NAVAL GUN on a TANK? Chi-Ha 120mm DERP (War Thunder Tanks)

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NAVAL GUN on a TANK? Chi-Ha 120mm DERP (War Thunder Tanks)

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  2. Lets coin it the “Belly shot” let my name go down in history ? I am no
    joke ?

  3. That premium modified KV-2, with the long gun. ZIS gun?

  4. Alright Phly, I have a challenge for you. Month or so ago you did the
    no-ammo challenge for the T-95. Well that was too easy. Bounce enough
    rounds with the Matilda II, with no ammo, to unlock the Wellington Mk X.

  5. Stardestroyer 9000

    I love watching TJ Miller play War Thunder!

  6. Stardestroyer 9000

    Classic P-51D-30 and M4 Sherman

  7. What happened to the old intro?? I liked it better.

  8. Does spalling just not work anymore? Those rounds may not be able to “pen”,
    but they should just crack the armor.

  9. TheJediStarrLord SkyNetisReal

    I kill Pz IV G’s and other Pz IV’s with the M4a3 105mm with He into the gun

  10. Phly, I know the tank isn’t in the game but if it was wouldn’t be cool to
    have an Mk.VIII ” liberty tank “

  11. Take out Achilles or premium version and the British premium Hellcat Mk II
    with Tiny Tims.
    Attempt #1

  12. Type 74/STB-1 and an airplane of your choosing (from the Japanese obviously
    🙂 ATTEMPT 1

  13. KV2 STRONK Russian tank
    of Communist party Awesome

  14. take the cat out super hellcat tank with f6f hellcat

  15. is 1 and pe 2 bomber

  16. What’s considered a ‘derp’ tank?

  17. Please do tiger 1 or tiger 2

  18. nathanael mascaluk

    b-17 and the dooooooooom turtle

  19. The Last Communist

    Well it looked like from the T-III, you had a higher profile, and since the
    panzer 3 had a little bulge on the back of the turret, you could have shot
    the bottom of that and had some HE go in.

  20. Old and maybe not so gold M4A3E2 (76) Jumbo and P38J1 Lightning

  21. Alex Fundenberger

    Please play the t34-85!! (Not the d5t cannon)

  22. t54 and po2

  23. Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon)

    TFW he could have penetrated that panzer III turret.

  24. M-15 and P-26 low tier

  25. matilda ????

  26. Type 74
    Japanese F-86

    Go on and show everyone Japan hasn’t lost its will after the great war.

  27. yo m8 shooting the cupola with HE fucks whole turret. try it worls

  28. T35 and Po2!

  29. War thunder looks so cool! But the things I’ve heard, it sound like it’s
    more frustrating than WOT, and the admins/developers sound like their quite
    bad to people who don’t agree with them.

  30. Adrian_On_WoTB Friend

    Yo play M4A3E8 Fury and the Chi-Ri (not Chi-Ri II)

  31. Hey Phly! I’ve been watching come of your old videos and on some of them
    you’ve pointed out that you have a speech impediment. (I’m not wanting this
    to be a hate comment.) But you make great videos, I watch them Daily. I’ve
    lived my entire life (all 16 years of it) with a studder, in middle school
    I was bullied for it. Some of my videos I do believe I studder. But
    watching your videos have helped me cope with my own speech impediment in
    my life.

    Thank you and keep up the good work!

  32. Ive been flying the f86f2 lately and would like some tips.

  33. 2 reasons why jap tanks suck in my opinion
    1. Round drops too fast
    2. Armor is bad

  34. # 1. Attempt: Take the Ho Ro in a tier 5 match. U will be suprised ?

  35. Bv238 vs. B17 or B24

  36. For phly
    We did it the Germans won the war!! The year is now 1953 But, there are a
    few allies remaining all the japs are gone so eliminate the last brits with
    the Arado 234B-2 with payload 4 (1x 1000kg 2x 250kg ) and for blowing up
    those pesky Communists take out the Flakpanzer I Gepard Hail the Führer and
    make Germany proud Attempt # 5

  37. That’s curious. I though people would prefer to place some shells on the
    roof when there is not enough penetration. HE in the commanders hatch can’t
    be pleasent experience.

  38. m2a2 + f2h banshee combo

  39. This tank is just awful

  40. Seal Clubbing Combo.
    M8A1 GMC
    LVT ZiS
    Let’s see how many kills you can get in a game.

  41. Phly please fly TU 14

  42. Play the Sd.Kfz 140/1 with the OP Pzgr. 40 and the Ju 87 B-2. Bring the
    fear to low tier..
    Attempt #2

  43. Phly the He 100 D1!
    We haven’t seen it yet

  44. could you have possibly shot the coupla?

  45. Tracytron | Minecraft, let's play's and toy reviews

    Do a vid with the Tiger II

  46. Gabriel Cabria Arinto

    I see this everywhere in my matches apart from T-34’s :(

  47. I would love to see u play rainbow six siege, so fun!!

  48. that tank is in dire need of armor piercing rounds….

  49. Mentally retarded chocolate daddy

    Can someone pls comment a link to contact some gaijin dude about not
    getting The bv-238 from phlys giveaway as I think phlys got better things
    do do now but I still really want it (by The way if you really want to see
    if I actually won it I have changed my YouTube name since then it used to
    be nuclear goat check phlys tweet and you’ll see it) I’m pretty sure I put
    The wrong email with it though :(

  50. What intro song is this?

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