NER EBR 105 – NERFED, But Still Overpowered!? | World of Tanks Update 1.10 EBR 105 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of EBR 105 Gameplay, Wheeled Light Tanks Nerf / Rebalance / Rework. World of Tanks Update 1.10 Big Tank Rebalance – E-100 Buff, IS-4 Buff, T110E5 Buff, Progetto 65 Nerf, Object Nerf, Wheeled Vehicles Nerfed. World of Tanks New Map Pearl River and New Battle Communication System 2.0. World of Tanks Steel Hunter 2020.

Today I am going to with the infamous tier 10 French Wheeled Vehicle, wheeled light tank Panhard EBR 105. This vehicle changed the tier 10 gameplay, so they had to nerf it, rebalance a bit… Today I am going to test the new version of it out on the Update 1.10’s test server.

Does need more nerfs, or you happy with it?

Let’s go!


  1. What do you think about this rebalance?
    Have a nice day!

    • @BLKMGxBG Typicalbresponse frome wheelie player who has never seen an EBR 105 in person, but if they did would see that the turning radius alone is way worse than any tanks’ turning radius (recall that WG buffed the turning radius after receiving many complaints during testing). And its speed on pavement may be impressive in real life, but on all other terrain is not. And in testing of real rounds is only capable of disabling a heavy tank such as the Tiger II by shooting it 3 times from point blank range in the rear to destroy the engine.

    • why they even bothered for that lol

    • @Axl Williams Payot remove them period ! they should never have been introduced in the live game

    • This was an actually a cheat years ago when you just needed to pointed near a tanks to actuate auto aim.

    • @Jack Scarpa so, basically players who play wheelies are cheating – Guilty as charged, wheelie players!

  2. View range should be the worst from all light tanks

  3. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Wargaming… NOBODY asked, nor WANTED /Needed that Equipment 2.0… like wtf

  4. Wachira Narongsack

    Nerfing is not really the best option. the problem imo is that free to play players are the ones that really took the hit. Players with enough credits can play ranked and get more bonds to get those “ImPrOvEd EqUiPmEnT”

  5. The_Womble _King

    I was really happy when arty hit that wheeled tank.

  6. I think that EBR’s Concealment should be at least halved of what it is as a start. It’s not a low profile sneaky tank. It’s a high profile, sticking like a sore thumb. It makes no sense to have low concealment. Fixing Wheels should also require a full stop. If you are moving they don’t get repaired.

  7. Annihilate MAGA Cult

    All i want is if i hit this thing then i want it to take damage just like a regular light tank would do. Fuck Russgaming for this cheater tank.

  8. I want my IS-4 review!!!

  9. Răzvan Partebună


  10. I love the wheeled torches idea

  11. Luca the chappie

    Its time so play fortnite this game is dogshit

  12. The zero damage is the whole problem…… 155mm HE hit penetrates all of the armour and all you see is “critic hit” zero damage.

  13. Fiume Fiume AntiFa

    Can you asc WOT way they not stoped MODES IN GAME?

  14. slightly nerf…on some wheeled… 🤮
    pfff… i hardly play anymore… since they introduced these bs vehicles, the level of irritation grew to much for me… i mean, there is already a lvl of frustration with this game and random battles, but jezus christ, to implement this bs… its almost as if they are trying to kill the game. Well… they did for me… so kudo’s to that,… mission accomplished. wg wins a giant finger.

  15. Is it too much to ask that they take damage when hit?
    Walks away with a flat tyre after a grille hit? It should be split in half!

  16. Aleksandar Milivojevic

    This tank should be removed from the game before and now. This cr*p does not belong here. With this nerf they actually boosted it, and this is how: actually they shut the mouth for all those (135% of player base 🙂 )for nerf demands, while new equipment allows you to play as before.

  17. Idea: tyres explode when not fixed in time thuss making you slower and lose some amount of traction

  18. Still a joke nerf.. need to take dmg when shot in wheel and remove the tank from game

  19. These changes are only good enough for WG to be able to say “see we listened! Nerfs!”, while absolutely nothing about wheelies will change in reality. In fact it’s unlikely that any major changes will be done to how the cars work since there’s a premium one which makes good $$. People gotta stop buying them.

    This is all like the T-50 issue back then, except that it wasn’t a premium (and not a half tech tree of vehicles) so it could be removed, then physics balanced it when brought back. Why are physics turned off for cars

  20. not enough needs alot more nerfs stop the EBR when wheel is destroyed tracked tanks stop when track is hit even though they still have a good track that should be able to at least spin 360 in place so stop ebr when wheel is destroyed

  21. We can’t use turbo charger with EBR

  22. Connecting Konrád

    Just nuke their turning rates… Less turning > more predictable path > easier to hit. You wanna go 100km/h ? Sure. But youre gonna hit a wall, jump off of cliff or some other shit.. Reducing their guns performance wont help ever. It will just be more annoying to play as WV and wont change playing against them at all.

  23. This is true reason why i unnistall the game.

  24. SPG’s have less hp because those are not tanks at all, EBR’s are not tanks either, those are combat vehicles(like a tank but not actually a tank), they should at least have a bit less hp, not only this would make sense, it may prevent players from literally rushing to the enemy base 1 minute into the battle and get away with it but who knows, I’m not in charge of balancing this game =:O

  25. In my opinion it is still too strong. but there is something even worse about the update. WG actually is saying that if your premium tank in the future gets a potential nerf for removing a specific amount of equipment that your premium tank can mount you still gets those statistics credited. otherwise they wouldn’t have to compensate for the progetto 46 and the gunrammer. I see a lot of problems occur when a piece of equipments is too strong after the update and what they are going to do with the premium tanks. lets say they have to remove the commander vision system, what is WG going to do with all the premium tanks that can mount it? players only have to point at this update and what happend with the progetto 46 to get the statistics compensated to the premium tanks. what is WG going to do with all the other tanks in that case then? buff them all so every tank has it then? we all know how much time WG takes with buffs and nerfs to tanks.

  26. Tomáš Chochola

    Wheeled vehicles are impossible to balance due their playstyle. This game is not made for something going 100 km/h and can turn on spot. Just becouse they can yolo around every passive scout is usless

  27. Disty Let's playing

    This is mabye fivth video about this tank same month. Please no more videos about this tank, witch this game not do more interesting.

  28. What about ST-II trash ?

  29. i want wargaming added new nation wheeled vehicle tech tree like the PUMA of Germany..

  30. 3:00 you’re doomed Jagdpanzer E100…say hi to your garage..

  31. i will equipped my EBR 90 with Turbo Charger,Vertical Stab and Ventillation..

  32. hiding on Bushes will be useless by that commander’s vision especially to Skorpion G with 505 concealment for me it will kill the game..

  33. and that commander’s vision system will be more effective on all nation light tanks including some French medium tanks and sniper Leopard 1 Germany tanks,K-91 of USSR..

  34. i remember before when you first introduced about the french wheeled vehicle year ago on Test Server its top speed is 120kph with sprint mode by pressing steady space bar while stationary and released it and wargaming nerfed if to 105kph then to 95kph and now decreased again to 90kph..and after that i guess it will totally out of the game..

  35. As long as french super rubber wheels can absorb 170mm AP shells those clown cars are broken as sh1t.

  36. Wargaming does what they do best… make it worse.. fuck it up and neglect the playerbase

  37. Another great vid DezGamez! I uninstalled the game about 6 weeks ago because of these vehicles. I was a paying player too. My favourite tier 10 tank was the T100 lt. The last week I played there was a trend where around 1 in 3 tier 10 battles had 3 Ebr 105s per team along with 2 or 3 arty. I has to change my play style in the T100 lt and become a passive spotter until most of the enemy EBR 105’s were destroyed. Playing smarter and passive against Ebr’s caused me to get abuse from my own team mates! One of the last battles I played was on Highway map. I spent most of the battle passive spotting in the bushes on the 8-9 line just below the city because 3 Ebr 105s on enemy team. Our Ebrs died in the first few minutes. I played smart but got constant abuse from our Leopard 1 player. In the end we won the battle, I survived and had around 7000 combined with 3 kills and more damage than the Leo that abused me the whole game. How did these vehicles ever make it into the game in their current state? Lost any faith in WG as far as this game is concerned. They lost my money. This could be a great and unique game with some pretty obvious changes but I’m convinced WG can’t or won’t make them. EBRs are more toxic than Arty. IMO introducing Arty was a huge mistake but one I could live with. Introducing these in their current state is a mistake as big as introducing Arty. Completely changed the gameplay for every other vehicle when they are in a game. And that change isnt fun for most players except the players whizzing round in their clown cars.

  38. there is no tubo charger on the EBR

  39. Just make them have hitboxes on wheels, it is all we are asking. They will still be OP but not untouchable.

  40. it needs a freaking dispersion and aimtime nerf ! like 0.40 dispersion and 2,50 aimtime

  41. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Lol they need to fuck up its gun handling like the dispersion values of the new polish mediums. Remove the laser accuracy on the move and its high pen HE! BRING BACK THE T-100-LT AND AMX 13 105 DAYS!!

  42. It still outclasses every other light. Sad to see that no light is meta anymore because of 1 tank.

  43. 10k after 5mins not even M 40k ? Credits profit, how can some ppl still defend it in this discusion with leopard 1 i had M for 9k combine, 12k combine, 13k was like absolute record per 2000 battles every day i am playing agaist cars with 10k to 13k , in underdog WZ light (rank in score 21 btw)i get M for 7,7k combine two days ago… Btw 😀… even when wz sucks its able to do pretty nasty thinks in combat and its still better balanced then EBR cus it strictly has clearly defined pros and cons.. superfun tank to play btw, its just bit to hard to drive… ( to easy self detracks)

  44. Only allowed to carry one repair kit, that will make the damage hit them harder, need to take something in firepower away, best would be firing on the move no autolock auto hit.
    Wheeled armoured cars are here to stay, guarantee they will be bring out German ones, British ones, American ones and even Russian ones.
    Change their class from light tank to Armoured car, have 1 per side, so many times we see one side with 3 clown cars and other side has 3 tanks.

  45. It still have lazer accuracy

  46. only way to hit ebr is if it’s moving in a straight line

  47. Not enough! Two hits from any gun should take those things out

  48. So basically they’ve done sweet F A. They need to remove cheat mod auto-aim and remove the rubber armour. 🤬🤬🤬 otherwise they’re killing this game of!!

  49. Oh, war gaming “nerfed” the EBR hahaha pull the other leg still op
    This ” nerf” is pitiful especially when you compare it to what they are doing the Progetto. This will do nothing, EBRs will still be a cancer in the game 😓

  50. 10k+ combined and still only a Class 1 game… still an OP tank.

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