, Leo 2a6 … Just because they added an DM53 …

  5. i am giving you a challenge, its simple. Get the God Mode achievement. Thats all, easy right

  6. Phly, you’ve brought back the “Everybody” intro right? Well, there has been a certain song kinda stuck _In My Head_ phor a while that you could also bring back!

    Attempt # 510

    The song i mean is Virtual Riot – In My Head (feat. PRXZM)

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      Thanks for the comments.
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  7. omnipotank oakframe

    The OTOMATIC in simulator is a much more fun experience

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      Thanks for the comments.
      Wow 🎉 congratulations you have just been selected as one of the lucky winners of my *SUPRISE* **GIFTING* * 🎉⭐🎁
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      Thanks for the comments.
      Wow 🎉 congratulations you have just been selected as one of the lucky winners of my *SUPRISE* **GIFTING* * 🎉⭐🎁
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  8. Being an Italy main, you dissing all my anti airs hurts. The sidam I think are amazing, IRST stops enemy’s from knowing their tracked, and the mistral missiles on the second one are great if you know how to use em. Only downside I’ve run into is the inability to kill heli’s that sit over 6km away.

  9. When warthunder update so I can play german mig 29?

  10. HOLY SH*T YOU DONT KNOW! THE OTOMATIC HAS IRST! YOUR TARGETS SHOULD NEVER KNOW YOUR LOCKING THEM! That doesn’t make it 11.0 but still, you could have played it a little better at least! And it’s radar sweep range can be extended to 20km.

  11. Muhammad Mumtaz Mir

    Day 14 of asking to play gepard 1a2

  12. Lewis Whittingham

    Day1: phly you should play the p.108a serie 2 because it has a 10.2 cm pizza launcher

  13. why is this thing 11.0? Proceeds to get shot 15 times and doesnt die till a bmp2 overkill missiles them. Effortlessly killing everything with those ap rounds. If you want it to go down remove its AP rounds. You could place it at 7.0 at that point for all I care

  14. GGs Phly, that was me in the Kamov first game =D
    It’s an enjoyable first spawn to say the least. And I had sniped your breech with the 30mm, not a rocket. It has really impressive ballistics.

  15. This a feels like a 2S38 but more focused to aa… I feel it is better off at 9.7 to 10.3 over it’s current 11.0 rating

  16. Yeah the removal of tracers on this thing really made it SO much better

  17. Not using IRST? Not realizing that the shells don’t have tracers anymore?

  18. This video is the proof that what gaijin said about rus needing the pantsir is worng lol…Kamovs anihilating everything at the start, the “inferior” Tunguska taking on a MBT and a SPAAG together and winning the only aircraft CAS being Su25…

  19. Day 259: Phly, you should play the Hampden TB Mk I. High-yield, low-tier bomber goodness

  20. glad to hear I’m not the only one that gets anxiety when they hear the missile getting closer xD

  21. pyrohawkr the drunkin aussy

    Still would love to see a plane xray when they get hit.

  22. There is only one reason the OTOMATIC works and that’s because it’s vt rounds don’t have tracers

  23. onlyarandomusername

    Gaijin did remove the tracer on the he-vt on the MATIC

  24. As a UHT player, this is one of the easiest target

  25. It’s just so cool to se Phly fighting to survive

  26. war thunder over-BR’s nearly every italian tank and it saddens my meatball heart :’)

  27. Good heli hunter, but not a good jet hunter. Since now we must face high altitude F-16,Tornado ,mig29 etc.

    But it also a good tank destroyer although i hope we can change ammunition without using it first since apfsds only have 12

  28. Yo phly what is the key bind to get radar lock

  29. Arseny Suslenkov

    Make OTOMATIC great again!

  30. I just saw the fix in a data mine thats for the Otomatic, for a bug I submitted 6 months ago, on a 2 year old bug. Gaijin doesn’t give two shits about the Otomatic or Italy.

  31. Italy deserves à proper spaa with missiles

  32. I like AA the most of War Thunder. Just an mini game in an game.

  33. Can’t wait for them to add the new Russian mtlb with a 25mm naval gun

  34. The sidam apds is a fun sad thing, fun because it’s so fast, you only need to tap and it will most likely kill the plane/helicopter. Sad because it runs out very quickly

  35. *laughs in Japanese type 93*

  36. Fun fact about the sidam 25, it doesn’t work in night battles

  37. It’s hilarious how everybody but Gaijin see the problem. They are totally disconnect from their own game. And the Pantsir is the last obvious proof of this.

  38. Paul van den Berg

    I hate helis soooo much!!!

  39. why is the otomatic 11.0 when 2s38 is 9.7 and why is the sidam mistral 10.0 when gepard 1a2 is 9.3 and why is the normal sidam 8.3 when normal gepard is 8.0 i think gaijin has some serious brain damage and should seek help

  40. Артем Новоставський


  41. New Ariete AMV is coming the next big update, hope for the best

  42. was like shouting at the screen “ur radar is hanging out! u gotta zip ur phly up!” 🤣

  43. Honestly I prefer SPAAG’s to missile carriers and I don’t really know why. I think they’re just more rewarding and satisfying in general.

  44. Really sad to see how this thing has fallen. I picked up Italy like 6-8 months ago solely to get this ridiculous thing and I’m a couple vehicles away now. I’m pretty disappointed.

  45. Day 335 : play the rbt-5 at top tier

  46. Quick reminder, otomatic got buff, his aa bullets arent tracer anymore, they are invisible, so choppers dont play with u thag much, only if they got thermals 🙂

  47. Can’t wait to see the Gvozdika in game!

  48. TheCowboyFromCali

    The way WT decides BR is mind boggling. They have to just coin flip until it lands somewhere and then they go based off win/loss stats. They probably thought that the longer range radar made it OP, and having an autoloader with APFSDS made it a meme. They should at least give the OTO a few more APFSDS rounds for 11.0, 12 is ridiculous. Also 3:48, Sidam is IRST, but doesn’t function at night…… at all. It has to be the single worst SPAA, I take out the R3 T20 over it, and it lands me more kills. In fact, I take out the VCC 80/60 at 9.0 and get more air kills than the Sidam.

  49. Players, literally for YEARS: “please gaijin, extend the BR ranges, the compression makes the game basically unplayable”
    Gaijin: That sign wont stop me because i cant read *adds Pantsir at .3 higher BR than a gun AA*

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