Nerfed Kranvagn DEAD or Still BEAST? | World of Tanks Update 1.18 Patch

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/ Nerf, Swedish Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Update 1.18 Patch Test Server Review – Italian Tank Destroyers, New Map Outpost, Kranvagn and M4 Mle 54 Rebalance, Big Tank Rebalance, Matchmaking Changes, Big Map Rebalance and More. What is new with World of Tanks Update 1.18 Patch.

Update 1.18 Patch Test Srver notes:

The news about WG nerfing this vehicle made community

What do you think?


  1. Have you tried it out yourself on the test server? What do you think about it?
    When it gets into is usual positions, gameplay is pretty much the same, unchanged… But of course, the mobility nerf and all that doesn’t make it that dominant.
    Either way, have an awesome day and upcoming weekend! <3

  2. I really wanted Kranvagn but now..
    nice content mate

  3. Nice awsome epic guys crew

  4. Imo they should enlarge the commander hatches on both kran and emil II. And make the intra clip reload a bit longer.

    • Andreas Postolache

      Large enough to easily shoot when looking straight but still small enough they are hidden when looking up.

    • longer intraclip would be pretty good because the kran doesn’t need speedy intraclip with the turret and gives you more time to get back to safety

  5. Damage per game propably not too much difference, but how much more lead are you putting down the range. I see a definet difference. It would be better to add little bit more cupola on it. Kranvagn is op because it can sit and aim and there is nothing you can do about it. The reload is also fast so the window of counter attack is small too. The accuracy was never a problem. More lost credits more premium tank sales. I would gladly reload another 5 seconds for the 0.1 turret dispersion that it used to have.

    • So many tanks can do exactly the same thing. So why add cupola to kranvagn turret ? It has small cupolas, which you can pen. Obj 279 r can even go into you and still you cannot pen it even into his upper plate, which is strong as hell. Chieftain or IS-7 turrets are immortal with hull downs too, so where is problem ? They nerfed it’s mobility and accuracy, which can a little bit make it easier to play against it an that’s fine, if they add cupola into these nerfs as a bonus, it will destroy Kran completely.

    • 1320 health*

  6. I notice that you have Awesome Epic Guys/Edvin as your kran crew. nice 10/10 for scrublord commander

  7. Am I watching a dez video, or AwesomeEpicGuys??

  8. well.. let’s see

  9. I played a lot with the kran recently and rarely I got upto 60 with turbo. Most of the time it’s 45 to 50. And the gun was not too great for me atleast.
    Maybe next update I’ll put the bond turbo in it.

  10. How Manticore could you shot so fast in row?

  11. To be fair …it was a bit odd … When the Kranvagn got to position before many medium tanks

  12. T29 next video :p

  13. Still no counter play to a hull down Kran beside cupolas which a good player will alway hide anyway. They just made the tank just as boring but now worse to play, forcing you to fire more heat to mitigate rng. If you weren’t already lol.

  14. Slowing it down so it can’t get to quite so many of those spots so quickly helps a little, as does increasing the reload, but it’s still not the thing that made the Kran so irksome. It’s that ludicrous face armor and gun depression combo. Everything else has a weak spot, or else no real gun depression so has to expose its lower plate in most cases. Except, ofc, the only tanks that could out ‘compete’ it and make a mockery of tier 10, the Chieftain and 279e types.

  15. Awesome epic games voices xd

  16. Yes. Perfect. Nerf everything but the actual problem. Watch these dummies buff it again in a year for “underperforming”

    Balancing department must be huffing the same glue the Russians were when the wall got put up.

  17. the nerfs were brutal, but didn’t affect what makes the kranvagn so strong, so it’s still strong. maybe it’s harder to get to the hull down spots, but when you get there, it’s the same as before.

    • All they’re doing is ruining the fun of playing it by nerfing its fun aspects (speed and good gun) while keeping the main aspect that’s so awful when you face it (lack of weakspots).

    • Minus the dpm and accuracy, if I recall correctly…

  18. no fucking way you were bouncing cause armour did NOT change, listening to you is sometimes really hard

  19. If they nerf the Kranvagns turret armor then why not nerfing every hull down heavy tank altogether? You guys are asking to nerf a single tank when there are several others that have almost the same playstyle and are just as annoying.
    Super Conqueror, obj 277, obj 260, Cheiftain, IS-7, obj 705A, neither of them have a useable turret weakspot that doesnt require insane RNG to hit.
    But we all know that will not happen because WG balancing is 10 years apart…

  20. WG is just proving they do not understand their own game. What crayon eater comes up with these “balacne” changes. THIS BLOODY THING AND THE NEW ITALIAN TD. The armor is the problem. NOT THE GUN NOT THE SPEED! Weakspot on tanks have been getting smaller and harder and harder to pen. With this thing it looking up makes it impossible. You cant even fucking HE the thing anymore. If this is how things are going to be going foward. They just need to make a tier XI. Being in a tier 8 is god awful enough. With all the “balanced” premium tanks you see plus the “balanced” tier 10’s on the “balnaced” maps, like mines.

  21. in the next patch it will be deleted from the game … typical wg it will happen like WT e100

  22. It’s absolutely useless now, it takes forever to get anywhere, I don’t care about the dpm nerf as it was too good before but the mobility is tragic.

  23. ꧁༺프로불편러༻꧂

    AwesomeEpicGuys crew in kran

  24. I have tried it out on the Test server and certainly noticed the mobility nerfs. I didn’t like the nerf to the reverse speed because it feels slow to reverse now. But I would agree that a better nerf would be to enlarge the commander hatches a bit to make them a little bit easier to hit.

  25. i feel war game is do way to much in a short time the need to spend time fix more of the game issue and glitch before the add all the new crazy

  26. Dez it would be cool to hear you speak Estonian honestly.

  27. Nerfing the Kranvagn’s top speed is contrary to the design doctrine for the tank.
    They should’ve given it a cupola like the Emil 1951, and nerfed the moving dispersion. Additionally the armor section below the gun on the oscillating part of the turret should’ve been reduced to 180-200mm, so if you aren’t properly positioned you have a glass chin.

    Wargaming made the mistake of trying to stupid-proof a tank which is supposed to have trade-offs for both its protection and its mobility.

    • A heavy tank with armour should never be as fast as kran was though, and on top of that it had a decent gun with burst damage. Yes, the armour was situational based on being hull down but once it is in position it ticks too many boxes.


  29. Its still way better than a t57 and a little faster…just its not a headium anymore ….next patch nerf the vz i guess…and buff the might Muas Cheecks Please…!!!!!!!

  30. they really tried to not nerf it too hard because players really love it

    • Mainly because of ranked battles and (at least from what I’ve heard) it’s one of few tech tree counters for the 279e and the fake Chieftain

  31. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    IMO the nerf is kinda useless for most of the time.

    the speed nerf? the only time the kran can hit those speeds is going downhill. and that’s with field mods and turbo already. at most, with the field mods and turbo, you’ll hit 40-45kph for most terrain.

    sure the accuracy and reload nerf is gonna make it harder to hit something at max range but at mid range-close range? it’s still gonna hurt.

    kran’s selling point is the thick turret that you need a jageru’s 420 Heat to pen it, if the kran is not using the hulldown gun depression.

  32. I think they should ad a weak spot under the gun that would be exposed if you tried to hide the cuppolas.

  33. So they dont nerv der armor?

  34. all i want is wargaming buff pz7………..

  35. In general I’m glad they are not over-nerfing the tank. I would rather they tweak it down and maybe need to tweak it down again than wild adjustments that take a tank from hero to completely superfluous

  36. The nerf of the Kranwagen is a joke. Kranwagen is still toxic to the game. Still unfair overpowered.

  37. All that WG should have done is make the small flat screen under the gun 270mm, so everyone could pen it with gold… If kran is hiding cupolas- boom another small weak point.

    Dpm nerf is ok, the mobility nerf is a bit too much since that’s the whole point of this unarmored hull, good dpm combo playstyle…

    And the gun was definitely not op to nerf it this much as well, trash shell velocity and troll rng.

    Wg is really nailing it… Vz. 55 have +170 avg dpg on EU compared to kran and for 3rd moe. you need only 500 more combined -5253-… I bet it’ll be nerfed when the new tech tree ill gets announced, or at least I hope so, while they still aren’t doing anything with T95 chif. which is in the top 9 most played heavy in the game and with other reward vehicles ofc. It really wouldn’t be too difficult to limit them like EBRs or at least the same number/ match.

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